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Joey hummed and grinned as he waited in line in the 'Wendys', eyes scouting for his friends. He noticed Yugi and Yami in line at the Orient Express, and Anzu and Mai at Great Wraps, a place with pretty good Greek sandwiches and salads. Malik was in line at Café du Jour, a place that made specialty salads, while his boyfriend Marik was at J.Brenner's Grill. Ryou just got in line with Malik, and Bakura was joining the line for Subway. Tristan was pointing out a Long John Silver's to Duke, and the two were walking over to it. He looked around more, not seeing Seto. His eyes finally landed on the brunette, who sat at a long row of tables, no food with him. Joey frowned and got out of line, walking over to Seto and crossing his arms. "Hey, why aren't ya in line?" he asked, and Seto rolled his eyes. "I'm not hungry." he said, and then scowled when a light growl erupted from his own stomach. Joey chuckled and pulled Seto up and over to Arthur Treachers, a fish and chips place, and ordering for them both. When Joey tried to pay, Seto stepped up and stopped him, apparently giving into eating. He paid for them both and walked back to the tables he once sat at, his and Joey's food in his hands. Joey trailed after him, taking a seat next to him and grabbing his food, breaded fish and chips. He'd planned on getting Wendy's, but it didn't matter.

Soon all their friends were sitting down with their food. Yugi sat between Yami and Bakura, across from Joey. He and his brother were splitting an order of the Sushi Deluxe and some fried wontons. Bakura was munching on a B.M.T., and was talking with Ryou, who was eating a Cassantina salad, as was Malik. Mai was eating a roasted veggie wrap, and Anzu chewed on a gyro wrap. Tristan was about to take a bite out of his Ultimate Fish Sandwich, and Duke was eating the Grilled Chicken salad. Marik was talking to Malik and eating a cheese pizza.

The group talked together peacefully until Bakura tried to steal one of Seto's chips, and the man smacked his hand. The two began arguing until Yugi got sick of it and threw a sushi roll at them, hitting Bakura in the cheek. He covered his mouth and tried to hide his giggles when he saw the look on Bakura's face. The white-haired man narrowed his eyes at Yami, thinking it had been the older man who threw the sushi, and then peeled off a piece of salami from his sandwich and flung it at Yami, hitting him right in the cheek and sticking to it. The man twitched, and scowled, grabbing a fried wonton and throwing it at Bakura, but narrowly missing and hitting Seto instead. The brunette's eyes narrowed dangerously as he turned and threw one of his breaded fish strips, not realizing where he'd been throwing it until it hit Tristan on the forehead.

This started an all-out foodwar between all of the friends, (Mai and Anzu didn't join in until a piece of cucumber went down the blonde's shirt) and they soon were getting kicked out of the mall, covered with each other's food. They were all laughing, and acting a bit like maniacs, if you didn't know them well. Even Seto was chuckling as he pulled off some cheese from his shoulder, as they all walked down the parking lot. "Uh... Big Brother?" a young voice said aloud, and the whole group turned to see a boy of around 12 years of age, with long, shaggy black hair, looking at them strangely. His onyx eyes trailed up and down the group, taking in their strange appearance. "Oh... hello Mokuba." Seto said, a sheepish look on his face. The new people in the group looked at Mokuba with wonder, surprised to find out that Seto was an older brother. "Um, Big Brother, why are you all covered in food?"

"...We had a food fight in the mall."


"Because our new friends are nuts, or at least a couple of them are..."

"Oh, okay. I had the limo drop me off here because I'm meeting up with my friends, I'll be home around 6. Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's fine Mokie."

Mokuba then smiled and moved closer, giving his brother a hug after brushing off most of the food on the man's front. Seto leaned down and hugged back, before letting his brother go, and the black-haired boy ran off towards the mall, giggling and probably thinking about how silly Seto and the others looked.

"That was adorable, Seto." Bakura said with a sneer, and Seto glared at him. "Whatever, albino." he muttered, and Bakura's eyes narrowed.

"Jack ass."

"Bunny boy." /Because of those two pieces of hair that stick up and look like bunny ears/

"Rich bastard."

"Midget lover." Seto said with a smirk, it was obvious to him that Bakura liked Yugi. Bakura's eyes narrowed more at that and he growled out,

"Blonde puppy lover!"

Everyone's eyes widened at that, since they could already guess what he meant. Seto paled at that and then turned around, walking off. Yugi was glaring at Bakura for using the secret Yugi accidently told him against Seto. As soon as Joey shook himself out of shock, he ran after Seto, yelling for him to wait up.

-far away from the others-

"Seto! Wait up!" Joey yelled as he tried to catch up with Seto. The brunette shut his eyes and finally stopped, sighing and keeping his back to Joey. "What is it, Wheeler?" he muttered, not in the mood to start arguing or anything. Joey finally caught up with Seto, panting a little and cursing Seto's long legs. "S-Seto, what did Bakura mean back there?" he asked as he caught his breath.

"...I'm guessing that Yugi accidently let slip a certain secret of mine, and Bakura decided to use that in our little arguement."

"Wait... so what was the secret?"

"Gods, Joey, are you that dense? I like you. Alot. I always have."

"...Y-You like me? As in, like like me?"

"Yes. As in like like. Joey, I've had the biggest crush on you for so long." Seto admitted, turning to Joey but keeping his head down, eyes on the ground. An awkward silence grew between them until Joey moved forward and pulled Seto down, crashing their lips together in a hard kiss. The two kissed with feeling until Joey let go of Seto's shirt and the taller man pulled away a little. "...So does that mean you like me back?" he asked, and Joey laughed lightly. "And you said that I was dense?" he said, before being pulled into another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer, until they heard some 'aww's and clapping coming from their friends. They turned, and realized that their group of friends must've been walking towards them the whole time they were talking.

"Hey, um, Seto? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that last bit..." Bakura said, looking down. It was obvious Yugi had been yelling at him earlier, and who could blame him. Seto smirked a tiny bit. "That's alright, Bakura, I shouldn't have said that one about Yugi." he said, and then gulped when Yugi's eyes widened. "Wait, that was about me? I thought you were just making up random insults!" the shortest of them all cried out, and Bakura and Seto both winced. "Bakura... let's go talk." Yami said with a look, as he pulled Bakura away from their friends, leaving Yugi to yell at Seto for the insult.

Yami took a quiet breath, before looking Bakura hard in the eyes and asking,

"Do you want to go out on a date with my brother?"

Bakura bit his lip, thinking over what he should say, before opening his mouth, and saying the simplest thing in the world. "No."

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