T r i n i t y

By Miss P
Summary: When Miss Parker's baby girl is in trouble,
she does everything in her power to help her, even if it means risking her own life.
Disclaimer: I don't own them…

AN/ I know I should be writing on Lonely no more or Bachelor Jarod,
but I started this story quite a long time ago when I was working with kids, and I felt like posting the first chapter now!

This chapter is short, I know, but I'll try to make the next a bit longer!

Chapter 1


The Centre
Blue Cove Delaware


Miss Parker quickly went through the papers lying on her desk. All the time she threw glances at the little girl sitting in the sofa, playing with a pencil she'd found.

This was the first time Miss Parker brought the little girl with her to the Centre, she didn't want her daughter to grow up at a place like this, but she was four years old now, and Miss Parker was having a hard time staying away from her job. She'd only been at the Centre about twenty times during the past four years, all the time making up excuses for her absence. She knew no one believed her, but she'd made sure no one had found her. And she'd managed to keep her daughter a secret. To be honest, she was afraid of what her father and the other Centre employees would do when they found out the truth.

When she was almost finished going through her mail, she suddenly spotted a blue envelope with her name on it. She opened it, there was a small note.

--Beautiful baby girl you have Miss Parker, she looks exactly like you! But you should know better than to bring her to the Centre, just look what it did to you…--

With a deep sigh, Miss Parker ripped the paper into pieces and threw it away. Damn him, damn Jarod! Miss Parker sat down on her chair again, she was angry and confused. How could he know about her daughter? She'd been so careful, damn lab rat! But in some ways she knew he was right, it wasn't smart to take her girl to the Centre, but it was the only way…

But there was no way she would let her daughter end up like she did. If someone as much as looked at her the wrong way, she'd kill them. Miss Parker got up on her feet, it was time to meet Sydney and Broots, they'd be the first to know about her little girl.

"What do you say baby, wanna meet Syd and Broots?" she asked, turning to the couch. There was no one there. Miss Parker quickly scanned the office but couldn't find her.

"Trinity! Where are you?" she called, her voice full of fear. Still no answer.

"Trinity!" Miss Parker screamed. Suddenly she realized the door to her office was slightly opened, she ran out of the room, scanning the corridor but without success.

"Please let her be okay…"