It was official

Author: Phew!! (Wipes sweat from forehead). Here's the final chapter to Seasons before I start the sequel. Enjoy.

Warning: Language and sexual content

Sharon blinked slowly as she sluggishly came back to consciousness. It was official. K'tch had done something to her brain to make her crazy. Her thoughts had been conflicting ever since they last copulated. Her brows drew down in deep thought as she sat up in bed, surrounded by the glow of his trophy case.

Of course he was nowhere in site. He always seemed to be up before her, she frowned. Her loins ached, legs unconsciously parting, tight muscles just begging to be stretched and filled by his girth once again. Ohhh he'd done something to her alright, she concluded. No matter what her body wanted, she had to resist because none of it made an ounce of sense to her. She hated him, hated him with a passion for brutally murdering dozens of innocent people. His kind took a perverse pleasure in unspeakable horrors. That was reason enough to hate him, wasn't it? Knowing this, she was completely baffled by the fact that she couldn't stop thinking about him. Feeling imprisoned in his ship and being forced to see him every day didn't help things either. Whenever he entered the room, she couldn't help feeling some sort of relief that came with his presence although as usual, she made a conscious effort to conceal it.

Still, even the strongest of desires couldn't prevent her from arguing with him the morning after. Only an hour after arising, he had returned to his quarters where they had inevitably found themselves locked in an argument over the hunter's claim that she had agreed to join him, which she vehemently denied. According to K'tch, her mating with him was more than just an act but a strange unspoken binding in his clan. As a result, she was leaving her planet with him and the decision wasn't up for debate. He refused to leave without her and she refused to leave her planet with him.

In a fit of anger she had ripped the fabric from the bed they'd been sharing and gone back to sleep in the holding room that day.

It had taken a few good hours and some input on Tzukra's part, but K'tch had eventually decided as a compromise to let her have one night to do whatever it was she wished to do before their departure. He regret that decision moments after she revealed her intentions to him. She requested that she stop by her old job before departing for his planet to retrieve something of personal value to her. Not only that, but she had knowingly requested the worst thing he could have possibly imagined. It was something he knew from observation that her kind could do for hours and hours with little intention or result.

She wanted to talk to him. She needed a moment away from the ship where he would join her and define this thing she referred to as a relationship.

Oddly enough, he found himself on edge just thinking about it, but he couldn't let her know that. So, he'd taken everything in practiced confidence even as the cloaked ship had settled onto the top of the quiet building.

As, K'tch himself had cloaked and followed close behind her, she paused and turned to him.

"There's something very precious to me that I left here a while ago," she informed him. "I'll handle everything. You can follow, but don't do or say anything, okay? There shouldn't be anyone here at this time of night but stay cloaked just in case."

A growl was her answer.

She found herself crouching in her dark shirt and shorts, tightening the laces to her sneakers. K'tch waited patiently, glancing around at the equipment atop the building. Large metal boxes had a hand in controlling the temperature inside of the establishment. Something that looked like an elongated tube was pumping white smoke from somewhere. He could see onto the tops of the adjacent buildings, switching his scanner a few times before the small woman at his side tapped him.

"C'mon," she pointed to dark hole attached to a ladder. "This ladder goes down and leads to a main hall. I worked in an office about two floors down from here.." That said, she walked around in front of it, turning her back as she kneeled, proceeding to place one foot on the ladder and holding on to the sides. After several seconds, she was already descending it, K'tch following.

Sharon used the faint light that seeped into the exit to find a switch, quickly flipping it on to find her way to the door once reaching the floor. Despite assuming that the building was empty, she still lowered her voice to that of a whisper. She was unable to see her partner at all, trusting he was still beside her. She opened the rusty door that led to a pristine and dark hallway. She'd only ever been at work this late on two occasions, one involving a meeting. She glanced around at the dark offices, turning a corner to find herself facing another familiar set of white stairs. She descended them quickly, casually reaching forward and grabbing the handle to the exit door, looking back at her invisible partner and holding it open a second longer to make sure he'd gone through.

Trusting that he had, she crept on before reaching her office on the right for the last time. She produced a key from one of the folds in her clothing, reaching up and unlocking the door.

She immediately walked to the window to the far left, drawing the shades down in the little office. There were boxes littered around the desk that sat in the center of the room. She flipped on the desk-light before turning to the nearest box and grabbing a pen, stabbing into the tape and pulling it open.

A frown slowly crept onto her face at the site of her belongings.

So the bastards had assumed her demise and were trashing her office things? With a sigh of frustration, she began tearing through the remaining several boxes in search of what she'd come for. She'd momentarily glanced around the room, slightly miffed that there was no sign of her partner, until she heard a slight purr at her left.

"Oh, there you are," she whispered. "Well, while we're here, it's about time we had that talk."

She heard a faint growl.

"I wanted to ask you just what you meant by asking me to come back with you. I don't want you to speak in here though. Your voice would carry more. To answer yes, just put your hand on my shoulder. Don't do anything if you mean no. Now," she spoke softly as she set a small box on top of the desk and began working at the tape. "About what's going to happen when I leave this planet… Do you know of any humans I could interact with where you're from?" she whispered.

There was nothing.

She sighed. Well that was encouraging. "Don't you think I'll get lonely?" she inquired, pulling at the box flaps.

Still, there was nothing.

"I want to know what the real deal is before I take you up on your offer," she rummaged around the desk for something sharper to open the box with. "I know I can either stay here and likely spend the rest of my life rotting in prison or running from cops, or I can go with you. Quite honestly, most girls wouldn't just hop onto a strange ship to a strange land with a guy that looked like you. But, everything that's happened in the last near two months has been unexpected," she bit her bottom lip as she pulled the small box open. "The only reason I'm considering it is because you've actually shown some sense of affection toward me. But, I wanna know. Is there more to this affection you've shown than simply…. using me?" she asked tentatively.

The silence was almost maddening as she paused, waiting for his response. She should have known better than to think that a creature such as him could harbor actual feelings toward her kind. Angrily, she jabbed a ball point pen into the surface of the box to loosen the tape. Any fool could see that he had been using her from the beginning simply to carry out his mission. Nothing more. He'd been using her body for his own pleasure as well. To even think that he was capable of actually caring about her emotional well-being was a joke.

She began to wonder why she even bothered to ask him when she felt a warm hand close over her shoulder, her body relaxing.

She turned toward the invisible figure.

"So…. you actually care about what happens to me then?"

The hand lifted and then closed over her shoulder once more, easing her fears.

She seemed satisfied with that answer as she peered into the box, realizing it didn't have what she was looking for.

"You do a damn horrible job of expressing it…" she declared. There was silence as she quickly set the box on the side to make room for another one.

"Still…." she continued, "If I go with you, there's a chance that I can still come back here…isn't there?"

He responded favorably.

She had just hefted the last box onto to the top of the dark wood desk when the door at her back creaked open.

The invisible hand left her shoulder.

"I'll handle this…" she whispered quickly, worried he might react.

Her eyes lit up in both shock and amusement, as a short man wearing a dress shirt, striped tie and dark slacks peeked curiously into the dark office. Her eyes widened, the man mirroring her expression as they both recognized the other.

"Sh-Sharon? Is that you?" he questioned.

"Bob?" she lowered her voice. "What the hell are you still doing here?"

"I'd left my phone up here after work. Just drove back to get it and saw the light from the hallway. I thought it was the janitor until I heard your voice. Damn-it, girl, where've you been? The feds had been crawling this place for weeks after you disappeared," the short man's eyes glanced at the half dozen haphazardly opened boxes almost guiltily. "Ohh… about those," he scratched his head in thought, "you do know that you were fired right? You haven't been to work in over a month. They had no choice."

The young woman shrugged her shoulders.

"Figures. That's fine. I wont be coming back here anyway. I just came for something I'd left," she admit as she turned to the last box, peeling back the flaps and reaching in, face beaming as she pulled out a small framed childhood photo she'd been searching for.

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" the dark-haired man raised a brow.

"N-…no.. It's a long story though, Bob and its not even over yet. Don't worry about it. Let's just say, I've had a lot of problems lately and I'm going away. I don't know if I'll ever come back."

The bright-eyed man cocked his head in confusion.


"I'm finished here. I just want you to tell everyone I know that I left and that I'm not coming back," she then averted her gaze as she grabbed the small box and took a step past him toward the door.

"Wait. Where are you going?"

The dark-haired woman half-turned. "You'd think I was crazy if I told you. Just know that I'll be alright okay? I had fun working with you and Alyssa. Take care, Bob." With little more than a glance, she slipped past the stunned man, making her way back up to the roof and the waiting ramp.

It was time to leave the feelings of warmth and familiarity behind, to forget about all of those she had grown to love and held dear to her heart.

It was time to leave.

Her head was tilted and pressed against the control room window, eyes staring out at the passing foliage, unseeing. Her entire body was lax as the craft ascended into the air. After being instructed to strap herself in for a good several nerve-wrecking moments, they had pierced Earth's atmosphere and she was once again allowed to wander the ship.

That's when the sadness had begun.

From that day forward, she'd sat in the only other window she'd been able to find, surprisingly in K'tch's room. There was a button in the folds of designs beside his trophy case that she'd been rather curious to try and too depressed to consider weighing the pros and cons of pushing. The seemingly endless void of space had greeted her from behind a strong transparent barrier. The view was shaped like an oblong diamond, stretched horizontal on the wall beside the case. Although the lack of scenery was further depressing, it still made for a view that was rare and hard to turn away from. She'd never imagined that she would get a glimpse of the space that surrounded her planet, much less find herself travelling to another...

Everyone had taken notice of her increasingly reclusive depression. For days she'd sat unmoving in K'tch's quarters, leaving his bed only to carry out the most essential of functions.

She'd never felt sadness like this in her entire life. The memory of her father leaving her as a child was nothing in comparison to the ache she'd been enduring ever since the beautiful blue planet she called home had shrank into the distance, its image quickly becoming nothing more than a memory. A part of her began to dim with each passing day, her hope of seeing it again fading. She swallowed down the lump in her throat, pressure building behind her eyes as fresh tears began to cling to the rim, threatening to spill over. She hoped that she'd made the right decision. God only knew what awaited her in the days to come...

K'tch growled in frustration as he returned to the control room after a good shower. It was day three and Sharon had barely given him or anyone the time of day since leaving her planet. Tzukra had hypothesized that she wasn't being given the right kind of attention, which of course made no sense to the older warrior.

Romance and reassurance were foreign concepts all their own in regard to a mate. He'd scrambled his brain trying to figure out the necessity in constantly complimenting a woman the way a human male did in practice of one of their many decidedly unnecessary courtship rituals. He thought back to the female that had taken to staring out at this new dark and desolate road that she had never travelled before. He clicked in confusion. She didn't need compliments. She didn't need gifts of flattery. She didn't need those things to realize that he'd come to favor her. He'd wooed her and risked his life in the past on her behalf. Not only that but he'd taken her to his ship. He'd mated with her. He'd actually taken her to his bed which was a downright compliment. The act in and of itself meant more than saying 'you're beautiful' every day to her ever could.

Still, he needed to do something if she was going to stop sulking over having to leave her home world. He'd initiated mating once since the journey began, only to find her disturbingly uninterested and unresponsive. Tzukra had attributed her behavior to her deep attachment to her planet and suggested giving her more time before initiating another round. If perhaps he were more careful with her, he could convince her to mate and make him remember why it was he was reluctant to leave her in the first place. Still, after all of this time, she had shown resistance.

It might have gone on longer had she not picked a fight. After wandering around the ship and being snubbed for the umpteenth time by Arug'rak, she couldn't help but unleash her foul mood on K'tch after a failed attempt at conversation.

He'd entered the room and sat at the controls, the woman beside him staring out into space when she stood at his presence, looking anything but intimidating in a long white t-shirt that fell to her knees. She had an unpleasant look in her eyes.

"Just what have you been up to?" she raised a brow as she watched him tap a few buttons and then adjust a lever.

Silence was her answer.

She sighed as she looked back out of the window, fighting back her emotions.

"You see, this is why I should have stayed on earth. People back there actually talk to me," her eyes suddenly prickled with tears as she began to ponder the possibility of a new life devoid of meaningful and familiar conversation. She dreaded the idea of trying to familiarize herself with a sea of alien faces and customs that would become a part of her new life. She shook her head. "But you don't. You don't even make an effort…" she wiped her eyes quickly, clearing her voice. "You may be different physically, but mentally you're like most men I know. You'd rather fuck me than have a meaningful conversation ." A few moments past before she glanced over at him, eyes angry. "Are you even listening to me?"

He took his time turning toward her, his answer a silent nod.

"Then why don't you fucking talk to me!" she suddenly snapped, tears of frustration building in her dark eyes.

He sighed, shoulders sagging as he stood and approached the emotional creature. After all she'd been through, which wasn't much by his standards, she could at least grow a backbone.

That was it. He'd had enough of her self-pity and sulking. He'd had enough of her misguided anger, frustration and insolence. She'd been stingy with the idea of pleasure for days yet generous with sharing her agitation. If she couldn't get used to his ways by now, there'd be no hope for her back home. He'd always had trouble, even back on the home planet expressing his feelings. He had no choice but to consciously assure her both verbally and physically before things got out of hand.

He stood. He wasn't someone to play with..

If this didn't get it through her thick skull, then he just didn't know what would.

He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, pushing her back against the wall, her eyes widening at the force. His right hand came up to her throat with force enough to make her gasp, his index sliding up to push her jaw and direct her gaze back toward him. She looked about ready to burst into tears and he had to force himself to maintain control, remembering how easy it was to harm her.

He leaned down a little, studying her features for a second before his mandibles parted and his deep voice filled the air.

"I talk ….. I just hate…your language."

"Huh?" his explanation was almost humorous as she was caught between laughing and crying. "Is… is that all…" her voice softened as his hand slid down her neck, pausing at her collar before grabbing her other shoulder.

"Yes…." he answered.

The small woman shook her head as she swallowed. "But this, all of this….its something I've never done before. I don't know exactly what you're thinking of this you and me thing. It's not like you're the boy next door. You enjoy doing things I could never take pleasure in. And don't you ever grab my throat again like that…" her expression darkened.

The humanoid grunted.

"Our females…like it…."

Sharon took a deep breath. "Well I don't. You see how different we are?" she persisted. "You do things that I can't stand. I've watched you hunt and kill other human beings for fun-"

"For trophy..."

"God, that's a big problem between you and me that we're going to have to work on. And why did you even want me to come so much? I've been thinking about this constantly. What if I can't fit in. Are you doing this to make me crazy?! Is this part of some joke? Am I an amusement to you? A game?"


She sniffed.

"Then why bring me…"

He growled.

" know…my origins.."

"What does it matter if I know where you're from?" she averted her gaze angrily. "What does that even mean to you?"

"You're angry…and scared. Rest…" he advised.

"You're damn right I'm angry. I don't know where the hell I'm going or what I'll be doing, how I'll survive…"

He rolled his eyes, grip on her shoulders loosening. Why did everything have to be so scary to her. Why did her brain make things seem more problematic than they really were.

"Stop…I will.. keep you safe…"

"And just what am I to you?" she folded her arms as he looked away.

Oh how he hated such conversations…. As much as he didn't feel like verbally expressing what was going on in his mind, he realized that it was necessary for the human female.

He searched for the right words in his mind, coming up with the equivalent in her language. He didn't like the word at all, more because of the difficult consonant it began with than its meaning, but if she wanted the truth and it could break her strange cycle of depression, then she could have it.


Her gaze shot back up to him in surprise.

"What? Did you just say what I think you said?" she questioned.

He nodded, adding, "Yes… You are.." the muscles where his brows would be drew down.

Suddenly she felt guilty. She was his lover? That was a word reserved for the Shakespearean romantics, the artists and the novelists. The word was foreign coming from the likes of him. Her eyes narrowed. Did he even know what he was saying... or was this some sort of trick.

She cocked her head.

"Are you… sure?" she doubted his translation.

He growled, trying to piece his English together fast enough as he slowly lowered her to the floor. "You think…I care to lie…Sharon…?" he made a noise that sounded like a chuckle. "If you hate me… then why does THIS… arouse you…" he argued as he pushed her knees apart before nestling his hips between them.

The feeling of his hard length pressed against her womanhood made her breath catch and she shuddered with pleasure. He didn't wait for her to recover, for surely she would start questioning everything. His actions were more important than words could ever hope to be and she needed to realize that. Without a second thought, he began to gyrate against her pleasurably, delighted when she moaned. In a matter of mere moments she was fully aroused, eyes rolling dazedly as she grabbed his forearms. He made a quick motion with his arms to dislodge her grip, hands quickly finding hers as he slipped his fingers between her own, lowering her hands to the floor on either side of her.

"K-… K'tch…." she managed, "Please…"

"You fight me….. Surrender…" he demanded.

"But you're…. I just…Ohh…"

"Please…" he pushed against her anxiously.

"But…. I-"

"Emotional…creature…" he observed aloud.

"What of it…." she breathed. "You'll probably….forget me...soon as we land on-Mmm!" she whimpered as he could wait no longer, ripping his loin aside, pushing the shirt up past her hips and sinking his organ into her moist entrance.

He emitted a deep rumble she recognized as laughter as her body enveloped him completely. Was he crazy? Her body involuntarily clenched around him.

"I bet… you'll forget.." she whimpered dazedly at the wonderful feeling of his organ rubbing against the sensitive flesh.

"How?" his deep voice softened. "I'm…in too deep…" he admit as she watched him in confusion through drowsy eyes. "Literally…and…" he grunted, "figuratively…"

Despite the situation, she found herself suppressing a giggle. "Heh…. not deep enough," she shot back.

She was pleasantly surprised by his slight humor. Now that's what she needed from him, to be subjected to his rarely verbal witticism. That was something that made her feel less invisible and more at ease, more comfortable and most importantly, more at home….something she needed to feel if she was going to maintain her sanity.

K'tch himself wasn't used to the need for much emotional conversation just as Sharon wasn't used to anyone being so terse with her. She sighed, lifting her hips to meet his as the feelings she'd denied herself began to surface and she couldn't help but give in to them.

She grabbed at his hips feverishly, her entire body beginning to glisten with sweat. He thrust carefully a few times before putting his arms around her and rolling her to lie on top of him.

She smiled before leaning down and brushing her lips against the side of his mandibles.

"I hate what you do, but I don't really hate you…" she breathed, arching her back as she clenched her muscles around him.

He groaned in ecstasy, hands grabbing her by the hips and rubbing soothingly before adding, "Ditto…"

She laughed weakly.

Their bodies continued to move as one, both caught up in the moment where for the first time, they felt a flicker of understanding for the other.

Of course they didn't always agree, but their unique differences were something that they would just have to work on outside of their wonderful sex-life.

About an hour later, a satisfying feeling of warmth spread throughout her entire body, her mind finally finding peace as she lay her head on his shoulder with a sigh, letting the comfortable feelings take her over completely. There would be many future hardships and trials ahead of her, only now she could look forward to them, knowing that there would be someone willing to help her, someone who knew her, who wanted her, who was interested in her well-being. It had been unexpected and the transition from frightened prisoner to lover had been confusing, but K'tch had made it worthwhile by letting her clearly know that he planned to be there for her. After little thought, she came to the conclusion that if she just believed in her own competence and wit and held on tight to her human sense of morality, then there was a good chance that she would be alright. She was from Earth and there was nothing anyone from his planet could ever do to make her forget it.

She needed to hold on to herself, to find that thread of faith and never let it go. She couldn't afford to lose it now, she realized with caution. The real fight for her safety, for her place in their world... The real journey, was just beginning...