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It was undoubtedly her fault for neglecting it for nearly two hours as she sat shocked and slumped in the dark corner... the thing laying eagle spread on its back. It had taken her all of one hour to stop trembling. The slight pains were starting to become aches now, her body fighting the injuries she was too worried to attend to. There was no way she was going to finish washing those dishes, especially after having been knocked away from them by the force of that thing being thrown through the window above the sink.
The clock showed no signs of stopping and the thing had done little more than twitched. Perhaps it was dying... or already on the edge of death. Was there anything she could do for it? Should she do anything for it?

She swallowed before inhaling slowly, tucking dark shoulder-length strands of hair back to unveil frightened chocolate-colored eyes.
After another half an hour, she was on her knees, trying desperately to piece together the split second events just moments prior that had her startled and frozen, back against her cabinets. Help could not be accomplished simply trembling in the corner, that she had to remind herself as she inched forward. She could do this. All she had to do was put one hand in front of the other. The cold from the hard tile floor pressed into her knees through the thin material, one pajama-pant clad knee following the other as she slowly crawled through her kitchen. With another shaky breath, she summoned the energy required to stand, applying pressure to the floor and picking herself up.

In a matter of moments, she was standing before it, gawking, eyes wide with disbelief at the muscular build, the armor, the strange whip-like cords protruding from its skull. At first she had mistaken it for a man in the dim light, until she heard it growl. She chuckled nervously to herself, recalling just a little while ago her timid inquiries into its condition."Sir? Sir are you allri-" the terrible growl still reverberated through her mind.

Oh it was definitely not human, and no it was not alright.

She had finally calmed herself enough to build up the nerve to creep around to its right side, avoiding the bits of shattered glass that lay around it. She briefly glanced up at the large window over the sink. A replacement would cost a hell of a lot of money, but that was the least of her worries right now. The woman was suddenly struck with a feeling of unease as she peered out into the dark summer night through the billowing curtains. Something had propelled this thing through her kitchen window. Judging by the size and probable weight of this thing's build, whatever threw it had to be pretty strong.

Was it one of those creatures she had heard about on the news? Was it somehow connected to those strange subjects that had escaped that company owned lab up in the mountains? Perhaps this thing on the floor knew the answer.

She suppressed a sigh. If only she had bought a house closer to the city and invested in a room mate. Her gaze traveled back down to the humanoid. The cordless that she had left lying on the table was now lying in the debris that used to be her beautiful mahogany dining room set, a home warming gift from her friends. The device was nestled almost humorously between the side of the thing's chest and right arm. Holding her breath, the woman knelt, sliding her knees carefully to avoid glass as she reached forward tentatively. She just had to take it, dial 911 and then everything would be alright, let them take it from here. Oh yes. Everything would be just fine. Even better, she might just wake up.

"C'mon..." she breathed, right hand trembling as she reached over the creature to reclaim her phone, movements painfully slow. "Everything's going to be fine... .. I'm going to wake up..." Her hand had finally closed around the device. She barely had time to catch the minute transition back into consciousness when she heard a faint gurgling noise. Before she had time to react, a tough claw-like hand closed around her small wrist, the visual of just how large its hand was around her arm the most terrifying thing she'd ever seen. Her eyes became impossibly wide at the site of the thing closing in as it rose before her. Before either of them knew what had happened, her vision faltered and darkened, the ground springing up to meet her.

The creature was careful in his ministrations, quickly and properly attending his wounds with great discipline. He had just finished withdrawing the syringe from his sore midsection when he turned to the creature that had collapsed a little while ago. It still had not come back to consciousness.

Would it?

He briefly wondered if he should leave it, or have it accompany him to his destination as a decoy. Decoys were risky business and only a few of his kind had ever successfully pulled it off. There was the likely possibility of using the place this creature appeared to be living in as a post for now or at least until he could repair his camouflage. He walked closer to where he had left the creature lying after dragging it away from his sloppy intrusion. It was still bleeding a little from under its clothes. He had to remind himself that these things were fragile. Their skin broke easily. If it was going to be a decoy then it needed to be in better shape. It was essential that he took a closer look at it. Bending down, he easily picked the small unconscious creature up and began scanning the small rooms. Nothing down here would do. Growling, he followed the walls around to the stairs and slowly ascended them. There was a small room with little in it. It was likely storage. It wouldn't do either. Turning, he walked into the open room adjacent.

A long flat surface little more than two feet off the ground lay in the middle of it. Wooden storages and shelves were planted next to it. Soft material draped the centered flat surface. This room was better. Carefully, he lay the creature upon the neatly arranged cushiony material and it made a very soft noise…so very soft and weak. Almost immediately, he unhooked his supplies, moments later removing his mask to get a better look. Its breathing was a little distressed, but it wasn't beyond repair. First things first, he needed to take inventory of its injuries. He gently placed his right claw-like hand on the material that covered it, grabbing a fist full. So much for armor, the coverings were soft as well.
He released the material, hand trailing up the front of its torso as he took a moment to figure out how to relieve it of the useless cloth it wore. His right mandible clicked in confusion. Not willing to waste time figuring it out, he pulled the collar up a little and used the claw of his right hand to slice the entire front of the cloth open, peeling it back. He leaned in curiously, emitting a guttural sounding purr as he immediately turned the human on its right side. Finding no injury there, he grabbed its shoulder and pulled it to rest on its back. The movement of two peculiar mounds of flesh caught his attention as his focus traveled back up to the torso . His eyes widened for a moment as he beheld a perfect set of soft mammary glands.

This knowledge had done little more than confirm its gender. Finding little amusement, he turned her onto the opposite side, eyes narrowing. So there was the wound, a few small gashes. …Trivial by standards, but nothing he couldn't fix. With little thought, he trailed a finger down the figure, trying to pinpoint the wound's circumference. The muscles beneath the female's flesh were toned. Perhaps the human wasn't so weak after all...

Newly shined shoes glinted in the spotlights. The scene was busy, men in dark uniforms and eager scientists littered a scene just outside of the city, collecting data. A tall dark-haired man in a suit stood in the center of the chaos, hair slicked back to perfection.
The shorter man to his right shook his head. This was turning out to be the bloodiest night of the month. "So just what do we want to call this? A homicide?" he inquired, turning to the taller man on the right.

"What suspects do we have? What motivation?" the older man raised a brow, sifting a hand through cropped salt and pepper hair.

"Do you really think a man could do this, Gary?" he sighed, watching as potential evidence was quickly gathered and bagged, markers being set, flashlights still scanning the dark woods beyond. "What kind of creature would rip a man's spinal chord from his body along with his head? What kind of creature could?" the taller man pushed.

Gary smiled. "Well, that's what we're here to find out, Jones."

"I know…and we're going to solve it," he declared confidently.
The older man's thoughts quickly reverted to the image of a stack of vanilla-folders about several inches high of cases over the years that had unfortunately gone dry. They were all tucked into the big black cabinet with the safety lock near the printer in his office..

"We'll sure as hell try to get to the bottom of this..."

"Try?" the tall man's voice rose. "Oh no, Gary. We'll solve it. That, I can promise you."
Gary shook his head with a grunt. "Wasn't there a case like this a while back in the big city? Those on both sides of the law were brutally murdered in the same manner. I hear the cops wandered off track though when forensics came up empty-handed..."
The taller man raised a brow.
"Empty-handed? Really? That's not what I heard."

"Issat so, Jones..."

"They recovered an appendage after following the trail of the cop who survived the chase... and judging from the description, it wasn't human."

Gary's dark brows drew down cautiously. "So what are you tryina say? The thing that killed those people back then wasn't human?"


"You've gotta be kiddin'..."

"Oh no."

He smiled.
"...I know, Jones... You're with the big boys. You know somethin' that the government wouldn't tell a small-town cop like me," he smiled, pulling a cigar from his pocket and lighting it. "So, what's your theory?"

"You really wanna know?"

"Yeah. Lay it down for an old friend… Unless this is top secret or something?"
The other man turned his back, looking down on the scene.

"Heh...I'll tell you what I believe. Not only do I believe whatever did this is not human, but I also don't think it's from around here…"
The shorter man was silent for a moment, noting his emphasis on the word, here before shaking his head.

"You're jokin'."

"That's the only explanation there could be, Gary."

The other man chuckled.

"So you trying to tell me this thing was a god-damn alien?"
"Look at the facts for yourself. A high-tech team of the best scientists and tacticians are on the hunt for a killer whose defense mechanism makes it virtually invisible to the naked eye. They claim it uses technology far more advanced than anything they've ever encountered and according to the only known descriptions, its obvious that no one's caught up with it. I'm certain no taxonomists, zoologists or biologists have run across it before either or there'd be at least a page devoted to it in the encyclopedia. Seriously, what else could it be?"

Gary laughed heartily, Jones chuckling in response.
"The real question is Gary, since it's back, where is it hiding?"

The other man breathed deep, calming his laughter. "You find any little green men, Jones, partner, you betta let me know... ok? There ain't no more secrets walled up down at the precinct."
Jones's smile softened.
"I know."

"I'll bet you do..." he agreed, half-amused.

"Ya know, It's out there...and I'm gonna bring it in."
Gary smirked, watching as the other man's eyes gleamed with an all-too familiar confidence.

The woman sighed deep before rolling onto her stomach. She was entirely too groggy for any of the images that came to her mind to make sense. It was decided before she even sat up that it had all been a terrible nightmare. That was the only logical explanation. She sat up carefully, eyes adjusting to the dark room before her brain finally registered the presence on her left. She turned hesitantly, eyes widening as she beheld the tall alien creature standing over her, face hidden by a very large metal mask. Whether its temperament mirrored the stern expression of its mask was something she wasn't willing to find out.

Her first reaction got the best of her, much to the creature's amusement as she screamed long and loud before scrambling into the corner farthest from it. Realizing the state of her appearance, she quickly clutched her pajama top closed.

He took a step toward her and she flattened herself against the wall.

"Don't you come near me! Not one more step... You come any closer to me and I'll scream!"

As if her words meant nothing, he continued to saunter over towards her, the woman surprising him by bolting out of the room.

His camoflauge was damaged, but no matter. She would be easy to find without it in the dimly lit house without it. As predicted, she was hiding behind a large mass surrounded by smaller masses. He purred in delight, inadvertently alerting her. She bolted once
more into another dark room and he frowned. She really needed to stop running before he gave in and started to hunt her. The thought sent a thrill of pleasure through him. He cornered her once more, watching as her jaw dropped. Before she could bolt again, he reached out and grabbed her by the wrist, ignoring her struggles.

"Let me go! Please! I didn't do anything! What are you doing! Let me go! Now!"

She was suddenly caught off balance as he let go and she fell back. He knelt over her, watching her, waiting for her to say something.
She bit her bottom lip as she stared numbly up at him. She was breathing loud and quick, a sign of fear he knew.

"Are you some special government agent? What is it you want from me? I can't give you money? S-supplies? You've got the wrong person. Just...just leave..!"

He purred louder, masked face just inches from her own.

"Please... Don't hurt me..."

He translated her request, saying nothing as he slowly backed off of her. Hurt her? For what? So his superiors could make jest at his choice of easyprey? Hell no. He was tempted to jab a finger at those bandages on her side to convince her to think before she decided to accuse him of wanting anything to do with her utterly unchallenging and meaningless death.
He stood still as he watched her sorely come to her senses. She stood with an absurd amount of delay, pulling her torn shirt close in shocked modesty. It was then that she noticed something stuck to her side. She reached beneath the remains of her top, hand gliding over what felt like a very strange bandage of sorts. She swallowed, eyes resting on his silent figure.

"D-Did you... do this?"

So she wasn't as slow as he assumed she was. If he could smile, he would have. Instead he grunted, nodding slowly and silently.

"Y-you did? Thanks..."

He said nothing.

An uncomfortable silence followed as she realized she was back in her kitchen, surveying the damage she had wanted to believe was a nightmare. She turned to her fridge suddenly, watching it out of the corner of her eye as she grabbed herself a drink. Oh yes... she was going to need a good old glass of wine to wash the shock away from this. The creature was watching her still as she took two gulps straight from the bottle. Slowly, she turned to the peculiar intruder, hand outstretched.

"Guess its okay to offer you something for bandaging me. Are you... thirsty?"
It, well it looked rather masculine so she began mentally referring to it as a he, cocked his head, taking a step toward her.

Now what was she trying to give him? Probably something he didn't even want. Regardless, he reached forward, grasping the bottle and examining it. He needed to take his mask off to get a better scent. He pushed it back at her before finding the release for his mask. In moments he was prying it off of his disturbing features, much to her shock.

"Oh my god.."

The glass slipped from her hand, crashing to the floor as she finally got a glimpse of his face. He turned quickly, rattling the long tentacle-like hair that protruded from his head as he stepped closer, glancing down at the dark liquid pooling on the floor.
Well whatever it was, he wasn't going to get on the floor to investigate it. He watched her cautiously, waiting for her to present him with something else.

"I'm sorry... I was just... I didn't know..." Trying her best to hide her fear, she turned to the fridge once more before producing another bottle. This one was smaller than the first, but looked similar. He growled anxiously, yellow reptilian gaze piercing into her as he reached forward and took it. All four protruding mandibles spread and he tilted the bottle. No... this was nothing he wanted.
He gave it back at once. She took it nervously before peering into the fridge again. "How about juice?" she showed another little bottle to him. He shook its head this time. She looked again, reaching deeper into the large white box.
He grasped the bottle from her curiously, opening its pincher-like mandibles and pouring a little into what she could only assume was his mouth. He gave the bottle back to her.
She cleared her throat and put it back. "A... Are you hungry?"

The creature cocked his head and she had to tear her gaze away from the severe features.

"Hun-gry? Food?"

A mandible twitched.

"Umm... have you ever had anything in here?" she inquired as she immediately began pulling items out and letting him examine them.
Left-over pizza was a no. Pasta was quickly passed over. The waffle was barely investigated. The cherry pie was practically shoved back into her arms and the boiled egg ended up mangled on the floor.

"This is your last shot..." the woman sighed, pulling the cover off of half a pan of left-over meatloaf. He grunted, holding the pan oddly before reaching in and grasping a chunk of it. She watched curiously as his very peculiar mouth opened and the meat disappeared inside. "Oh..." she raised a brow at his content.. "Good. You... you have that while I... get dressed," she informed him as she headed back toward the stairs.

The foreign creature growled suddenly, the sound halting her and making the hairs on the back of her neck stand. "...I'll be back.. " she swallowed. "Honest, I'm just going upstairs..." she pointed up before turning away from him stiffly... muttering under her breath. "Thanks for ripping my damn shirt to pieces..."

He watched quietly as she slowly went back upstairs. Seeing her meandering as no threat, he continued to delve into the meatloaf.
It was only moments later that she returned sporting jeans, sneakers, and a dark short-sleeved v-neck; as close to armor as he assumed she was going to get. The creature paid her little mind as she proceeded to sweep up the glass still spread out over the floor.

With a sigh, she finally decided to flick on the low-light. That got his attention for a moment as he growled. "I'm just cleaning..." she explained quickly. The hunter was suddenly alert, dropping the pan and taking on a defensive stance. The dark-haired woman inhaled sharply at his reaction to something she could not see, the thought immediately making her heart thud.
"W-what is it?"

He said nothing as he crouched low, the woman quickly following suit and laying down her broom. The savagely clad humanoid pointed to his mask near her and then back to himself. She nodded, picking up his mask or helmet, whatever the hell it was, before scrambling over to where he stood. A little device that she hadn't even noticed was on his shoulder suddenly took a position as she gave him his equipment. Within a matter of moments he was set. He backed up slowly, the woman trembling behind him. She soon found herself in a corner, peering under his arm to get a better look at what was coming. Something shifted from over the sink. In the silence they waited…..and waited...until suddenly a dark figure began to creep down over the sink.

The woman bit her lip to silence her horror...

She was going to die. There was no question about it. She was going to die. Why? Because she had never seen the utterly frightening looking beast that was creeping over the shattered glass in the sink and slowly making its way over the counter. She'd be counting the years till she saw this thing on National Geographic... It would have to be a special... one of those nice two hour specials...
It was moving so slow, calculated. God, it was hideous and damn did this thing have a long-ass skull. Her mind was spared any further terror when a light in front of her flashed. Before she realized what had happened, she noticed that the dark creature had fallen, a hole through it still smoldering.

Her eyes were wide as the pale blood from the creature began to eat a hole through her nice wood floor. New window, new table and chairs, new floor... and from the look of it, new cabinets as well. What horrible luck. There was a long pause from the both of them, the only sound that of the blood sizzling through the cabinets it spattered. Smoke from the little device mounted on the humanoid's shoulder began to disperse as the woman looked on in terror and amazement. Slowly, the hunter beside her stood up.

She didn't notice that she was actually following him, only became aware of his movements away from the corner they were in and her needing to stay close to the figure who apparently knew what the hell was going on. The predator momentarily acknowledged the small female hanging close to him. He purred. Such an easily intimidated species. Still, the small adult female had given him food, chosen to help him. There was nothing wrong with letting her hang around, long as she continued to be useful. Perhaps she could get him more of that meaty stuff for the trip back. In the meantime, he was going to repair his camouflage before the light came. He turned his back to go upstairs, vaguely amused that she was following. He would see how long she stuck with him after he acquired a few good trophy skulls from her species...