Chapter One: Pain

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Also, this is a newer version than the old ones, people who have read the old one. I'm making it longer and better, although i don't think i can be as inspired as before, since i've been on writer's block for ever. I'm sorry!

She walked into her house and noticed it was really quiet. The lights weren't on and usually by this time her parents would be

in the kitchen, her mother cooking and her father would be sitting at the set table waiting for the food. Then her father

would ask her how her class was at the academy and she would run to him telling him ever single detail, so where were

they? She closed the door and it seemed to echo. Each footstep made a creaking sound, she didn't realize her floor was

really, maybe it was just today. Sensing someone, she started walking and the feeling came from her room. The door was

slightly ajar and she peeked through, but from her position, she couldn't see anything at all. Dreading on opening the door,

she slowly placed her palm on the door and it creaked open. Everything was in slow motion for her. Her eyes plastered

immediately to the floor where there was a puddle of some sort of dark liquid, then her back was slammed to the wall right

behind her. Ignoring the person holding her, but she sort of had a feeling, she kept staring at the cause of the liquid.

"Mom…. MOM!" She yelled and struggled against the person holding her, but the person held tight. Her eyes were wide and she was frantic, "DAD! Why aren't you helping her?!"

To silence her, the hand grabbed her neck choking her. The kunai in the opposite hand gave a good idea and she cried.

Using what she had learned from the academy, she placed her hands together and concentrated her chakra to her hands

and roughly pushed it against her father's stomach. The blow caused him to let go and she ran, ran for her dear life. The

front door slammed and she ran. Her little legs were getting tired and she felt herself about to give up, but she was too

afraid too. Before she arrived into a well-populated area, a hard hand grasped her small wrist and she cried and she felt it

snap. She was being dragged back in the direction she ran away from and she started screaming. How come no one could

hear her? She realized that from other people point-of-view it would as if she was being scolded for something bad, which

is pretty normal around. Being thrown back into the house, her father towered over her and she whimpered.

"Stop.. Please dad," she whispered, but he didn't stop his movement, his hand was on her thigh and she could feel his

breath against her neck. It felt weird and she didn't like the feeling. In an instant, her white sundress her mom just bought

her was torn and the Tuesday underwear she was wearing was gone and pain was felt. A scream tore through her throat

and she clawed at the attacker, "Stop it.. It hurts!"

She wasn't able to get the words anymore, it was pointless anyways since he didn't stop, and she just cried and cried. She

was glad that he stopped moving for a while, but he started again and she groaned in pain. Her mom told her it didn't hurt,

but why was it hurting now? His pace quicken and she felt something weird inside her, then he pulled out and the pain was

as if you were putting alcohol on a fairly large wound and she blacked out hearing only one word, "Sakura."