WARNING: there are some hints of lemon in here. So please be warned. Some indecent acts are also implied in this story. Thank you and have a good day!

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Written by purpleblush017

Crying is for weaklings I say

But why do I have tears in my eyes?

I pretended nothing happened that day

But why do I wish that I could go back in time?

The trees left the ground and so did I

But why do I long for the sweet caress of sunshine?

Just one call and it could end all

Maybe it's because I once had it all

But because of my blindness

I was not able to see

The importance of you being with me…

cHapTeR 01: ' bEsT FriEnDs '


An Uchiha.

An Uchiha Sasuke to be precise

He's a prince

He lived in perfection, in high standard. In a place where he always gets what he wants. In a world where he's the best, where he's dominant, the alpha male. And oh, he lives in Royalty. His rare blood type, bloodline limit and family surname are all proof of that statement. But then again, his personality was another issue. There are a lot of things he hated and a few he liked. Yeah, he loves his family, minus his irking older brother who never ceases to make fun of him or just tease him to death for his amusement. He sincerely loved his state right now! He was a prince!! A goddamn chick magnet.

Raven hair plus onyx eyes plus muscular body plus cool attitude is equal to all women drooling over him begging and pleading to be bed by him!! He likes the attention he gets but no, he loved being an Uchiha MORE. Being an Uchiha means being the prince to the greatest kingdom there is and being prince means having power and having power means he can do and take anything he wants. In short, yeah, a spoiled brat.

If he loves, he hates A LOT of things more than what he loves. He hates things being complicated and confusing and confusing plus complicated is equal to women, right? That's why he never got into any relationship with woman, except for his mother and this one particular girl, but he never thought of her as a woman, he thought of her as more like a … I don't know, what did he think? Anyway, since he hated a lot of things that were oh so wrong, his sleeping form jerked and his eyes shot open. His body automatically stood up. His brain started to work. All because of his 'something's—not—right' senses.

He begun scanning his large room, I mean HUGE room. The ceiling was about twenty feet high and he had fifteen feet high windows with extraordinary designs. His curtains were as high as the windows. His floor was covered in a deep red comfy carpet. And when you look at his bed, you could understand why ten people can fit on it. And in front of the bed lay a huge wide flat screen TV on the wall. Beside it was—

"Shit!!" his keen senses finally spotted the place that doesn't seem to be right.

He ran towards an aisle inside his room which led to a door. Walking a step forward he could hear it properly now. Yeah, it was definitely not right!! He was hearing spilling water inside that door, the room which happened to be his bathroom! Whoa, I mean, who the hell could possibly be barging inside his room and use his shower without any permission? Hell, the palace had a lot of bathrooms for crying out loud! The person inside the room had the nerve to choose to use his, yeah, HIS BATHROOM over all the other? Oh, he or she is going to get a piece of him! He swore!

His train of thoughts was interrupted when the door began to open. Smokes slid out from the room as the effect of the shower and then it revealed a silhouette of someone. Anger dominated the twenty one year old Uchiha as he unexpectedly captured whoever was in there. He grabbed it and tossed it on his shoulder. But something was weird. He could smell strawberries and lilac from the body he was carrying. Knowing himself, he never placed anything like that smell on his room, hell, especially his shampoo or other of his bathroom stuff! Another weird thing was the softened and tenderness of its mushy soft skin made contact with his hands. It kind of gave him the feeling of excitement, Excitement that was just brushed off when he angrily dropped the IT on his comfy bed.

"ITTAI!!" it screamed in frustration. Mentally telling him that the way he dropped it was in no way close to being gentle.

He stared at IT closely. His eyes widen

What the fuck!?

He was looking at the girl err maid ehm, priestess and his best friend lying on his bed, pink hair glued to her pretty face, emerald eyes shinning and sparkling, her soft satin skin dripping wet. As he examined her closely, he seems to take note of the towel which covered her body, a single towel that serves as a barrier from seeing her priceless treasure. A treasure he always wanted lusted for.

By looking at it more, you imagine yourself lying on top of her, touching, groping every part of her flesh, sipping an drinking every part of her, constantly diving and savagely plunging in and out of her system. Hearing her want for more. For you to get faster and harder, Ahem. Enough dirty thought. Enough dirty thoughts. He's your best friends you dimwit! You shouldn't think like this on your best friend!! You mother fucker!! She's your BEST FRIEND!!

Argh, fucking hormones!!

Thinking of a way to get out of this mess, she searches for her brain and BINGO!! An idea just hits her. She smirks. Enough to make him flinch. Damn. He knew that she's up to something. She slightly parts he legs and reaches for the knot that holds the towel covering her body. "you see Sasuke-kun… your Jacuzzi was just so amazing and I cant help but try it for myself!!" she pouts oh, does she know she looks cute like that? Excitement running through him again only to be shrugged off again.

"You should've asked permission first!!" he yells, signaling he's not happy about what she did, barging in like that.

Her eyes became teary, salty droplets of water endangering to fall. "B-but you were sleeping!! And I know how busy you are!! I know that you were tired from yesterday's hectic schedule!! Heck, you're having months of hectic schedules!! Meetings every now and then, speeches here and there. Opinions back and forth!! And when I saw that you were sleeping peacefully, I really, really, really didn't want to ruin the sole rest you can have for the day!!" she bites her lip and makes that puppy look. And they both knew that no one, not even him can reject that puppy look.

"Fine." he sighs.

She smiles. She has come out of it alive! Hooray!

"Is today the day my queen!?" her husband asked, tugging her soft hand into his. She could feel his hand trembling underneath hers. She could understand why. She looks at him hopefully. Her onyx eyes similar to his gave him a comfy look.

"Things happen so fast don't you think so!?" it wasn't a question though, but he gave her an answer.

"It certainly does. Twenty one years.." he sighs. Has twenty one years just flew past him? He felt that it was just those years were such short period.

She places her other hand on his back, silently patting him. Making him feel that she was there for support. She gave him her sweetest smile ever. "I'm sure that things will come out as they should be…"

He was not able to reply as he heard a knock on their room. "Your highness..." it spoke.

"Come in." the king ordered.

Opening the seventeen feet door, a man that seemed to be a messenger came in front of them. Bowing at the royalties, he spoke. "They have arrived, your highness."

"Fugaku…" she whispers. She got a reply when she felt his hands tighten.

"They're early." He noted the messenger. "Where are they?"

Still not moving from his position, the messenger's voice echoed the room. "They're waiting at the guest room your highness."

"How many are they?"

"Only three to be exact. The king and his daughter. Together with his nephew, your highness."

"I see." Then he began to stand up.

"Fugaku… he'll probably mad at us…"

He closes his eyes and thinks about his two sons. "I know…" he reaches for her and helps her stand.

"Let us welcome the Hyuuga's…"

"Sasuke-kun…" she whispers, enough for him to hear. It sounded angelic, really. She silently stands up, walking towards him and when she was close enough, she delicately wraps her arms around his muscular body. She buries her face on his broad chest. Hm, she felt safe. He was kind of surprised. He knew her to be the type of person who was emotional, yeah, her heart ruled her. Yes, she was intelligent and brilliant, but her actions were simply dictated by her emotional welfare. And he knew that her sudden act was one of them. As he looked at her, she found her kind of short; actually, she was really short. But that didn't matter to him at that moment as he felt her body press against his. Having sensitive touch, he gasped. Since when did she have breasts? Examining her again, she seemed weak. As if he could easily break her bones right then and there.

"Sasuke-kun…" she starts again. By the tone of her voice, he was sure something was bothering her. He being her only friend, decided to hug her in return. Gently caressing the fallen angel wrapped around his arms. He nuzzled he pink hair. She really smelled nice, smelled like strawberries. Wonder if she tasted like it too. "I missed you…" he heard her say. His face became puzzled.

"We see each other every day" he countered.

She stared in his eyes. She felt that there was something in him. No, she was more like thinking that there was something in him for her. More that her being human, more than being a girl, more than being Lord Haruno's daughter, more than her having the privilege to live in the palace even if she was technically a commoner, more than his childhood buddy, more than the person he grew up with, more that being a friend to him, more that being his only Best friend to him, more than… like what? A lover? Yeah, she felt there was. No, screw that, she hoped there was.

"But we only get to see each other everyday!" she said firmly not breaking contact with him. Man, was she happy that of all the people in the world, she was and still is his BESTEST BEST FRIEND!! And being that person, she gets to do some things with him without begging not like other people. Of course, hugging one another was natural for both of them. They have been friends since they were just babies! And the worse they have done was giving a peck on the cheek, which she solemnly does. Hugging and kissing cheeks were they're intimacy as Best friends. "We don't actually talk and just hang out anymore…" her tone started to fade again.


She turns her head to her left and hugs him tighter. "I know!! You're an Uchiha! A prince!! You're the next one in line for the throne! I know you're such a busy man! But…but…I really feel alone whenever we don't get to talk for the day, nor when I cant spend quality time with you, my best friend!! You're always needed by lots of people. That huge number I cannot compete. It's been months now… and our last conversation was only seven words!! Don't you ever feel lonely? Because I feel lonely without you…"

"…" he softened with her words. He's always soft when she's around her. That's why he hated her because she's a woman. And confusion plus complicated things is equal to woman right? And she's really full of those things! As in really full of them!! But then again, being soft around her, he seemed to be… acting and saying the complete opposite of what he was. "…I feel lonely too…"

She even hugs him tighter indicating him that she was glad to know that he got her message. "Sasuke-kun…" but she was cut off when his index finger tapped her reddish lips. "…I miss you too…" the words just seem to fly out of his tongue! With that, he made her smile. Oh, that precious angelic smile. The smile that brightens his day. The light in his life. The smile that makes him feels human and complete.

Sakura beamed and when she started to pull her arms away, he got too emotional too.


She found herself pinned by the prince of her country. Onyx eyes found their way to stare at emerald orbs. He seems to be letting his emotions run his body. His logical mind was starting to lose control. He was about to explode. He could feel himself full of lust, hidden beneath his heart, for the woman he called 'best friend'. She was confused.

"Sasuke-kun…?" she asks. Never had she seen him been this way before. Was something wrong with him? If there was, she will gladly help. But…what was wrong with him? He hands were above her head, pinned by Sasuke's powerful hand. Even if she struggled to free herself, she knew she would lose, so why bother? Sakura blinked. His hot breath was caressing her ear. He found himself nibbling her earlobe. Teasing it with his wet tongue. "This is your fault…" he whispered as he mad e butterfly kisses from her earlobe down to her neck and towards her collarbone and went up on her cheek.

She moans. Hearing her like that only gave him suck excitement to do more. He made contact with her soft cheek by trailing his tongue, leaving his saliva to dry up on her skin. She found herself with such joy. Being an adult, she wanted more. Having hormones, she searched for more. Being held by the person she secretly loved, she yearned for more. But being there, under her best friends arms, he wanted no more.

However, wanting no more didn't stop his feeling and sensitive touch to feel such happiness. Her mind says no while her body says yes. His lips and his tongue were like heaven to her!! She has never felt like this before. Well, despite some suitors, she never had a boyfriend for herself. But then, right now, she might want to reconsider. Excitement and passion lingered her body. He was magnificent! But then, why the hell was he doing this anyway? Was he toying with her? Was he getting horny all of a sudden and she's the victim? They are best friend's damnit! What the fuck was he doing this?

"Should I be angry with—" she was cut off when her mouth was invaded by the one the man she thought was her best friend. Well, she was deeply madly crazy in love with him but they were best friends. And that alone was enough reason to hide and trash her feelings for him. They were best friends. They made that clear. They settled everything as friends.

He was busy nibbling her upper lip and she was quite busy feeling. His hand fount its way to her right thigh caressing it softly, and gently going upwards. She was sure that he was not gentle on the kissing part! God, she could feel her lips being chewed. And for sure, she knew that it'll leave a bruise. Then, when he became pretty bored with her lips, he forcedly slid his tongue inside her mouth, exploring her reaching every corner in holds. He wanted to go deeper which she unexpectedly made accessible. Without her knowing, she was returning the passionate kiss they were on. He didn't stop; she tasted strawberries like how she smelled. He pushed his head deeper so that his hot tongue could go in deeper. Yup, he was ravaging her and he knew that they both loved it.

He broke the passionate kiss as he felt the need for air. He looks at her. She really seemed confused.

He smirks

He scores

He bent down and slowly slid the towel a little, showing a portion of her developed breast. She could feel her face emit different shades of red because of embarrassment. He began to lean on it and gave it butterfly kisses. Her eyes widen as he nibbled and sucked her flesh with all his might in the longest time he could. She could feel him do it repeatedly and had lost count. She could feel his tongue swirl around her skin.

"Whaaa--!! You're giving me a HICKEY!!" she screamed.

He faces her and smirks.

"I'm marking you."

You're mine

"For what?"

And no one else can have you but me

"Its payback, pinky"

Oh, that hit a nerve.

You heard me?! You're mine!!

"For what, tomato boy!?"

That hit another nerve


"For using my bathroom, you dimwit!" then he started to let go of her. He sat six inches beside her. He relaxed his body. Thank goodness he stopped. If he didn't he could be fucking her right then and there! Screwing her in his room. Making her scream in agony as he—okay, okay, he was just glad he became aware of what was happening before 'you-know-what' happened. In the corner of his eye, he can see her caressing the numerous hickies he gave her. It glowed, a dark shade of red. He smirks. He scores again!!

"Aren't you going to be late for your priestess duties?" he asks. Of course, he knows her schedule. After all, he was the prince, he was her best friend, it was his responsibility to look after her. Or was there another reason?

"It's cancelled." She stated. Turned to his view and stuck her tongue out. "Don't you mean 'can you get out of my room now'?"

"Hn." He closed his eyes. Damn, she knows him quite well right?

"W-why did you do that!?" she asked letting her hand touch his. Man, he knew that he has a lot of explaining to do. And knowing her, she won't stop until she knows the reason why, and that meant annoying him to death. Being smart as he was, or being a jerk he was, he decided to hurt her feelings and literally kill her hopes.

"In other counties…it doesn't mean anything…" his eyes were still closed but he could tell that he hurt him as bad as he wanted.

It doesn't mean anything?

It doesn't mean anything?

It doesn't mean anything?

She felt her heart shatter. Here she was, hoping that what he just did could be what she thought it would be. It was suppose to mean something! Something like an infatuation or an intimate feeling. Lovers kiss do they? But have you seen friends kiss, hell, French or even fuck one another? Maybe, but that only happens when people are influenced by alcohol. And they weren't drunk right? God, can you imagine yourself kissing your parents intimately and touching God-knows-what!? Hey! Only lovers do that! And they were nowhere near being lovers!! They were best friends!! BEST FRIENDS doesn't kiss hell, French each other and give them large numerous hickies!! So, this intimate act was supposed to be some thing! Like a clue or a hint. Are they walking to the next level of their friendship?

It doesn't mean anything?

It doesn't mean anything?

It doesn't mean anything?

She walks out of his room without saying goodbye or uttering a single word. She knew she was about to cry her heart out and she don't want him to see her like that. Exiting his room, he didn't stop her. He was just there, silently sitting while his eyes were closed. Fuck, their friendship, the sole friendship he's been treasuring was sinking down the drain right now. And what was the cause?

He loves her but keeps on rejecting the thought.

He lusts for her and he just Frenched her!

He has a thing for her and she's blind to see

He claims her but doesn't dare explain it to him.


He hates confusion and complicated things in his life.

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