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The next morning Harry was up and about really quickly. After showering and dressing in the newly provided Hufflepuff robes Harry was literally bouncing on the chair in the common room waiting for Susan to appear. After waiting ten minutes and there being no sign of anyone else coming down to the common room Harry huffed and pulled a book on healing out of the book case. Pulling it open Harry randomly picked a chapter, turned to it and began reading. Incidentally Harry ended up putting the book back on the shelf only a few minutes later after finding that he'd covered most of those topics with the Tremaine family.

Finding another book, this time about transfiguration Harry began reading. Eventually the clock turned to seven and slowly but surely noise started from the dorms as people groaning and grumbling got out of their nice warm beds.

The first people to join Harry down in the common room were some seventh year girls, about eight of them in total, followed closely by the sixth year girls and some fifth years. Eventually Some of the older boys started to make it down the stairs but still there were none of the younger ones. Harry frowned at that but went back to his book.

"Heya Harry. Good book?" Harry looked up and met the kind eyes of Cedric Diggory.

"Cedric!" Harry grinned. "It's not too bad I guess. I got bored of waiting for everyone else to get up." Cedric frowned at Harry.

"Why? What time did you get up?"

"Um….ten to six?" Harry grinned sheepishly and Cedric gaped at him.

"You are mad." Cedric pulled out a nearby chair and sat down. "So, you any good at Transfiguration?"

"I'm not bad at it. It's not my favourite though." Cedric smiled at him.

"I love transfiguration, one of my best subjects. It's always tough to grasp the theory but once you have it transfiguration is really a good subject." Harry shrugged.

"I prefer charms for spells. So what subjects do you do?" Cedric reeled off into an explanation of his choices and why he liked the subjects he did and also which ones he hated before turning the question to Harry.

"I picked to do Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. I was going to chose Care of Magical creatures but Arithmancy is good and they clashed so I couldn't do both of those. Besides, I can get the work off Danny if I'm interested and my tutors can always help me if I want to learn."


"Oh…um…uh…I had tutors instead of coming to Hogwarts because I've been ill." Cedric looked curiously at Harry but Harry looked away and as he did he saw Susan coming down the stairs. Harry shot a grin at Cedric and stood up paying no attention to the frown of question on the older boy's face.

"Excuse me Cedric but Susan's here!" With that Harry picked up his book and dashed over to Susan. Once Susan saw Harry she gave a small squeal of excitement and gave him a big hug that surprised Harry to no end but he grinned and hugged back. Susan then began to jump excitedly on the spot whilst grinning happily.

"Oh it's your first day of classes! Aren't you excited! I was so nervous when I first came here but I was with people who also hadn't been to classes so I was okay. I can't imagine what you are going through because this is all so new to you. Come on, put that book away and I'll show you to the Great Hall with some of the others. We don't travel around on our own you see because we tend to get picked on. Oh come on, that group's going!" Harry laughed merrily as he ran to put away his book before catching up with Susan who grabbed his hand and dragged him over to a group of about ten year six students.

Once in the great hall Harry and Susan sat down together at the Hufflepuff table but whilst Susan started to get food straight away, Harry took his time to survey the great hall once more. All the beautiful and grand decorations from last night had been taken down but against the wall in line with the tables but behind the teachers were each of the house banners. Looking around some more Harry noticed that not many people had come down for breakfast yet. Danny wasn't at the Gryffindor table and Dudley hadn't turned up for breakfast either.

Sighing and stopping himself from rolling his eyes Harry turned to look back at the teachers table. Professor Dumbledore wasn't there but a short plump woman was. Her cheeks rosy red and a wide smile on her face, the teacher wore all green but more a forest green than the Slytherin one and she had a blunt pointed hat on her head. She was talking rather animatedly to a tiny man sat on a pile of books. Harry recognised the man as Professor Flitwick but he wasn't sure who the woman was. As if sensing she was being observed, the lady in green turned her head and met Harry's gaze giving him the widest brightest of smiles Harry had ever remembered getting from anyone other than his family and extended family.

Harry watched as the woman held up her hand with one finger pointing upwards obviously asking for him to wait one minute. Harry held his head to the side slightly in a curious way and kept his emerald eyes on the woman as she politely ended her conversation with Flitwick and stood up. She then took another look at Harry as if to check where he was sitting before making her way over.

"Hello Harry. I'm Professor Sprout your head of house." Said the woman as she plopped herself onto the seat next to Harry. Harry smiled at her and offered his hand to shake hers.

"Nice to meet you."

"Oh such a polite boy you are!" The woman grinned and almost looked like she briefly wanted to clap her hands, thankfully she refrained. "I hope you slept well. Are you excited about it being your first day of Hogwarts?"

"Oh yes! I'm really excited but I'm nervous too. This is my first time in a school to learn since I was eleven."

"Oh? And why's that dear?"

"Um…I was tutored at home." Light dawned in the lady's eyes suddenly.

"Oh is this because of the…" The woman made a circular motion with her index finger and gave a look. Harry slowly nodded his head. "Oh well dear don't you worry, everything will be fine. The headmaster informed all the teachers that should you ask you are to be allowed straight out of the class no matter what and that somebody must accompany you." Harry suddenly felt panicked and his eyes went wide.

"B-b-but I don't want anyone else to know! Just my family…I don't want a friend to have to see that." Harry said in a violent whisper realising that this perhaps wasn't the best place to be talking about that topic. Professor Sprout just smiled in a very carefree way.

"Then it's a very good job we share most classes with Ravenclaws and Gryffindors then isn't it? Lets go through your timetable shall we just to check? Oh! Wait a moment deary, I'm supposed to hand out everyone's timetables now. How about straight after breakfast you and I talk in my office hm? See if we can't make sure you are all sorted and taken care of?"

"Yes Ma'am." Professor Sprout nodded and smiled before pushing herself up to her feet and padding away smiling and greeting those in her house. Harry let out a long breath before turning to his breakfast plate and loading it with a bit of cereal, not much though.

Half way through eating Harry got the shock of his life as strong arms wrapped around his shoulders to clasp in front of his chest. Harry froze for a moment before recognising the colour of magical glitter that his mind had suddenly provided for him.

"Morning Har."

"Danny!" Harry grinned turning his head to see Danny. "Made it to breakfast then?"

"Yeah Hermione got us up." Danny pulled his arms away and slid into the seat beside Harry that Sprout had vacated only minutes ago. "Dud aint here yet though is he." Danny snatched a piece of toast from the table and grinned at a girl not far away who blushed violently and turned her back to hide it. Harry rolled his eyes though whom it was for he wasn't quite sure.

"He's probably sleeping either that or reading. He'll come down soon. Without you or me to wake him up who's going to?"

"Good point." Danny munched on his toast. "So, looking forward to classes? Know what you have first yet? I've got potions first, can you believe it? Potions on my first day of school…Bet you anything Snape forgot what Sidonie said and that the other Slytherins will sabotage my caldron."

"You never know. Snape might remember…"

"When pigs fly…oh wait, maybe they can…how about, when you cut all your hair off?"

"No way! That'll never happen!" Harry protested grabbing his hair with both hands as if to check it was still there.

"Exactly!" Danny winked at Harry grinning. Harry shook his head and relaxed allowing a small smile to play on his lips.

"As much as I would hate to interrupt this family meeting boys I'm afraid you should return to your own table now Mr Potter." Both Potters looked up at Professor Sprout who was standing behind Danny with a regretful smile on her face.

"Okay then. See you later Harry." Danny stood up and Harry nodded. Danny walked past Harry and gave his little brother a flick of the hair causing the long black strands to flick over into Harry's face. Harry grinned to himself then to his professor.

"Here you go dear." She handed him his timetable.

"Thank you Ma'am." Harry scanned it quickly. He had double charms followed by herbology, arithmancy, transfiguration and finally history.

"In about fifteen minutes would you like to get Miss Bones here to show you where my office is and we can make sure your lessons are okay?"

"Okay, thanks." Professor Sprout nodded and her double chin was revealed though didn't look unpleasant.

Fifteen minutes later Harry was waiting outside his head of house's office. Susan and Cedric along with two of Cedric's friends had escorted them here before leaving him safe now they were inside their own Hufflepuff area since no-one knew of the passageway to the stairs up to the hospital wing except the Hufflepuff. Well, no Slytherins knew at any rate.

"Ah, come in Harry dear, come in!" Harry smiled at his professor and followed her inside where he sat down on a chair opposite her desk. "Now then, straight to business I'm afraid dear because we don't have a lot of time before our first lesson of the day. Now then, lets start with the obligatory subjects hm?

"Yes, now then Potions you have with Ravenclaws so your cousin will be there, Transfiguration you have with the Gryffindors, Herbology also with Gryffindors, and history is with the gryfindors too. Now, your choice subjects were Arithmancy and Ancient Runes right?"


"Well then, are either your brother or cousin doing those?"

"Dudley does ancient runes but not arithmancy and Danny took divination and care of magical creatures."

"Ah, then it looks like arithmancy could cause a problem then. If you don't want to tell anyone else then you might just have to grin and bear it whilst I talk to the head master to find something more suitable since I assume you don't want to change classes?"

"Um…no, not if I can help it. I like arithmancy." Sprout nodded with a smile showing she was pleased that Harry liked the subject however there was a glitter of worry in her eyes.

"Well then dear, the only other things you have to worry about are your Defence classes, Astrology classes, and Charms class because Defence and astrology is Hufflepuffs only and Charms you share with Slytherin." Professor Sprout frowned and looked over the two pieces of paper she held in her hand. "Hm…I'm sorry Harry but there doesn't look to be anything I can do to sort that out. Luckily though charms is by the hospital wing and Professor Flitwick is a good man so he'll give you permission to leave if you have to. Defense…you have professor Moody for that one…a bit vicious he is but…but he should be fair. I'll check with the headmaster that Moody has been spoken to. As for astrology, if worst comes to worst I can have you take it with your brother or cousin's class only you'll be very tired the next day. I'll talk with the headmaster but shouldn't you be able to handle just those few classes?"

"I have no control over what happens ma'am nor do I get much warning. I guess I will be okay but it tends to just happen."

"Yes well…I'm not sure I completely understand it anyway, the headmaster was rather vague about it. Could you explain it more to me perhaps and I might be able to help you." Harry bit his lip and shook his head. He and his family had decided to keep what he was a secret as they didn't know how people would react to him being a Vis Vires and there was the concern of the ministry of magic. And of course what with the Death Eaters attacking the Quidditch World Cup when the Weasleys were at it, they'd decided that secrecy was the best option they had. Everyone had even gone so far as to have a magical seal placed over those memories and a form of fidelius was used so that only if Harry volunteered the information would anyone else learn it.

"Sorry Ma'am." Sprout sighed heavily.

"Then you might just have to struggle through I'm afraid." Harry nodded and stood up.

"Thank you for trying ma'am. I'm sure I'll manage." Harry turned to leave only was stopped as he reached for the door handle.

"Harry, I hope you don't abuse the power that has been given you. I don't want you using the fact the teachers have to allow you to leave the classrooms to skip classes and homework. You should use this responsible and nor abuse it."

"Don't worry I wont. It's bad enough needing to have permission to leave…" Harry shuddered and Sprout nodded her head in understanding before shooing Harry off to his first lesson with a reassuring smile.

A quick check of his magic levels lead him to the worrying conclusion he would probably last until lunch time. There was just too much magic here.

There you go. I never did find anything interesting to happen in this chapter...still, I suppose not a lot happens yet in the book either. I didn't have Danny go to the Quidditch world cup, he has family and it wouldn't be fair really.

Before Anyone says anything Hogwarts has magic literally saturating the walls and floors so of course Harry is going to be taking in a lot more magic all at once. Once he gets used to the amounts of magic around he should 'naturally' tone down his ability - natural instincts and all that. Having frequent fits is however something that I will hopefully get to use later.

I have something I need help with though...Moody. Prof. Moody - since he isn't the real Moody and is in fact a death eater I need to know how he should treat Harry. Danny is his 'special' student so how should he view Harry? As a normal student and not treat him any differently...I need help on this one guys!

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