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The moonlight reflected in her eyes, making them appear even larger and more striking than normal. Her long dark hair was, loose, fluttered by the her face, making her seem otherworldly. She was not dressed in the court finery of the day, but in a simple sleeping yukata for autumn. Staring at the moon, the Princess Tomoyo was the dark beauty of the night come alive. Her head was bent over a small glowing silver mirror, not lit by any natural light. A soft frown creased her face, as if she were disappointed in the mirror's reflection. She turned slowly from the moonlit balcony as she heard Soma's soft knock on the door of her chamber.

"You may enter, Soma." She smiled as her most loyal ninja knelt before her. "What is it you wished to discuss?"

Soma looked away, slightly nervous. "Well, Tomoyo-hime, I was wondering if there was anything wrong with you, not to be disrespectful, my lady." She looked up again, hoping she wouldn't be considered too forward.

She turned her back to Soma as she wrapped the mirror in a pale cloth. When she had turned around again, Tomoyo put on a cheerful face. "Whatever do you mean, my dear kunoichi?"

Everything came out halting and blurted in turn. "You've been acting... strangely... all evening Hime. You still attended to court in the same manner but it was with a tone of weariness to it." Soma bit her lip, wondering about going on. "Not that the state of the local farms is anything to be fascinated in, but you weren't yourself today. I was wondering what might be the matter." She looked down again, fiddling with a shuriken nervously.

"Just the passing of Time, Soma. Just how the grains of time fit together to make a wall of history." She smiled, this time a weary but true smile. "Do you realize what happened just over a year ago?"

Soma's brows drew in, as she thought. "No, my lady, I cannot think of anything signifigant. Pray tell?"

"This is the anniversary of a brutal massacre on the castle grounds." Soma gave her a blank look. "It has been one year since I sent Kurogane to the space time witch. Where he was supposed to meet his destiny."

"Oohh." Soma murmured, remembering that fateful night when her majesty's best, if most disrespectful, ninja was forced away from Japan. "Forgive me, Lady, for I did not realize..."

The princess chuckled. "Don't appologize to me, Soma. If he were here, appologize to Kurogane. He was the one forgotten." She smiled again, glancing at her ninja. "As to my behaviour, I am a little weary and a little concerned for Kurogane. I never found out if he made it to 'her'."

"You're a very powerful mage, Tomoyo-hime! Of course he made it!" The kunoichi exclaimed.

"Thank you, Soma. You can go now, I would like to get some sleep before I meet with the lords and ladies tomorrow." Tomoyo excused her with a nod, watching the ninja slip through the door silently.

Tomoyo walked to her bed, picking up the wrapped mirror. She continued on until she reached the balcony, stopping to stare at the moon in all her silver splendor. She then carefully climbed out onto the slopping roof of her level of the masion, sitting on the firm tiles. If any of her ninja or samurai knew she was climbing on the roof, they would tie her in a chair and never escape. Taking great care, she unwrapped her scrying mirror, a gift from a mysterious mage from a far away land called 'England'. It was strongest in the moonlight and the more moonlight, the better the mirror worked.

Leaning over the mirror, she whispered one name. "Kurogane." With his name, she called up his image and his companions images, too. The tall blonde man always seemed to be bothering Kurogane, but Kurogane was accepting the taunting now. The young man with him was determined and bound to protect the pretty young woman always at his side. When ever she saw the young woman, Sakura was her name, Tomoyo felt more than a little protective. She chuckled, the girl held so much magic in her blood yet had no way of getting to it. Tomoyo was baffled by her protectiveness of the pretty girl, even more by her fierce growing pride in Kurogane's skills. Just before darkening the mirror, she whispered to the black swordsman who couldn't hear her.

"I will see you again, Kurogane."

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