Chapter 3: Missing

And if I bleed, I'll bleed,
Knowing you don't care.
And if I sleep just to dream of you
And wake without you there,
Isn't something missing?
Isn't something...

The sun hung low over Risembool, the day was almost over, but 2 children remain outside playing. They both we're laughing their heads off running across the grassy field.

"I can't catch you!" whined a 7 year old Winry. As she gasped for air, she's be chasing him for quiet a while.

"Well that's because you're a girl." Ed teased her, just enough to get her mad. She stopped in her tracks. "Shut up, idiot!"

She grabbed a rock and aimed it at his head. "OW!" He yelled irritated. "What was that for?"

"Why are you crying for I thought boys aren't supposed cry." She snapped angrily, as she stormed away from him.

He sighed annoying, he ran off her He knew she was very sensetative about boys being better than girls subject. "Sorry." He apologizes as she as he caught up to her.

She grunted, and ran off away from him. She passed her house continuing running from him. He saw when she passed her house.

"Where is she going…" he muttered under his breath. He ran after to her he was close behind her, just in time to her fall over the cliff. A scream was ringing in Ed's ear, his eyes widen in horror.

"Winry!!!!" a scream escaped from his lips. He ran towards the edge, and then sighed in relief. It wasn't a long drop but then he began to panic again. She laid there motionless.

"Winry!" he yelled as he climbed the cliff. "Winry are you okay?" He asked as he kneel next her."

She was crying softly as tears streamed down her face. She shook her head. "M-m-my ankle, it…it hurts!" she began crying harder. By this time it was already dark. He remembered what Granny Pinako said about leaving not leaving Winry alone outside after dark.

He couldn't leave her here by herself to get someone; he'll most likely get in trouble either way. "Winry can you try to stand up?"

She sat up as Ed tried to help her up to her feet. "No, no, no! It hurts….stop it!"

"Okay lean on me. Uh…I'll give you a piggy back ride." She slowly limps behind him as her lift up to his back. "Okay here we go." He began walking up a path heading toward her house.

By then she stop crying. She sniffs softly so Ed won't hear her. "Thank you, Edward." She said softly in his ear. Ed blushed. "Uh…y-y-your welcome." They were almost there. "Ed can you promise me one thing."

"Yeah, sure."

"If I'm ever in trouble…will you come and rescued me, like you did now. Promise?"

"What?!" He replied in surprised.

"Please!" she pleaded

Okay…I promise if anything we're to happen to you I'll rescue you…better yet I promised I won't let anything happen to you."

Edward slowly opened his eyes but quickly shut them, he open them again but this time he shielded his eyes using his hand. He saw two blurry looking down at him. He couldn't make out who it was. He let his eyes focus, to find his brother, Alphonse, and Seget Bloch looking at him with worry expressions.

"Oh Major Elric you have awaken, I must inform Lt. Col. Mustang!" Denny replied, quickly leaving the room.

He slowly sat up only to feel a sharp pain on his head. "Ow…"

"Ed lay back down." Al said as he gently pushed him down to the bed. "I came as soon I heard what to happen you and Winry."

Winry…Ed then realized everything was coming back to him. He remembers why he was here. They knocked him out, and took Winry. The dream he had was more like a flash back, reminding him the promise he made.

As if his conscious was telling him how he failed to protect her from harm. He had no idea what to do, or where to start looking for her. He has to go look for her instead of being stuck in bed. He felt useless; he just can't stay here and waste time.

"I have to find Winry!" He shot up from bed the sharp pain came back but ignored it. "No Ed you have to rest." Al tried to push him back down, but Ed smacks his head away.

"And what!?" He snapped at Al angrily. "You stay out of this Al; I don't understand why you left from you're training! I know you're worried but I let this happen so I'm the only one who can rescue her, okay?"

"But Ed-"

"I just don't want you to get involved you're more vulnerable than before. Now that you have your human body you can easily get hurt." He quickly ran to the next room to change.

"What about you, Ed…you always get hurt and end up like now." He said to himself instead Ed he knew he couldn't change his mind. He'll only be wasting time. He walked over to the window and looked outside.

Roy sat on the chair in his office, drumming his fingers on his desk absent minded. While he rested his head on the other hand. He stared aimlessly across the room. Remincing what had happen earlier.

Riza looked at him with concern; she knew Roy was worry about Ed and Winry. He intends to deny the truth and without him knowing he shows that he's indeed worry and cares for them deeply. Riza sighs sadly continuing to work on her paper work.

A knock interrupted Roy's thoughts. "You may come in. "He said loudly. Denny walked in and saluted. "Sir I came to informed that Major Elric has awakened, that is all." He saluted again and walked out the room. Roy jumped out of his seat and quickly headed to the little clinic room where was at.

When he arrived, no one was in there only Denny.

"I don't know where they had gone to, sir?" Denny questioned, before Roy could ask him anything.

"Errr! That idiot has no idea what he's getting himself into!!!!!" Roy fumed. "That stupid good nothing shrimp is going to get killed!!!"

Danny quietly left the room to get Riza, he knew she was the only one that can calm Roy down.

"Help me…" a voice came from a distance. Roy looked at the direction where the voice came from. "Right here…"

"Al?" Roy walked to the next room, and found Alphonse, tied up with metal under the bed. Roy guessed that Ed did this with alchemy.


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