-1Dracula And Lara


The sky outside shivered with the anticipation of lightning, the black clouds rolling on endlessly. Deep thunder echoed around the empty rooms of the icy palace, shattering icicles as they fell to the floor. The ground shook, and suddenly the sky was filled with bright lightning. Down below this storm, in a large littered room, full with junk, a cloud of black ashes lay just under a rusty hunk of metal. Streaks of lighting flashed across the dark tumultuous sky striking the shattered roof of the palace. A large wind flew through the palace carrying dead leaves, the smell of fire and it almost seemed like there was a dark voice whispering upon the wind.

The wind swirled around the palace raising the thick layer of dust and the black ashes into the air. But when the wind died down and the dust fell back to the floor the ashes continued to whirl in the icy air until they slowly began to form the shape of a man. His long hair was tied back in a ponytail with a magnificent clip, but a few strands were loose hanging down over the man's chiselled features. His clothes were of a vague old military style with some sort of trimming on his long coat. Slowly and finally the ash formed two small hoops in his ears.

From a distance the ash man would have looked like a perfect handsome man if it were not for the colour, black all over. Suddenly the air was filled with an unearthly scream and a man stepped out of the ash screaming at the sky, his face livid, his eyes angry beyond belief. This man was no different to the ash man apart from a slight colour change. His skin was pale and white, his coat trimming and earrings gold, his eyes electric blue.

The man fell to his knees onto the icy stone floor as he was momentarily illuminated by the thick crashing lightning overhead. He raised his head to the sky and then pounded his pale fists against the floor angrily with inhuman strength causing several large cracks to run across the stone floor and up a round pillar. Count Vladislaus Dracula was back.