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Potter Brothers

Chapter 1 – Family and Letters

Half seven in the morning and 4 Privet Drive was waking up. A large man, by the name of Vernon, was just finishing up in the shower whilst a skinny lady named Petunia was frying breakfast in the kitchen with the help of a small raven haired boy of about ten years of age. The little boy, Harry, looked to be less than his years but his eyes shone with intelligence. Also upstairs was Petunia and Vernon's son Dudley who was currently pulling a hoodie on over his rather large stomach. The final member of this household was the boy who was in the smaller bedroom of the house sat on his bed doing up his shoes. This was Daniel Potter, Harry's brother and Vernon and Petunia's nephew. Daniel was taller than Harry by a good inch or two and his build was a lot stronger. Daniel was a very strong and healthy ten, going on eleven, year old where as his twin brother was short, skinny and almost delicate looking.

"Daniel! Dudley! Vernon! Breakfast!" Petunia cried up the stairs before returning to the kitchen and giving a fond smile to Harry who was currently washing up the frying pan.

"Harry dear, leave that there and eat first."

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry put the pan down in the sink to soak for a while. Exactly two minutes later the woman and the small boy were joined by the other household members. Vernon sat next to Petunia giving the woman's hand a small pat whilst Daniel took his place next to Harry with Dudley to his right. The group ate quietly at the table. Dudley practically guzzled down his food whilst Petunia ate at a polite speed and Vernon ate speedily. Daniel wolfed down his food and Harry was pretty much the same except he, like his aunt, had a lot of manners and ate carefully.

"Hey Dan." Dudley broke the silence at the table and stared at his cousin inquisitively. The taller of the twins looked up with his brown eyes and nodded his head to show he was listening. "Have you done the maths homework yet?"

Contrary to popular belief Dudley was far from stupid. Sure he was overweight but he wasn't obese and he had plenty of exercise since he and Daniel often had fights which lead to one of them chasing the other around whilst ranting. Dudley was also a keen rugby player, rugby being a sport the Vernon found particularly manly and strong. Dudley did however have a learning disability. When it came to maths Dudley's dyslexia held him back. Also, it was a fairly common misconception that Vernon and Petunia Dursley were lacks when it came to homework and rules. This was not the case. The adults made sure the three boys did their homework before they were even to think about eating in the evening. On weekends though, like today, the rules were a lot less strict and the boys just had to make sure that their homework was done before Monday.

Daniel shook his head in reply to his cousin. "Nope. Why? Wanna do it together a bit later?"

"Sure." Dudley replied with a grin. "We can watch T.V. at the same time."

"Just so long as it's done Dudley, Daniel." Vernon reprimanded with a small frown at the two boys. The boys nodded and Daniel went back to eating whilst Dudley stared at the quickly disappearing food. "Harry, have you done your homework yet?"

"Are you kidding uncle! Of course Harry's finished his homework. He did it yesterday before he started reading that new book you bought him." Daniel answered around his mouthful. Harry next to him got a pink stain on his cheeks and he looked up at Vernon sheepishly. The large man was looking at Harry and cleared his throat loudly.

"And how is the book?"

"Brilliant! I've almost finished it. The main character is very sneaky." Vernon laughed and nodded his head.

"Yes I thought you'd like it. You sneak around enough yourself." Harry grinned cheekily up at Vernon.

"May I leave the table please? I want to have a shower." Harry said politely as he looked up at his aunt and uncle. The adults nodded and Harry climbed out of his seat and took his plate to the sink, washed it and his cutlery before drying them and putting them away and disappearing up the stairs. Dudley and Daniel followed suit except Daniel did the washing up and Dudley dried the plates then the pair disappeared off into the lounge.

Half an hour later the two adults came into the lounge to find Daniel and Dudley knelt at the coffee table wwith their maths books open and cartoons playing on the television. Harry was sat on the opposite side of the table with his eyes glued to the page of his book. Occasionally Dudley would ask a question and depending on whether or not Daniel could help him Harry answered.

Petunia and Vernon smiled slightly at the familiar site. About nine, going on ten, years ago now the couple were very prepared to hate and loath the two Potter twins who had been left on their door step. The pair had no doubt back then that the children were freaks and it took three years before they changed their minds and now, all these years on, the couple couldn't be happier with their epiphany. It was, if Petunia thought about it, all Dudley's fault they changed their minds about the twins. The boy had had a horrible day at playgroup and had gotten injured. Daniel had healed Dudley whilst Harry played with him to help cheer him up. Dudley had come home hand in hand with his cousins and told his parents all about how wonderful they were and they were only four at the time.

"Um…Aunt Petunia?" Harry's voice had a slight tremble to it and Petunia was brought out of her musings to look at the ten year old child. Harry was staring at her with wide green eyes.

"Yes Harry?" Petunia stood up straight and to attention so she was ready to act.

"I feel weird." Harry said plainly and Petunia bolted forwards ordering the boy onto the sofa quickly and for both Dudley and Daniel to get out of the room. Twenty minutes later everyone was allowed back into the room where Harry was once again reading and hurriedly wiping away the tear tracks on his face.

'All in all,' Petunia mused as she gently petted Harry's hair from her seat behind him, 'it's just another normal Saturday morning.'

Of course the normal morning didn't stay normal for long. At roughly ten o'clock an insistent tapping could be heard from the kitchen. Petunia and Vernon exchanged a glance at each other. After about thirty seconds staring Vernon nodded and stood up. The couple were both prepared for this day, after all in two days it would be the twin's eleventh birthday. Dudley had celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago on the thirteenth of July and they had all gone to the zoo, a trip the whole family enjoyed. Dudley even enjoyed his conversation with the boa constrictor where everything that was said by both the Boa and by Dudley was translated through the twins.

Vernon returned into the lounge muttering darkly about bloody owls having obnoxious characters. In his beefy fingers however the man carried two envelopes of a yellowy, thick paper. Both letters had a wax seal on them and elegant black ink handwriting stating the address for delivery. Vernon walked grumpily over to his chair and sat down giving Petunia a meaningful look. Petunia nodded her understanding.

"Danny? Harry? There's post for you." Petunia said gesturing over to where Vernon sat holding out the two envelopes. Dudley watched eagerly whilst Harry rose with a confused look on his face to take his letter. Daniel jumped straight to his feet and dove towards Vernon jumping up and down in eager anticipation for Vernon to hand him his letter.

"Thanks Uncle Vernon." Danny cried as he grasped the letter in his fingers and tore open the seal hurriedly. Danny quickly scanned the letter's contence then glanced up at his uncle with delight shining in his eyes. Vernon tried very hard not to let his paternal joy show though he failed miserably in scowling.

"Read it out then boy." Danny grinned at his uncle knowing full well that Vernon was happy despite the strained scowl. Vernon's eyes were shining and that was a dead give away. Looking back to his letter Danny opened his mouth to read.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International confederation of Wizards)

Dear Mr Daniel James Potter

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

"Oh my God!" Danny said as he finished reading the letter aloud. Looking over to his Aunt his eyes turned pleading. "Please can I go! I really want to go! Please!"

"Of course dear." Petunia smiled at Danny who immediately jumped around the room yelling out his excitement before settling down enough and sitting next to Dudley. Dudley looked over the letter and the pair made fun of the equipment needed whilst Petunia and Vernon looked over to Harry who was standing with tears in his eyes again.

"Harry dear?"

"'m okay Aunt Petunia." Harry sniffed wiping his eyes and looking at the woman. Petunia felt her heart ache as she saw the sadness in Harry's eyes.

"Oh hon." Petunia opened her arms and Harry fell gracefully into them beginning to sob immediately. Patunia and Vernon had spoken to Harry and Danny a few years ago when Danny had asked why strange things kept happening around him and the Dursleys had explained about him being a wizard. They had also continued to explain that near their eleventh birthdays the twins would receive a letter from Hogwarts which was the school their parents went to to learn about magic. The twins had both been excited about their gifts but Harry was less than excited because of his problem.

"Harry?" Danny questioned rising to his feet and walking over to his twin who turned in Petunia's embrace. Daniel fixed his twin with sad eyes and tugged the smaller boys T-shirt effectively pulling him from his aunt. Daniel then wrapped his arms around Harry and let Harry cling to him like a life line. "Can Harry not go Auntie?"

"I don't think it would be wise."

"But…but he's got magic. He has to learn about it!" The taller raven haired boy protested gripping Harry tighter. Petunia bit her lip.

"Of course he has to learn but I don't think he should go to school. We might be able to higher a tutor for him. It's just it would be dangerous for him to go when he's still ill." Harry sniffed slightly and pulled away from Danny's embrace to look up into the brown eyes of his twin.

"Maybe I can go when I get better." The green eyed twin offered trying to put on a brave face. Danny nodded and tried to rid himself of the tears building up in his eyes.

"I don't want to go if Harry can't though." He argued. Harry bit his lip and looked at Petunia who was chewing on her lip trying to think of the best way to deal with this problem.

"Danny you have to go." Harry said pulling out of his brother;s grasp and staring wide eyed up at his brother.


"Because if you don't go how will I learn what the wizard world is like! You have to go and make friends and write me letters about what the wizards are like. You have to go and learn. 'Member, you always wanted to learn magic. 'Member?"


"No buts Dan. Harry's right." Dudley offered taking his place next to his cousins. "You are the bravest and the strongest you have to go. I'll take care of your little brother but you have to go and tell us both all about it. It'll be like an adventure."

Vernon and Petunia shared a smile as they saw the look of determination cross over Daniel Potter's face at Dudley's words. It seems that Dudley knew just the right buttons to press, as per usual, to get Daniel to react the way he wanted. Daniel was going and Petunia knew they would make sure Harry didn't miss out on much while his twin was away.


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