Fancy Dress by Koharu Mitsuki


This was really stupid. He didn't really know why he was here. With a box in hand.

He didn't exactly know why he bought this too. It's absurd. That girl didn't even like this kind of stuff. He overheard her talking to her 'precious' Tsubasa-senpai the other day about it.

But…he wasted a lot of Rabbits for this. He couldn't just throw it away now, right?


So now, how'll he give it?


"Natsume!" Jeez, why does she always show up like that?

Wait a minute…now that she's here…he'll be able to give it to her…but then, she's going to ask why…that would mean trouble … what now?

"Oi, Natsume!"

If he's going to shove it in her hands, then walk away…


If he gives it to her, just like that…


Ugh…this is so stupid…


"Will you stop shouting, woman! I'm thinking here!"

Wait…that voice…darn! He completely forgot she was here.

And this is because of his thoughts. Darn thoughts…

"Hey, Natsume, what's with you?"

Huh? So she noticed his…predicament… Hn, he should give her more credit then…

But, he still haven't figured out how to give it to her…

Ugh, who cares anymore. He'll just give it, period.

"Here, it's for you." Well, that's the best he can do…


"Heh, I don't need to repeat myself again. See ya."

"Oi, wait!"


What the…? He turned around. She…tripped?

She's such a klutz.

"Oh, so it's pink today, eh?"


Gods, she's the one who keeps on tumbling, why should it be his fault if he saw her underwear?

"Whatever." He turned back around.

"Oi, oi, oi, Natsume!"

And he just kept on walking.


She was baffled. A…gift? For her? From him? Is he really Natsume? Did he hit his head or something? Not that she's complaining, but…

She looked around for him, but it seems that he already got away. She sighed in defeat. She might as well open it…

She opened the box.

She gasped.

On the box, was a beautiful dress. It was white, with an empire cut. It was made of silk, and it looked like it reached up to her knees. It glittered everywhere. It looked so…fancy.

She…she could never accept this!

But…it was so…nice…and pretty…

She looked down in the box, and found a small note.

'Still dislike fancy dresses? Heh, just keep it. You know you want it. It might even look nice on you. Ha, as if. Keep dreaming, little girl.'

Why that…that jerk! Hmph!

But then…the dress did look really nice. She might as well keep it.

She smiled. Fancy dresses aren't as awful as she thought they would after all…

Does the same go to Natsume…?


…okay…maybe he isn't so awful too.

She grinned.




A/N: Another ficlet from me! This was much harder that 'Cakes', because here, Natsume's the one giving something, not Mikan. I hope it turned out okay for you guys.

Well, that's it for the sequel of 'Cakes!' I hope you enjoyed it!

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