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Sakura in green spandex jumpsuit?

Sakura looked back and cocked her head a bit, she swore she saw all three of them looking at her up and down and Naruto drooling.

She held up her hand and felt her forehead. Nope, no fever.

She sighed and stood up "Tsunade-Shishou, can you do a check up at me. I think my brain is getting unstable"

The blazing rays of the sun beamed upon them as the hot moist air hung in the desert. Beads of sweat trailed down her skin and the green spandex jumpsuit cling to her body more than it already is. Like a second skin, making it out line every single shape of her just developed body or so they thought.

Trailing far behind her back, they all kept a close watch at every movement she did. Just being careful that no harm would befall upon their female teammate or in other words they just wanted to get a good look. Pervert.

Anyways, it was hot and they were getting additionally hot, not from the blazing hot sun but from the pink haired kunoichi herself. Thank God that they weren't wearing that spandex jumpsuit or else it would clearly be noticeable that they were very aroused.

Fidgeting, Sakura felt that someone was looking at her. Being conscious that she was, she hug herself making the jumpsuit tighter at her back, outlining more of her ass for her teammates, sensei and their charge to see, thinking that it would cover the ridiculous suit that she was wearing.

She swore she could hear 4 large gulps. Shaking her head, she knew that staying in the desert for to long could cause hallucinations. Sighing, she finally lost her mind and started hallucinating.

Tugging the neckline of the spandex jumpsuit, she heaved and fanned herself from the heat. Hearing the shuffled of the sand grew louder. She twisted her head and saw their blonde haired charge caught up to her.

Their charge was a fairly tall man about an inch taller than their sensei. His handsome, no doubt about that, she could see why the ladies would fawned over him, his looks could almost par with the Uchiha's. His also charming and quite a gentleman, hmm what's the word…oh yes a ladies man.

His well built, not to bulky and not to skinny. His grayish eyes contemplated his skin tone and the structure of his face. He didn't look over 20 at all, well obviously since his 20 years of age.

He grinned towards her, "Sakura-chan! You can come closer and lean on me if you're tired" He suggestively said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Yes what a gentleman indeed.

Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke perked up and silently hissed of disapproval.

Gracefully, walking a bit faster than before, they caught up to them. Kakashi 'accidentally' bumped into their charge and reasoned out that he was to 'engross' reading his Icha Icha paradise book. Talk about being graceful.

One things for certain, Sakura thought that her sensei was really a big Pervert, though she had doubts that it was an accident. Seeing, him being an elite Jounin, ex ANBU captain and the legendary copy-nin could make such immature mistakes or accidents for that matter.

Shrugging it off, she cocked her head and wondered why Sasuke was activating his sharingan and was ready to pounce on their charge.

"Ano, Sasuke-kun Is something wrong?" she asked

He quickly deactivated his sharingan an hmphed as he slowly made his way towards her.

He passed by their charge and 'accidentally' elbowed his stomach and mentally smirked for his job well done.

Their blonde charge glared at the raven-haired man and "oofff" he bent down and clutched his stomach painfully. Looking down he saw the other blonde haired man with cerulean eyes sprawled on the ground as he rubbed the back of his head and sheepishly grinned at him.

How can anyone 'accidentally' head butt in the stomach from behind? Apparently, Naruto just did.

Narrowing his eyes, he finally caught on and smirked to himself. Well, well looks like he had competition.

He hurried and caught up to Sakura as he slung his arm around her shoulder and drew her near him.

Startled from the contact, Sakura jumped up a bit and looked curiously at him, plus she could feel that a dark shadow just loomed over all of them and something dark and foreboding is going to happen.

The sun had set and Sakura was more confused, curious and all mixed with emotion than she had ever felt.

Why on earth? Was Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke and Naruto all huddled together faraway from the campfire, talking about something important. Well it must be important since their faces were so serious. And besides where they got the logs? No one knows.

Shaking her head, she averted her eyes towards Aki, their blond haired charge, who was currently tied up in the log with an apple on his mouth nonetheless. (1)

Rubbing her eyes, she stood up abruptly. What the fuck was going on?

Looking back and forth between her teammates and their charge. Only one thing she was absolutely sure what the cause of all this "It's this hideous jumpsuit inst it?" she deadpan.

All of them stopped and faced her, with their eyebrows raise up.

Sighing heavily, she walked near towards their charge and began to untie him and took out the apple on his mouth.

"Are we done resting yet? We have to get there before midnight." She said flatly.

She was irritated, tired, sweaty and was anxious to finally get rid of the ridiculous jumpsuit that she was forced to wear.

Putting the fire out, they all headed out towards Suna. They were all anxious that's for certain.

Sakura couldn't wait to get rid of the jumpsuit. Her three teammates couldn't wait to get rid of their charge. And their charge couldn't wait to get rid of his competitions and persuade Sakura to stay with him and make her, his.

Oohh, what happy bunch of people happily traveling together

Chocking on her spit, Sakura bent her beat red face and coughed uncontrollably.

Why? Why on earth were they mocking her? Did she do something wrong, that could anger or hold a grudge against her?

Oh! Why thou life so cruel. Thou art bad in the first life? Is this thou art punishment. Oh why art thou speaking in Shakespeare?

Let's take a look on what happened to make Sakura choke on her own spit.


They had finally arrived at Suna 2 hours before midnight. They had completed their mission, thank God.

And all of them couldn't wait to find an inn and stay for a night, and then they would pay a visit to the Kazekage the next morning and then return home.

That was the plan. But not everything went according as plan, fate is just too cruel.

'YOSH! HIS LEAVING!' Naruto mentally rejoice and so as the other two guys, who would rather be dead then admit it, even if it was only thinking. But as fate would play it, poor, poor them.

"You can stay the night in my house. It would be less problematic for you since it's night and there aren't many inns in Suna. It's at least I can do for you for gracing me with your presence Sakura-hime" Aki took her hand and kissed it.

"And of course, your other companions can stay to if they want" he then added dully.

Sakura hesitantly agreed, after all the sooner they find a place to stay the faster she can get rid of the jumpsuit.

Leading them towards his house, he showed them their rooms and to Sakura's room next to his.

"It's ok, one room is enough. We don't want my Sakura-chan to be rape by you" Naruto bluntly said as he pointed his finger towards him

"Rape" he scoffed "Why would I rape my beloved Sakura-chan, when she can willingly come to me on her own."

Wow, didn't they notice they were saying that in front of her face. Twitching irritably, she figured that they were making fun of her, because she was wearing the hideous green spandex jumpsuit.

So that's what they were talking about at their journey towards here.

'Making fun of me' Shaking her fist, she gathered Chakra and punch both of them unconscious.

Who cares if he was their charge, after all their mission is over.

Sakura observed the two blondes's sprawled on the floor, she 'hmped' and went in her room, not before slamming the door close.

It was early in the morning and Sakura who was being slung on Kakashi's shoulder pinned the letter on Aki's bedroom door.


Thanks for letting us stay here. I was going to say goodbye to you in person but we're in a hurry, plus I'm being carried on Kakashi-sensei shoulder, since I was slow, so i'm writing this while I'm being carried. Goodbye and i hope we see each other again. Have a nice life!


While Kakashi and Sakura headed out. Naruto Suddenly came out of the shadow and added

PS. Dont go near my Sakura-chan! Aki-teme! She's mine! I wont let you rape her! X(

Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto stared at Sakura at the corner of their eyes. Why wouldn't they? She kept complaining about the green spandex jumpsuit yesterday and yet she was still wearing it.

Sakura stomped towards the Kazekage's building and grumbled to herself "I can't believe Lee-san would stoop so low and replace my clothes with those hideous jumpsuit!"

Ah! Question answered. They all silently thank Lee for his most brilliant and magnificent idea. Hehe they would congratulate him later, when they get back.

They had finally arrived at the Kazekage's building. When they entered the Kazekage looked up and sat frigid, his stoic face was indifferent from before but, if you look really, really, really close you could faintly see his mouth tugging up in a small smirk and faint pink tints on his cheeks.

Yes, his in a very good mood.

Motioning for them to sit, his eyes never left Sakura's.

"Godaime-sama, sent me information about you're new mission. You can reside here at my place if you want and find information about the Akatsuki's whereabouts and what their goal is. This is an S-rank mission and do not repeat any information you will hear here in this room or there will be severe consequences. Report to m within a week and you may return to Konohakagure and report to the Godaime.

Here in this scroll are some information about their latest attacks and where they were last scene."

Standing up, Sakura extended her hand to get the scroll. Gaara brushed his hands with her for more than 3 minutes and finally drop the scroll on her hand.

Unscrolling it, she read it over "The massacre of Tea country? And it just happened 3 days ago? How come I never heard of it before? There's bound to be someone talking about it, even if it's a rumor for them." She handed the scroll to Kakashi, as she sat back down.

The atmosphere was tense, everybody knew that Sakura's cousin, although they weren't blood related but they were still close, live somewhere in the suburbs of Tea country.

Gaara nod his head "That may be so, but the government made it clear that not one word would come out of those who survived the massacre. At least it wasn't the whole country, only a small town in the suburbs."

"Why though?" Naruto spoke up, voicing out his thoughts, while Sasuke leaned on the wall with his hands crossed, looking nonchalantly about the whole thing.

Kakashi however, walked near Sakura and wrapped his arms around her shoulder. It was just a gesture to make her relax, albeit no one knows what was going inside his head while he did that, since his a pervert.

All of them glared.

Looking up, she choked back and asked with a bit of trembling voice "Do you know who the survivors are?"

Gaara tore his gaze away from Kakashi. He shook his head "The information hasn't been released yet. I'm afraid you have to find that out on your own."

Nodding in understanding Sakura stood up and smiled wearily "Will that be all Kazekage-sama?"

"Yes and Sakura, you are allowed to go to Tea country since that was the last of them were scene and I'm sure you would like to see your cousin, Sakuya"

Smiling, Sakura ran towards him and gave him a bone-crushing hug.

Gaara hesitantly embraced back a little bit tighter than necessary and unconsciously nuzzled her neck.


They all looked at the door and saw Aki, glaring at the Kazekage "Let go of my Sakura-chan you fiend!"

'Did he just call Gaara a fiend?" they all thought

'Good luck with surviving buddy, he definitely needs it' Inner Sakura laughed like a maniac.

He pried Sakura off him and knelt down on one knee.

"Sakura will you marry me?"

End of Flashback

And that's how Sakura choked on her own spit

The end.

Just kidding.

She touched her beat red face and looked at Gaara choking Aki, Sasuke with his sharingan on and was ready to pounce on the blonde haired lad with grayish eyes.

While Kakashi was supporting her and Naruto was in front of her saying something, she narrowed her eyes and tried to catch the words that came out of his mouth –no pun intended-

"... Rape…Sexy….hideous…money….ramen…nose..."

She stared perplexed at him "What?"

" I said don't worry Sakura-chan, cause I'm here to protect you. I wont let that Aki guy rape you either. He thinks he so sexy but his really hideous and full of himself cause he has a lot of money. So.. Oh! I smell ramen! Let's go Sakura-chan eheh aren't you glad I have a good nose!"

After an hour of prying Aki off Sakura and shooing away all the guys that followed her.

They finally arrived at Tea country and in search of her cousin Sakuya.

The wind grew heavy as it howled in the air. A maniacal laugh can be heard as they saw two Akatsuki's standing a bit far from them.

"Isn't this interesting, yeah." A blonde haired guy said smugly, as his eyes landed on the kunoichi

The red head stiffly nod, as his gaze also landed on the pink haired kunoichi. A small smirk was printed on his lips, his mouth forming the words…

"My new puppet"

His eyes glint with lust and mischievousness.

To be continued…


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