Chapter 16


Miss Parker watched the black haired woman. "So Lyle, you have a girlfriend?" she asked in her throaty voice.

Lyle didn't bother to answer; instead he gave Moana a quick kiss before turning his attention back to his twin.

"I'm glad you're okay, I shouldn't have let you go down there by yourself… Tepicore is a dangerous place, thank god Lyle talked me into leaving it behind," Moana said.

Miss Parker nodded. "I'm glad you got away," she said with a smile. And she really meant it; she knew exactly how it was to not be able to leave. Maybe they both had been extremely lucky.

"Listen, it was nice to meet you, but I think I have to go back inside…" Miss Parker said.

Lyle nodded. "We stay at the hotel in Corpus, maybe we can meet again?"

"Of course, see you," Miss Parker gave her brother and Moana a smile. She was actually happy to meet her brother again, and maybe her new life could involve Lyle as well, maybe she could have the brother she never got the chance to know, the real Lyle. And Moana, well, she seemed to be a nice girl. Miss Parker had to admit she was a little like herself, maybe not so damn complicated, but still a little like her, and she liked that, maybe they could be friends! With a small smile on her lips, Miss Parker turned to walk back to her house.


"What the hell is Lyle doing here?" Jarod asked her as soon as she entered the kitchen.

Miss Parker explained.

"I hope you're right, I don't trust him," Jarod said.

"I know… but he helped Moana out of Tepicore, and he has left the Centre, I actually believe him," Miss Parker said.

Jarod just nodded. There was no way he would trust that man, he just hoped Miss Parker was right.

"It's getting late; I just said goodnight to Trinity."

Miss Parker smiled. "Thanks." She was quiet for a while, glancing at Jarod.

"What is it Miss Parker?"

"Can you stop calling me that!" Miss Parker snapped annoyed. Jarod looked confused.

"I'm sorry…" Miss Parker mumbled. She was quiet again. "It's just that… this isn't what I expected it would be… we are living together but you never even touch me!"

Miss Parker immediately regretted that last sentence. Why on earth had she said something like that?

"Forget I said that," she muttered, starting to walk away from him. But Jarod caught her arm and stopped her.

"Is this better?" Jarod kissed Miss Parker's lips passionately, holding on to her tightly.

When they pulled away, Miss Parker was breathless. She just stared at him, her mouth slightly opened in shock. Had that really happened? Her whole head was spinning. He had kissed her!

"Why?" she finally whispered.

Jarod smiled. "I wasn't sure whether you wanted me to or not, Parker, I didn't want to push you into doing something you wasn't ready for. You have no idea how badly I've wanted to kiss you, to touch you… but I… I was waiting for you…"

"Oh Jarod," Miss Parker whispered. "I think I'm ready now," she said, suddenly feeling frightened again. While Jarod had kept his distance to her, she didn't have to worry, but suddenly everything was different. But she knew it was time to let go of her past. She would never forget Tommy, but she had Jarod now…

"I love you," Jarod suddenly confessed.

Miss Parker wasn't ready for that; she didn't know what to say.

"I…" she started… "Want you," she whispered. When she saw Jarod smile at her with that amused look on his face, she almost started to laugh. Maybe it wasn't what he had expected, but she was sure he wouldn't mind waiting a little longer for the three magical words.

"Well, ehm…" Jarod started. "Trinity is sleeping…" he smirked.

Miss Parker laughed a little. "Sounds good to me," she said seductively. It was almost ironic. She sounded so secure, so well aware of what she was doing, but she had never felt this nervous around any other man. And maybe Jarod noticed.

He moved closer to her, kissing her so soft. He pulled away a little, looking into her eyes. "I really love you… I'm sorry I didn't say it earlier," he kissed her again, just as tender.

Miss Parker moaned softly. She had never felt such strong emotions before, not even with Tommy. "Now I definitely want you," she murmured, this time she didn't feel afraid.

Jarod smiled, kissing her again, this time a little harder.

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Jarod took Miss Parker's hand and she gladly followed him up the stairs.
Maybe her life wasn't so bad after all. Trinity kept hurting her, but she was beginning to get used to it, to not let it get to her. And with the new treatment, she would get better and better, soon to be totally restored. Miss Parker would finally get her little girl back! And in the meantime, she had Jarod to help her get through the day if it would get to hard. It had always been like that, she just hadn't opened her eyes before. And now when she did, she realized happily, that she would always have Jarod… they had each other.