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This chapter contains mature adult themes and graphic violence.


"What brings this visit, Rose?" Randy asked.

"I wanted to have a friendly dinner with my son-in-law." She said as she stirred a pot of refried beans. "I also wanted us to have a new beginning."

Randy smiled. He had been trying in vain to smooth things over with his mother-in-law. Now she was extended the olive branch to him. "Thank you, Rose."

"Thank you, Randy." She smiled. "Why don't you change and come back down for dinner?"

"Sounds good." Randy quickly went upstairs. While he was gone, Rose poured arsenic in his wine glass. She swirled the mixture and set it down on the table. She finished preparing dinner and set out the plates.

Randy walked downstairs and joined Rose for dinner. He took a sip of the wine and swirled it in his mouth. "Delicious, Rose."

That's it, keep drinking it. "Thank you, Randal."

"Dinner smells wonderful." Randy unfolded his napkin and set it on his lap. "You know, Rose, I have to say I'm really lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law like you. The fact you put up with my bullshit over the last few years is nothing short of incredible." He held up his wine glass. "To you, Rose."

Rose clinked her glass with Randy's. "To you, Randal." She then watched him drink his wine. It is all you, Randal.

After dinner, Randy began not to feel well. He was having difficulty swallowing and there was a slight metallic taste in his mouth. "I think I'm coming down with something." He said as he grabbed his throat. "I'm going to turn in for the night."

Rose wanted to smile but it would've given away her plan. "I'll stay down here and clean up while you go rest."

Randy nodded and headed upstairs. As Rose cleaned, she began to hear Randy purging in the bathroom. My job here is done. She quietly left the condo.

Over the next several hours, Randy underwent the most horrific experience of his life. His throat closed up, making it almost impossible to swallow. Then his body began to reject the dinner. If he wasn't purging, he was having loose bowels. His stomach was tied up in knots and began to feel dizzy.

That was when Randy knew what was happening to him. She's killing me.

Randy mustered enough strength to get a pen and piece of paper. He scribbled on it just enough to make his point across. "She killed me." He died shortly afterwards.

When Rose came back to the condo later, she found Randy dead. He was lying in a fetal position on his bed with vomit, blood, and fecal matter trailing his body from the bathroom. Putting on gloves, Rose cleaned up the vomit and feces. She then tied Randy to the bedposts. Satisfied, Rose took one of Trish's kitchen knives and began to cut Randy. She pierced his heart first, making her way down to his kidneys and abdomen.

When Lisa came home, she found her mother upstairs in the master bedroom, sitting in a corner. On the bed was her dead husband. Lisa naturally reacted by running towards Randy and holding him close to her body. "What did you do, Mama?" She cried as she held Randy to her body. His blood was getting on her but Lisa didn't care. Her mother murdered her husband. "What did you do?" She begged.

"Oh dry it up!" Rose demanded. "He was going to harm you and my grandbabies, Lisa." Rose said defiantly. "I wasn't going to let that happen."

"He was trying to get better, Mama!" Lisa screamed as she held Randy's head to her chest. "He was trying to get better!"

"For who?" Rose snapped. "For you and the children? No, for himself. He was going to leave you for someone smaller, someone blonder, and someone smarter."

"You're lying!" Lisa screamed. "You're lying!"

"Lisa, get over yourself! He was a no-good bandero who was not going to help you." Rose put out her cigarette. "Now, I know a friend who can help us. All you need to do is admit you killed Randy and…"

"What? What?" Lisa asked. "Are you insane?"

"You can say he was physically abusive and you'll get off. Lisa, baby, we can go back to Mexico and raise the babies." Rose smiled. "It'll work."

Lisa stared at her mother as she clasped Randy's head to her body. "You'll never get away with this!"

Rose wickedly smiled at her daughter. "Wanna bet?"


Detectives Chris Benoit and Montel Vontavious Porter stared at Rose Hernandez as she gave her confession. When news broke of a new suspect in Randy Orton's murder, the detectives made a beeline to Rose's home, where they were greeted by hordes of news reporters. They arrested her without incident and brought her to the police station where she calmly gave her confession. The detectives didn't know if they were most disturbed by Rose's calm demeanor or how wickedly evil she was.

Detective Benoit sat down in front of Rose and grasped his hands together. Two years ago, the same woman begged and pleaded with him to go easy on her daughter when she knew Lisa could not have committed the murder. Now she was staring at him with no heart in her soul. "But that's not the end of the story, is it?" He asked.

Rose smiled. "Did you want me to go into intricate detail about how I cut poor Randal into bits and pieces, Detective? Or should I tell you how my daughter begged and pleaded for me to turn myself in when she found her husband cut up?"

Meanwhile, Dave and Paul were watching the action unfold with John Layfield behind the two-way mirror. "That bitch is absolutely sick!" John said disgustedly. "Does she get off on that shit?"

"Apparently." Dave answered. "She knew what she was doing." He looked over to his client, Lisa, who was shaking her head. "How are you holding up?"

Lisa shook her head as tears streamed down her cheeks. The night she found Randy was forever in her mind. "I don't know her."

Suddenly, Vince burst through the interrogation room with another attorney in tow. "This confession is illegal and I demand you stop or you'll face a lawsuit so fast, it'll shut down this station!"

"Save it, Vince." Rose said as she blew a plume of smoke in the air. "I told them everything."

"Rose, don't say another word!" Vince walked over towards her. "I'll settle this as soon as I—"

"No, you shut up!" Rose yelled. The passion in her voice put a fear in Vince's eyes that no one had seen before. "You can't control me anymore. I'm not the secret you can keep anymore, Vince. I'm not the 'hot tamale' you can call on when your other whores weren't available." She then winked at him. "I'm going down and I'm taking you with me."

"Gentlemen, I ask you release this woman immediately. She is obviously not well!" Vince screamed.

"The only person who's crazy in here is you, Vince." Rose said calmly as she pulled out a chair. "I suggest you get comfortable right now. Everyone knows the story. Everyone knows we were lovers."

Vince dejectedly sat down beside his former lover. "Are you insane?"

"I'm perfectly fine." Rose lit up another cigarette. "You look like you could use a drink, though."

"After everything I have done for you, you have the audacity to turn on me like this! You were my confidant, my saving grace and you do this to me! " Vince yelled at her. "I knew I should've kept your ass in Mexico!"

Rose wasn't daunted by Vince's slander. "Oh please, you were something to do." She retorted. "I was confidant? I was your saving grace? But when you went out to those galas and those other fancy dinners, who was your date? Your standard bimbo.

"I was the secret you wanted to keep. As long as I spread my legs and you gave me money, everything was fine in your world, Vince. I was your glorified whore. You were so ashamed of our relationship, you didn't even want our own daughter to know about us. Our own daughter, Vince!"

"Daughter?" Lisa gasped. "He's my dad?" She whispered as she watched the events unfold.

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation room, Vince was stunned. "Rose, why…why didn't you tell me?"

"Would you have cared? Would've it made a difference? You were too busy screwing every other whore in town to even notice I became pregnant again." Vince looked up at Rose, who didn't buy his sympathy. "Don't you worry about the baby—it was taken care of.

"I wasn't going to let my baby girl to be humiliated by her husband in the same manner you treated me. Yeah, he went to counseling and he claimed to be a better father and husband. But you know what, Vince? You promised me marriage and you didn't.

"I killed Randy because he deserved it." Rose then leaned over and glared at her former lover. "Randy was just practice for what you were going to get."

"Alright, we heard enough." Montel nodded to the surrounding officers. "Take them away."

Just as Rose got up, she walked over to the two-way mirror and began speaking to it. "I should've known your whore ass would squeal." Rose stared at the glass, directly talking to her daughter. "I should've killed you as well." She was then led away by officers.

Dave shook his head as Lisa was also led away to her cell. Chris and Montel joined Dave as he stared into the empty room. "Doing alright, man?" Chris asked.

Dave let out a deep sigh. "This has to be the first case were everyone was a victim."


After the sensation trials of the century, Rose Hernandez and Vince McMahon were convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to murder. Lisa testified against her parents. She received a sentence of 20 years with the possibility of parole. Her children, Jennifer and Robert, were given over to Randy's parents for sole custody. Lisa has yet to see her children.

Meanwhile, Dave was on the cover of every major magazine and news program. He penned a best-selling book regarding the case and gave intricate details regarding how he knew something was amiss. Between promoting his newfound celebrity status, he also made frequent trips to Colombia to visit Trish and Meredith.

On his last trip, Dave and Trish enjoyed watching the Guerrero children play on the sand as Meredith played with her cousins. Eddie and Vicki were working on their tans while Melina, Chavo and Oscar were negotiating more deals between them.

"How are you feeling, baby?" Trish asked as she leaned against Dave.

Dave smiled as he adjusted his sunglasses. The last three years of his life were chaotic and things would never be the same. He would complain but there was something inside him that liked the twisted fame success brought him. "I'm just going to stay out here and relax." He replied.

"Are you going to practice again?" She asked.

"I'm not sure," he replied. Dave has been fielding offers for his own talk show on CourtTV among speaking engagements. He always loved being a lawyer but after the Randy Orton case, he found a new passion of exposing the justice system for fraud. "We'll see."

Trish settled more into Dave's body. There was something she needed to tell him but she wasn't sure how he would react. Better now than never. "How long do you plan to stay here?" Trish asked.

"I don't know," he responded, "I guess a few months."

Trish squeezed Dave's hands and held them. "A few months like seven more?" She asked.

"Possibly," he replied, looking down at her. "Why? What's going on?"

The Guerreros knew and Meredith was surprisingly ecstatic about the news. Trish moved Dave's hands to her stomach. "A new defense attorney in the making." She said quietly.

Dave smiled big and let out a hearty laugh. "Nah, it's a prosecutor."

The End.