By: Valandra

Author's Notes: Written on Valentines Day for Zorra, as I missed Christmas. This is a sequel to the previous Christmas story I wrote for her, Call of the Inferno. Can we see a holiday theme? The two are most certainly tied together, but I'll try to keep it so that you will not be entirely lost if you have not read CotI. Happy Easter Zorra!

Name Key: RW/YST

Ryo of Wildfire/Rekka no Ryo
Mia/Nasty (it's a nickname, not something cruel)
White Blaze/Yaku
Kento of Hardrock/Kongo no Shu
Rowen of Strata/Tenku no Touma
Sage of Halo/Korin no Seiji
Sai/Cye of Torrent/Suiko no Shin
Black Blaze/Kokuen-Ko
Harel's Armor of Inferno/Kikoutei

It had been thirteen days since Ryo's death, almost two weeks since that fateful battle. But there had yet to be any sound or sign from the Neither Realm; not a single demon nor spirit, related to Arago or not had made an appearance.

They had held a ceremony in honor of Ryo's life and to commemorate his passing; they kept it as honorable as they could, but they had no body to burn or burry. It had vanished, just like Ryo's presence in each warrior's mind. They weren't even given the time to return their friend's body to the manner; Nasuti and Jun had been denied a chance to see it, and Shu was only granted a handful of minutes.

They were slowly coming to understand why they had lost their friend, their brother; but not why his body was lost. It had been in their circle of four when it left; it had neither vanished nor faded, but a combination of the two. Giving the young warriors little more then a heartbeat to realize what was happening before it was complete.

Ryo had committed himself to defending the Earth and it's people. He gave his life so that those of his friends might continue. At age fourteen the flame of Sanada, Ryo's existence was extinguished.