Title: For Love or War

Chapter: One

Author: Silent Figure

Disclaimer: I do not own the idea of Romeo and Juliet nor the characters in this story despite the name changes.

Authors Note: This is a brand new story that I hope you all will like I know it's annoying that I'm starting another tale but I just had to get this one out it's been in me ever since I saw "Underworld" which no this story does not involve were wolves or modern times.

Information to know:

Romanitza (crude name for Rumini women) – From Rome

Sanda/ Sailor Pluto – "defender of mankind"

Luiza/ Sailor Uranus – famous in war

Mirela / Sailor Neptune – admirable

Helena/ Sailor Saturn - light

Marian/ Malachite (couldn't find a K name for Kunzite) – bitter or rebellious

Melita/Molly - honey

Zachariah/ Zoicitemoon

Jean/ Jadeite – lord is gracious

Nic /Nephrite - people of victory

Vasile – royal, kingly

Victor - conqueror

Marin/ Melvin – from the sea

Gina – variant of Regina "queen"

Vladimir - renowned prince

Stefan/ Sapphire – crowned

Bianca/Beryl – white

Dimitrie/ Diamond

*What comes after the – is the meaning of the Romanian name*


Marian – Half Vardy, Half Sorin who chose to fight for the Vardy

Amelia – cousin to Endymion and Rayeanna

Rayeanna – middle sibling of Endymion

Endymion – heir to the Vardy's

Vasile – Father of Endymion

Mirela – cousin to Endymion, sister of Amelia

Helena – youngest sister of Endymion

Stefan – half brother of Dimitrie, war lord of Vardy

Ema – nurse maid of the Vardy children especially Helena

Bianca – of the family of Sorin sides with Vardy's ; contender for Endymion


Minette – cousin to Serenity

Serenity – heir to the Rumini's

Zachariah – cousin to Serenity, eldest brother of Minette's

Jean – cousin to Serenity, middle sibling to Minette and Zachariah

Victor – father of Serenity

Luiza – lady of war, only woman on Rumini council

Melita – Nurse maid of Serenity

Marin – husband of Melita, castle gardener

Vladimir – father of Zachariah, Minette, and Jean; younger brother of Victor

Gina – wife of Vladimir: mother of Zachariah, Minette, and Jean

Dimitrie – of the house of Dracula, father a former ruler, contender for Serenity

In Betweens

Litarena Sorin (last name means – thunder or red hair)

Nic Sorin


Sanda – high witch who hunts vampires

Thunder and the sounds of rain beating against a window were the only sounds that reached the ears of the young child whose face was pressed up against the window. Her cornflower blue eyes lit up at the sight of lightning streaking across the night sky. Her pudgy hands reached up and touched the cool glass as if to take hold of the lightning that lay on the other side. "Serenity you know it is your bed time", a voice scolded interrupting the young girl's thoughts.

Turning around the girl faced her nurse maid with a pout that she hoped would soften her maid's scolding. The redheaded woman smiled at the innocence before her and shook her head noting Serenity's famous pout as she approached her. "Must I", the girl asked her eyes filled with sadness.

Bending down Melita slipped her arms around the petite six year old before hefting her up onto her hip. "Come young one, you know you must rest. The sun will rise soon."

"But I wish to see the sun", Serenity replied her eyes filled with curiosity at the mention of the flaming orb she had never seen before. Melita shook her head as she set the girl down on her luxurious bed.

"The sun will burn your fair skin for our kind is made only for the night", Melita replied in turn caressing the child's baby soft porcelain cheek. Melita pulled back the covers watching as Serenity crawled over and under them.

"Why", Serenity asked looking up into her maid's blue eyes who only smirked as she tucked the covers around the girl's body.

"Because it is a fair price for immortality", Melita answered displaying her patience that was infamous among the house hold staff.

Serenity pouted as she was forced to lie back down when she tried to sit up. "What is immortality", she asked using the question as another means to stay up.

Melita sighed and answered, "It means we live forever unaffected by human disease or sickness never aging. Now enough questions you must rest."

"Will you tell me a story first", Serenity asked before Melita could exit the room. Melita turned to her with a stern look but it was soon softened with the pout and puppy dog eyes that seemed to be the whole castle's weakness.

Sighing Melita came and sat down on the edge of Serenity's bed. "Very well, what story shall I tell?"

Serenity thought for a few moments her mind wondering over what she had heard that night. She had heard her father speak of a war that her family had been in for centuries and immediately her mind was made up. "Tell me about how the war started", she replied her face etched with excitement about being able to hear something new and different.

Melita stood stunned surprised that Serenity even knew about the war. For as far as Serenity was supposed to know there was no war and that was the way her father wanted it to be. Taking in a breath she was about to tell Serenity there was no war when she caught the look in her eyes, Serenity knew for sure there was one and Melita instantly knew she wouldn't quit bugging Melita until she found out the truth. "Please Melita", Serenity pleaded sitting up and scooting closer to her.

"Very well", Melita conceded before taking a breath and allowing herself to remember the story she herself had learned as a child long ago. "Once many many years ago there was a high monarchy that ruled over all of our kind and every thousand years a king was voted upon. However, many were opposed to this system for they wanted a true monarchy one of royal blood and so it was decided that the next king and queen chosen would be the ones to start the royal line. There were two major families that were contending for such an opening the Vardy and us, the Rumini. Both very powerful in wealth, strength, armies, and riches of all kinds and both wanted their representatives chosen for the royal line. When the votes were counted it came out a tie so a settlement was agreed upon. A Rumini woman would become our queen and marry a Vardy man who'd become our king. So it came to be."

Melita laughed at the child's impatience for her face clearly asked 'you can't be done'. "No of course I am not finished I was only taking a breath child. Now if you'll let me continue", Melita said her voice a little stern to get her point across.

Serenity said nothing so Melita continued, "Well a few months after the coronation and marriage the two were assassinated which yes we can be killed by the hands of a human or vampire just not by sickness", Melita interrupted the tale when she noticed that Serenity was about to interrupt her with the question Molly had just answered.

Taking another breath Melita continued, "Without an heir no line could continue and since it was law written in blood by the elders an heir had to succeed. The only problem was there were two families left behind and no official appointed heir. So naturally the two families pointed fingers and blamed each other for the death of their children trying to make the other seem unfit for the prestigious throne so that they could take the throne. After much accusation fighting broke out in the Sorin's palace at a ball, completely destroying it, later on another battle occurred and it all came down to a declaration of war. To this very day we still fight the war and no king or queen has since taken the throne."

Serenity had decided to lay back down as she thought about the story, it was different from any other Melita had told for this one had no happy ending. "Will this story have a happy ending", Serenity asked dreamily before a yawn took the place of her voice.

"I hope so young princess", Melita replied caressing Serenity's silver hair. She watched as the girl's eyes closed for the day before walking over to the window and lifting up the wooden plank to block out all the rays of the sun that was beginning to rise. She put out the fire that crackled in the fire place before walking out.

"Good day sweet child", Melita whispered before shutting the door behind her.

………………….. 80 years later…………………………………………………………..

Cornflower blue eyes were revealed to the night as eye lids fluttered open to reveal them. A voice was calling the name of the owner of these eyes while beating on the door. The woman rolled over in her bed and snuggled closer to her pillow her eyes shut off to the world once more. "Serenity wake up", called a familiar voice that she had heard her whole life.

"That's it I am coming in", yelled a red headed woman who unlocked the door and barged into the room. Ignoring the woman who lay on the bed she walked over to the fire place and lit it as fast as possible before turning on the lights.

"Melita", whined the woman who sat up her eyes glaring at the woman in front of her.

"You have guests Serenity. In case you've forgotten your cousins Minette, Zachariah, and Jean are here after traveling all the way from England", Melita said as she pulled down the wood covering to reveal the moon and stars in their full glory.

"Minette will understand for no doubt she was forced up early as well", Serenity replied lying back on the bed and covering her head with the covers.

Sighing Melita approached the bed before she ripped the covers off of Serenity, a thing that was not uncommon. Groaning Serenity got up off the bed glaring at her nurse maid. She was eighty six years old and she was still being hounded like a dog. "Now don't even go complaining about your age you're still very young in our kind's years."

Melita smiled as she heard the princess grumble 'being able to read minds is unfair'. "Now get dressed young lady you must make yourself presentable. Your father commands it."

"Of course he does", Serenity said out loud to herself with annoyance as she slipped off her night gown and stepped into her awaiting tub that was made for her at sun set.

After a quick wash Serenity found herself up and out and dressed in a pair of black riding pants, a red corset with black lace as well as a black ruffled robe to cover her shoulders. "Nice Melita did you choose this because usually you go for the more traditional stuff", Serenity asked looking herself over in the mirror.

"No your cousin chose it. She believed it was time you dressed accordingly after all she believes highly in good fashion. Or so she says."

Serenity laughed and turned to her dear nurse maid, "Well I'm sorry you had to endure her persuasion. I will make sure to tell her thank you."
Melita shook her head as she took up a brush and began to comb through Serenity's silver knots. The hair was like fine silk in the palm of her hand and Melita couldn't help but envy it. "Enough Melita my cousin is probably waiting and may even have thrown a bit of a tantrum."

"Very well my lady. She should be in the dinning room", Melita replied. Within moments Serenity was out the door leaving Melita to herself. Sighing Melita looked in the mirror at her unchanged face, a face she had seen for nearly two hundred years with no signs of aging or even fine wrinkles though after looking after Serenity she probably should have had some.

On the other side of the door stood Serenity as she looked into her own reflection from the mirror located directly across from her door, according to the myths her kind didn't have a reflection but the proof lay before her that it was not true. In truth she looked like every other human she had ever seen minus her pale skin. Shrugging she turned and walked down the spiral stair case that stopped at everyone of the castle's ten floors. Hers was on the top as was tradition for every heir was to be in the hardest accessible room. Serenity stopped when she caught sight of her cousin's arguing on the fifth floor. "I don't care about Amery's law. That bitch gets no safe haven here."

"It is written in the elder's blood. All vampires of a house will receive haven until the lord they seek haven from has spoken with them."

"I do not care she is a Vardy. An enemy to our family she deserves death just like the rest of those foolish cowards", Minette shot back.

"I see that I have come upon something rather unpleasant", Serenity said out loud drawing attention from her fuming cousins.

"Serenity", Minette stated surprised before she hugged and kissed her cousin as was customary.

"I see I have interrupted at a bad time. Would you like me to come back", she asked.

"No. That won't be necessary Jean and I are finished", Minette replied with a finality that left a scowl on Jean's face.

"Come cousin you must tell me all that has been going on with you", Minette said looking at the flawless face of her cousin who could almost be considered her twin if not for the different shade of her blue eyes as well as her silver blonde hair, as she guided her away from Jean.

Serenity with held her giggle. Her cousin had gone from being upset to cheerful in a mere matter of seconds, something that had always astonished those of the Rumini clan. "Nothing much has happened. I would like to actually inquire about this Vardy woman you were speaking of", Serenity replied looking into her cousin's icy blue eyes.

"Oh some Vardy woman was found bleeding to death amongst the ruins of Sighisoara. She demanded she speak with our lord under Amery's law before anybody could shut her up for good", Minette replied bitterly.

"The ruins of Sighisoara? You mean the witch town", Serenity asked surprised for she had never heard of that town as being in ruins. As far as she knew it was still active due to the witches that made that town their base.

"Yes did you not hear? The whole castle is buzzing about it. Mother, Jean, Zachariah and I were with our carriage on the way here when we saw fire and smoke. Jean being the fool that he is wished to check it out. It turned out it was the witch town that was burning. All the inhabitants were killed. Some drained entirely of blood which is obviously the work of our kind. Even their great leader was found dead."

"You mean the lady Sanda", Serenity asked engrossed with the tale her cousin was weaving before her.

"Yes her. We found her completely drained of blood and her eyes were left open. Serenity they were the color of indigo", Minette replied finding herself reminiscing of what she had seen only earlier that night.

"I see my dear sister has not hesitated to tell you of our journey here", a voice interrupted.

A huge grin grew on Serenity's face and she spun around to face Jean and Minette's eldest brother. "Zachariah", Serenity called out as she ran to her cousin.

He engulfed her in a hug not usually accepted unless between close family. "My look at you. I see Minette has chosen your outfit", Zachariah stated his emerald eyes taking in her outfit.

Serenity smiled looking down at her attire herself. "Well what can I say your sister has a marvelous fashion sense", Serenity replied.

"Yes and one that is not accepted in our society", Zachariah said with a grimace and a scolding look.

Serenity laughed and playfully hit him on the chest. "Finally I caught up to you", said a voice Serenity recognized to be Jean's, who had been left far behind as the two women walked and talked. Though Zachariah was the eldest he was also shorter then Jean who's bulky yet graceful frame towered over him. Both looked alike minus the fact that Jean had blue eyes like Minette's and Zachariah's hair was long and in a ponytail while Jean's was short.

"You left without greeting me and I must tell you that I am very disappointed in you", Jean said with a playful grin.

Serenity hugged him and kissed him all the while puzzling as to how three siblings could turn out to be so different. Minette was cheerful and chipper, Zachariah was wise and mature well beyond his years, and Jean was down right fiery and mischievous. Each one of them dear to her heart for as a child her and Jean would run amuck and cause trouble. When she grew into a more womanly body Minette was always by her side and Zachariah had always been there to comfort her when things would go wrong. "Come we all should make our way to the parlor. We are awaiting the Sorin's as well", Zachariah interrupted.

"You mean the neutrals", Jean said with disgust that could only be bitterness. The Sorin's were a well known clan from North Romania that chose no side in "The Great War". The Sorin's were what Serenity's father called peace lovers who were too cowardly to get involved in a bloody battle.

"Jean if I remember correctly you are on good terms with Nicholas Sorin as Minette is with his wife Litarena", Zaharia replied with a raised eye brow.

"You mean Litarena is here", asked Minette with an excitement that could only be hers.

"Yes, mother informed me just before we arrived", Zachariah answered looking into his younger sister's excited eyes.

Minette turned to Serenity, her eyes alight. "I shall fetch her for you. Oh Serenity she is the most darling woman you'll ever meet and I must say she cooks divine human food", Minette said before disappearing down the stairs.

Serenity only smiled before turning to her other cousins. She linked arms with them and watched their faces noting the seriousness in both. "You two are awfully quiet. Come you must tell me what is bothering you. Is it the Vardy woman", Serenity asked.

Zachariah looked down at the woman who looked as if she were an angel with worried eyes. "Nothing you need to worry your pretty self over", Zachariah replied.

Serenity caught the look in his eye and knew him to be lying but she said nothing more. As they made their way to the parlor where the family was awaiting silence over took them and only Serenity seemed to be at peace. As Serenity entered she smiled at some of the other family members that were a little more removed then the two cousins who accompanied her. "Serenity", a voice gasped that literally made her stand still.

She looked to both of her cousins whose own posture went rigid when they heard the voice. She was the first to turn around and face Dimitrie of the Dracula family. His family was known for being the dark kind, an almost evil kind. Not to mention his brother or rather half brother was a Vardy. Serenity's blue orbs met his black ones and she could only shiver. "May I say you are looking exquisite", he said taking her hand before he kissed the back of it.

Serenity plastered a smile on her face and withheld her chills not willing to show her fear of the man whose black eyes looked upon her with such a possessiveness that even her father had seen and briefly worried over. "Why thank you good sir. You yourself look rather handsome", Serenity replied with the bow of her head while squeezing Zachariah's arm letting him know she wished to leave since she could not squeeze her other cousin's who had abandoned her upon sight of Dimitrie.

"If you will excuse us sir I must escort her majesty to his highness", Zachariah cut in quickly leading her away from the silver haired man.

"My god that man is strange I swear he was suffocating me", Serenity said as soon as she was out of ear shot of Dimitrie.

"Indeed but never show your fear of that man Serenity he'll use it against you", Zaharia replied his eyes combing over the crowd searching for Serenity's father Victor.

"There you are Zachariah sorry I left I saw this beautiful woman who I knew needed me", Jean cut in before Serenity could say anything.

"Yes well that's no surprise", Zachariah replied with disdain in his voice as he looked over his brother.

"Oh come now brother I knew you could handle Dimitrie all by yourself. Besides you know me I can't resist a damsel in distress", Jean said straightening up his shoulders.

Serenity laughed despite Zachariah's annoyance and asked, "And how do you know she was a damsel in distress?"

"She was conversing with one of the older man, her face practically screamed that she was bored out of her mind", Jean replied a proud smile gracing his handsome face.

This answer only produced a giggle from Serenity and Zachariah shaking his head. "Will you ever learn", Zachariah asked.

"What? To be stiff and boring like yourself. I fancy I shall not", Jean replied stuffing his hands in his pockets with an even wider grin on his face, while he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.

Serenity laughed thoroughly enjoying herself while Zachariah only glared at his younger brother. "Oh grow up Jean your intelligence level is that of a ten year old human child", Zachariah shot back.

"Yes well while your complaining about that I shall relieve you of your escort whom I also categorize as a damsel of distress especially if she is with you", Jean replied taking Serenity by the other arm and pulling her away from Zachariah.

As he took her away Serenity turned around with a smile and called out, "I do not think you are boring."

"Oh admit it he is too especially when compared to me", Jean said once they were hidden behind a wall of people.

Serenity shook her head knowing it to be somewhat true when it came to intellect Zachariah definitely had the upper hand on Jean. But Jean was all adventure and had always been her companion when she sought trouble. "I'm afraid I shall have to separate you two", a loving voice interrupted.

Serenity turned around and faced her father whom she had seen so little of as of late. She hugged him taking note that he somehow looked older despite the fact that her kind didn't age past twenty one. "Why would you separate us", Jean asked clapping his uncle on the back.

"I am afraid you two would cause a great ruckus for which the two of you combined are famous for. Besides Jean your mother is looking for you and your sister", Victor replied.

Once Jean had excused himself leaving the father and daughter to themselves Serenity was free to express her concern. "You seem tired. Is it this Vardy woman the whole castle has been speaking of?"

Her father smiled and patted her on the head, "That is only part of it my dear but this is not a matter to discuss here."

Serenity nodded her head accepting his reason. The family was supposed to be celebrating a reunion but yet something in the back of her mind was nagging at her. Something was missing. When she looked around the room she saw her Aunt Gina conversing with her sons Jean and Zachariah. Minette was on the other side of the room conversing with a woman with long brown hair and green eyes who seemed rather tall. But where was her Uncle Vladimir? "Father pray tell where is your brother", Serenity asked taking her father's attention away from Dimitrie whom Serenity hadn't seen come up to them.

"He sent word that he would be running behind tonight. He got held up in Hungary", he replied.

Serenity smiled politely at Dimitrie before she excused herself well aware of his eyes watching her. She walked all the way to where Minette stood with her brunette companion finding it a good enough distance away from her avid admirer. "Oh Serenity this is the woman I was speaking to you about. Her name is Litarena. Litarena this is my dearest cousin Serenity", Minette said immediately introducing the two.

"I'm her only cousin", Serenity said taking Litarena's hand in a greeting. Litarena was nearly two inches taller than Serenity and her form reminded Serenity of the amazons she had read about as a child.

Litarena smiled warmly and spoke, "It is an honor to meet the heir of the Rumini's and I must say you look much like your mother."

"Thank you. You knew her", Serenity inquired always excited to learn of the woman she could barely remember.

"I'm afraid not. My mother was a good friend of your mother's and has a painting of the two of them. I believe your father has a copy as well", Litarena replied.

Serenity nodded her head remembering the painting that hung up in her what used to be her mother's study of her mother and some woman she had never met before and now that she thought about it the woman with her mother in the painting resembled Litarena. "Ah darling there you are", interrupted a man with long burgundy hair whose brown eyes reminded Serenity of chocolate.

"Oh hello Nic. May I introduce the lady Minette and her majesty Serenity and ladies this is my husband Nicholas ", Litarena said with a bright smile.

Serenity caught the look between the two and puzzled as to what it was they felt. She had heard stories of love but had never truly seen it. "A pleasure to meet you both", he said looking over the two beautiful women before him finding that Minette was a classical beauty but Serenity's was a rare pure beauty.

Nicholas slipped his arm around his wife's middle and whispered in her ear , "Come darling we must leave soon before the true radicals find us."

Litarena nodded her head in agreement before turning back to the women. "If you'll excuse us we must depart."

"But of course", Minette replied. Her eyes followed the couple and she herself sighed.

"How I wish I could find a husband", Minette grumbled with wonder and awe of the couple she had just seen.

"Minette we are still young and there are plenty of men out there for now let's enjoy ourselves", Serenity replied feeling a little bit of envy of Litarena herself but hiding it rather well.

"Yes well we've lived longer then humans yet they manage to find love in a much shorter time then we do", Minette replied taking a seat in a window seat nearby.

Serenity sat by her and asked, "Have you been reading Shakespeare again?"

Minette laughed and turned to her cousin who seemed quite serious, "You know me too well."

"Which story", Serenity asked generally interested in the man she thought to be brilliant.

"Romeo and Juliet", Minette replied thinking back on the play she had seen in London and read several times.

Serenity held in her laugh for she knew that two sworn enemies could never really truly love one another. "I know Serenity I see it on your face you think it the most foolish of all his plays", Minette said holding up her hand to keep Serenity from saying anything.

"You've caught me red handed my cousin. I'm afraid it is true", Serenity replied ignoring her cousin's look of disbelief.

"It is the most beautiful and famous of his plays", Minette argued.

"It maybe but it is the most unrealistic of his plays which is saying something because his plays are all about reality", Serenity replied looking into her cousin's eyes letting her know that if the argument continued then Serenity would surely prevail.

"I see there is no victory over you so I concede though disagreeably", Minette half muttered with a bit of a pout.

"If you'll excuse me cousin I need some fresh air", Serenity stated noting that the stars were out this night and star gazing was the favorite of her many hobbies.

"Very well", Minette replied already over their argument and looking onto a handsome man in the crowd.

Serenity left Minette with a smile and walked onto the nearby vacant balcony. She smiled as she caught site of the moon thinking of the story of Selene and her shepherd lover, a favorite of many Greek tales she had read as a child. Suddenly she felt the loneliness that she knew Minette to be speaking of when she wished for a life mate. As she looked up at the moon she couldn't help but feel that perhaps the one she would be with was doing the exact same thing at that moment. For a brief moment as she closed her eyes she could have sworn someone stood beside her but once she peered out of one eye she found herself to still be alone. Serenity's thoughts were interrupted, however, when she caught site of lights of a carriage rushing in over the hill towards the castle. Immediately she recognized it to be her Uncle Vladimir's and knew that no one would be there to greet him. Making up her mind she stepped away from the balcony and toward an event that would lead to a life changing experience.

Alright guys that's my first chapter what do you guys think? It's a new story that I just thought of when I was reading. Obviously it's Romeo and Juliet style and in the shape of vampires because well I don't know I have never written a vampire story and I want to.– Silent Figure