Author's Note: For those of you following The Bachelor, I promise you that I'm still working on the story. The latest chapter is taking me a lot longer than I had expected but I hope to post it this week.

Here is a new idea that I'm playing with. I hope you all enjoy.


The gallery was crowded with spectators, eager to see the latest fashion the defendant was wearing. Reporters from all over the world flew in for the biggest news event of the year. The prosecution had their case laid out; with several eyewitnesses and direct evidence against the defendant. The defense was equally prepared with psychologists, waiting to testify on the defendant's mental well-being.

Surprisingly cool about the proceedings, Lisa Hernadez walked through the corridor of the courthouse, alongside her attorney, David Batista. She was stunning in her light green Prada business suit. She knew that when she put the suit on that morning, it was going to draw more attention to her than the case itself. And that was fine by her. She spent quite a bit of money for the suit and she was going to wear it.

That wasn't the only thing that was gathering attention. Lisa was downright beautiful, striking, even. She was getting love letters and flowers delivered to her home from admirers—both male and female. Most of the spectators were men trying to get a glimpse of how nice her ass looked in those tight skirts she wore.

She resembled Jessica Alba so much that Hollywood producers already cast her in a made-for-TV movie about the trial. Lisa privately complained that she wanted Eva Longoria to play her. But she was glad that Jennifer Lopez wasn't playing her. Lisa couldn't stand her.

But that was the last thing she wanted or cared about. The trial just started and she was already getting bored with the proceedings. Every day, she had to listen to more testimony regarding her mental state and police evidence, which quite frankly, she didn't give a damn about. She was doodling before but Dave quickly put a stop to it.

She tried to look as interested as possible but she often distracted herself by writing poems on her notepad. If there was one thing Lisa was good at besides schooling both men and women in the bedroom, it was writing. She was already a published author and had another one in the works. Her last published effort was going un-noticed but once the trial started, it immediately flew off the shelves. Lisa felt she was being exploited by the public and wanted to complain--that is, however, she started to receive royalty checks.

As much as she couldn't stand the trial and everything that went with it, Lisa needed to prove that what she did was right. It wasn't a case of her being accused of wrongdoing; she knew what she did was wrong but she didn't have a choice in the matter. She needed to protect herself and her children. She needed to stop the pain, the abuse, the suffering. She needed to prove that her husband wasn't the shining star that appeared in public but Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde behind close doors.

She needed to kill her husband, Randy Orton. And he deserved all 56 stab wounds.