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This occurs right after the Ceremonial Battle at the end of Yu-gi-oh, when the door to the afterlife opens and the Items are destroyed.


Danny bolted upright in bed. The alarms were sounding.

This didn't sound like the Ecto-Exodus alarm and it definitely wasn't the "Ghost Sheild Non-Operational" that had kept playing over and over back when Youngblood had stolen the ghost shield generator.

He heard his father thumping down the stairs as he opened the door to his room and ran after them.

Mom was already there. "These readingsā€¦ they can't be right."

"What can't be right, Mom?" Danny squeezed between Mom and Dad to look at the readings on the screen. He hadn't seen anything like this before.

"It's as though the barrier between our world and the Ghost Zone has been destroyed!" Maddie was pressing buttons and the display altered, still making no sense to Danny. "This might be worse than the last invasion! At least they all had to come through the portal at first and our defenses destroyed a lot of them!"

Dad looked grim. Danny, looking up at him, realized he had never seen him like this. "I'll go to the Emergency Ops Center! We're going to need the big guns for this!" The thought of that cheered him up and he thumped up the stairs as Jazz came running down.

"This had better not be a false alarm, Mom! I have a test tomorrow!" Jazz was glaring.

"Jazz, honey, you still have the Fenton Peeler, right? Go get it and put it on. Then take Danny to the weapons vault and join your Father in the Ops Center." Mom's voice was determinedly calm. It reminded Jazz of how Mom had announced the fact Jazz was going to be serving tea and cookies that time the whole town had been dragged into the Ghost Zone. Determined normalcy.

"Right Mom." How did Mom know she had the Fenton Peeler? Jazz dragged Danny away. "Come on, little brother."

She dragged him to the weapons vault, checked there was a handle on the inside, and shut it behind them. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure. The barrier between the Ghost Zone and Earth has disappeared somehow! There could be all kinds of ghosts coming through! Jazz, cover me, I have to get out there!"

Jazz nodded. "I'll say you took the Peeler and went to go find Sam so you could protect her.

Danny nodded. He would still get in trouble for that, but what else was new? "Thanks, Jazz."

"Anytime, little brother."

Danny flew outside. The house's ghost shield wasn't up? He looked at the sky. No, it was up. And just like when Pariah Dark had invaded, it was spreading to cover the whole town.

"Going ghost!" He flew up and looked around. There was Skulkerā€¦ inside the Ghost Shield. Technis. Spectra. The Box Ghost. They were all popping into sight.

If they could come through without portals, then what was Danny going to do? Tossing them into the Fenton Portal wouldn't even get rid of them temporarily, they'd just come right back!

He didn't want to become a killer. Not even Spectra, who had tried to kill Jazz and the other students, deserved to die permanently. His parents might be willing to shred ghosts molecule by molecule so nothing remained, but he knew ghost were people. Well, at least he was a person.

Oh no. They'd seen him. Here went nothing. He flew up. Maybe this was some disaster, like Pariah Dark's escape? Maybe they would be willing to work with him again to solve it?

Blasts from both Ember and Desiree hit him at once. Or they would take the time to beat him up, just like when they had first fled from Pariah Dark.


Technis saw her too. He blasted her and her suit disappeared. She screamed as she started to fall.

Danny phased through Skulker's missile, flying as fast as he could towards her. He became solid long enough to catch her before becoming intangible again and flying off with her.

"Let me down, ghost!" She hit him although he didn't feel anything since they were both intangible.

"Shh, they'll hear us!" He was going to have to become visible again sometime. "Skulker's a hunter!"

That shut her up. He flew her to her new home, when her father had gotten the job at Axion Labs they'd been able to move out of the apartments. He carefully put her down on the ground as her father burst into the room. "Valerie!"

"I'm okay, Dad!"

"Damon." Man, it was cool to call adults by their first names, even if Damon wasn't his father. "The Fentons are going to need your help. The barrier between the Ghost Zone and the human world has collapsed."

"What did you do to Valerie!"

Valerie was trying to push herself up off the ground. "Nothing, it's the suit Technis gave her. He blasted her and must have deactivated it." Vlad's gloves had been able to take the medallion out of him and Wulf had ripped those ghosts out of people: could he pull the suit out of Valerie? He reached inside her and felt around.

"Get your dirty hands out of me, ghost!"

"It's for your own good!" There! He pulled the pink and black wad of ectoplasm out of her.

"What did you just do?" Damon had pulled an ecto-gun off the wall.

"I took away her suit."

"Curse you, Danny Phantom!" Valerie hit him.

"He really did weaken you. That hit was like a girl, not a ninth-degree blackbelt."

"How do you know I'm a ninth-degree blackbelt! Quit stalking me!"

Oops. "I'm not stalking you!" He backed away. "You should both head for FentonWorks."

"There you two are!" Skulker phased through the door. Mr. Gray blasted him back through it.

Danny said something his Mom would have not approved of under his breath and grabbed the Grays, making them invisible and intangible.

What? The ghost shield wasn't over the town anymore. His parents must have figured out the ghosts were in there with them. Instead, it was protecting the house. Danny left the Grays as the edge of the Ghost Sheild. "Get inside!" Mr. Gray dragged Valerie with him.

The alarm wasn't sounding anymore.

His cell phone rang. He hid, turned back to Danny Fenton and answered it. "Sam?"

"Jazz called. She said the barrier is back up and your parents don't know you've been gone."

Danny looked out of the alley to see the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle speed past. They must be heading out to catch the ghosts. "Do they know what caused it?"

"No." He could hear Sam shake her head.

So it could happen again. "I didn't grab a Fenton Thermos. Could you call Tucker and meet me at the park?" He looked up in the sky and saw Desiree. "We've got a lot of ghosts to catch."