Listen to each drop of rain (listen, listen)

Whispering secrets in rain (listen, listen)

Magically searching for someone to hear

That story be more than it hides

Please don't let go

Can't we stay for a while?

It's just too hard to say goodbye

Listen to the rain

Listen to the Rain

- Evanescence

Chapter 1: Listen to the Rain

The rain fell endlessly onto the ground, creating puddles. People that were outside enjoyed it, and didn't seem to mind. A young teenage boy looked outside watching the children playing outside. His chin resting on the window sill, sighing. Each time he sigh small fog formed on the window.

Edward despises being the 'dog of the military. Espically when Roy reminds him all the time that he is one, and must follow orders, as he gave him missions endlessly.

"Fullmetal." Startled by the man's voice. He glanced, only to make eye contact, with Colonel Roy Mustang.

"What…." Edward answered flatly, his back facing Roy.

"Tsk, that's not the way to talk to your superior." He replied.

"Sigh…" Edward turned around to face him. "Yes?"

"Much better." He laughed. Edward rolled his eyes. "Anyways where is that Rockbell girl I sworn I thought she came in here with you?"

"She at my dorm…sleeping." He stared Roy watching him twirl a pen around his finger then up at his face. "Well?"

"Well go with her, so must be up by now." He replied slightly annoyed, not wanting his presences. "Say hi to her from me, if she's not mad at me."

"Yeah…whatever…"He answered rudely, as he walked out the door, not brothering to shut it close.

Edward walked the empty hall of the central headquarters each step he took echo across the hall. It was a typical boring day for him, nothing to do. In fact it was really lonely without Alphonse around.

He slightly smiled remembering that Al would always bring a kitten inside when it's raining. He began to wondering where all the kittens came from. They come as if Al was a magnet.

He closed his eyes for a second. Which was a huge mistake, he suddenly collided with another person. "Oof!" Escaped from his mouth, as he fell on the floor.

His eyes snap open, it was Maes Hughes. "Watch where you're going, Ed." Hughes helped him up to his feet. "Going to your dorm?"

He nodded. "Yeah I'm going to check on Winry."

"Better if you stay with her."


You didn't hear?"


"Scar is on the loose, and near the central, too." He said in a low voice. Suddenly he smiled brightly. "Wanna come over to my house later?"

"No." He said rolling his eyes. "Later." With that he left reaching to his dorm he slowly turns the knob. He stepped in quietly, he looked over to his bed, and sure enough she was there. Lying there, he walked over noticing she was awake.

"Hey Winry…" He said softly. Walking over to her grabbing the chair near him and sat down.

"She's gone…"Winry said in a monotone voice, not bothering looking at him. She slowly closed her eyes.

"Hmm?" He didn't know what she meant by that. "What do you mean she's gone?" he asked, some what confused.

She sighed. "Nothing." She slowly drifted to sleep. He raised a brow. 'Man what's with her today, she's been acting strangle lately. I mean when she came Central unexpectly, and then she won't leave.' He thought angrily to himself.

He let his head rest on the chair. He closed his eyes, also slowly drifted to sleep.

The sun was up high in the sky, shining brightly down on the peaceful town of Risembool. Children laughter filled the air, as adults stopped by with their old friends to catch up where they last left off in their conversation. A few yards from there was a mid-thirty year old woman kneeling down.

Trisha was her name, Trisha Elric. She was picking tomatoes from the vines that grew from it. She began humming to herself an unfamiliar tune. As Trisha used her apron to gather all the tomatoes she plucked out.

"Mom, Mom!" a seven year old boy shouted, as he came running toward her, holding a shining item in his hand. She quickly turned around smiling as she saw sight of his son.

"Hmm what's wrong, Edward?" she asked still smiling sweetly. The boy held out the shining metal item that looks like a cow.

"Look what I made." Holding it higher, just enough for her to see. "Do you like it?" he asked. Waiting patiently for her answer.

"Of course, Ed. It's lovely." She reached out to pet his head.

"Just like your father."

He began giggling happily, proud of his hard work. But then as that changed as suddenly the sky grew dark. "But Edward, you didn't…." His eyes widen in horror, as blood began to stream down her face. "…finish completing me." He dropped the cow as it shattered into pieces.


"Ahh!" He shouted as he shot up from his chair. "What…" Edward looked around his surrounding. "Man it was a dream…a horrible dream..."

He rubbed his eyes. He glanced over at the bed, no one was there. "Winry." He called out. No respond. "Winry!" he repeated a little louder.

"I'm right here." She answered. Ed turned the direction where her voice came from. She sat on the window sill looking outside. "It's still raining."

Edward got up from the chair and walked over to the window, he peered over her looking outside. "Yeah, it's pouring outside." He looked down at her. Wondering if he should ask her right then and now or just wait patiently for her to come clean.

"Why are you here?" He decided to ask now. "I mean you came unexpectly, and…" He began silenced. She looked over at him. Ed gazed at her eyes they were filled with sadness and emptiness. He caught him off guard.

"I…I don't want to be alone…" she said in a low voice.

"What? You have Pinako, I bet she missing you now."

"She's dead…"


"She's dead." She repeated, her voice breaking. "She died. I…I didn't know what to do and I panic, so I left a note saying that she died to a neighbor, and I left. I….I'm sorry I didn't tell you." At this point she was crying, she felt helpless.

Edward looked at her in surprised. "Winry, I'm so sorry that she died I had no idea." Winry got up and hugged him tightly, as tears began tears began flowing freely from her eyes. He slowly wrapped his arms around her. "Ed I miss her so much."

I stand alone in the storm (listen, listen)

Suddenly sweet words they know (listen, listen)

Hurry they say for you haven't much time

Open your eyes to the love around you

You may feel you're alone

But I'm here still with you

You can do what you dream

Just remember to listen to the rain


Yay! First chapter finish I hope you liked it. It's one in the morning and barely finish. I know that grammar is bad, but bare with me I hope to get better actually I haven't really improved much from the last time I wrote. Still I hope you enjoyed it. The song is actually from Amy Lee's high school choir very lovely song. One more thing my stories intend to be very depressing, and I can't help it. Sorry. I'll shut up now.