To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no


This is an AU fic set at a highschool. All the major characters from both films will be there.

Manny – senior(18)

So please, read on, enjoy.

To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no

By W. B. Yeats

Come play with me;

Why should you run

Through the shaking tree

As though I'd a gun

To strike you dead?

When all I would do

Is to scratch your head

And let you go.

The office wasn't at all like he'd expected. For one, it was much smaller, petite almost. And round, very, very round.

"Mr. Torelli."

In fact, there was scarcely an item in the room that wasn't spherical, circular, cylindrical or curved. That many rounded objects left him yearning for something pointy, something sharp and edgy… that he could jab in his eye. At this point he was willing to try anything, god knows it would be more entertaining than listening to this bald man (with the round, round head) prattle on about…what was it again?

"Manfred Torelli, I am discussing your future here at St. Peter's high school, so I'd recommend that you listen."

It was amazing how vice-principal Mervins bald-bowling-ball head changed colour like a mood ring on the sprits before finally settling on purple.

"Manfred," Mervins teeth were slightly green, the boy noted in morbid fascination. "You are now a senior at this academy, a role model for future classes."

"Duly noted, sir."

Mr. Mervins ignored him, or perhaps just disregarded his comment as yet another wisecrack from a twisted generation of youths.

"In your four years at St. Peters, you have not joined a sporting, academic or cultural team. You are yet to show an interest in group-based activities and further more, you make no attempt to fraternize with your peers. Mr. Torelli, this is both a disgraceful representation of the school and a shameful example set for your younger classmates."

Manfred stared beyond Mr. Mervins, straight to the round portrait of the ball. He found that people of authority tended to dismiss you faster if you couldn't meet their eyes.

The vice-principal drew in a deep breath, preparing himself for the second half of his rant. He dug a sweaty, bloated hand into his desk drawer and pulled out a crisp, off-white manila folder.

"In order to overcome this discredit, your teachers, guardian and I have discussed the circumstance in depth, and this year you shall partake in the 'buddy-system'."

The boy's eyes bulged. This had to be a joke…

"You are to report to school at 7:30 tomorrow morning for a quick briefing from Ms. Deander's and will be assigned your freshman buddy at 8:15. Any questions?"

He shook his head in the negative.

"Ok then, that is all, you are dismissed."

Manfred stood and gladly left the small, round room. A buddy? Him? Did he look like a school wet nurse?


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