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V – A night in the Ped

Mona Klingerman's room was quiet again, as it had always been. The machines kept beeping monotonously as if nothing had happened. Still, Peter could feel the cold of the ghost realm that still lingered. If only Mrs. Druse had been there…

"She just started talking to Carrie." Christine explained, while checking all the monitors. "She said she would need you and someone named "Carmen"." She watched Peter and Natalie change glances of confusion and added: "Hook said you just saved her life recently."

"Oh dear heavens!" Natalie threw her hands into the air helplessly. "Not that girl again! She was complete mess. She scared the hell out of us. How shall she be able to help us?"

Christine simply shrugged in response. How was she supposed to know? She had a feeling like she was the last to realise what was going on anyway.

Frowning, Peter took a chair and sat down next to little Mona. Whoever was trying to talk to them, he or she was using every single chance there was. He wouldn't be surprised if someone told him that Carmen had been under the influence of the spirit, too. "Mona? Mona, can you hear me?" He reached for her hand carefully, but pulled back within seconds. Still, it had not been fast enough.

The pictures flooded his head with and enormous amount of colours, expressions, shapes and information, making his head spin. It felt like watching a movie at 42 times accelerated speed without skipping scenes or even single pictures. Sighing, he gestured to his wife and Dr. Draper to hand over pencils and paper. Maybe Mona couldn't talk to them. Maybe the trapped spirit would not talk to them directly. But they could very well encourage him to do what he could do best.

He started drawing immediately, to keep the memory from fading away. He knew all too well how short-lived inspiration was. On the other end of the room, Natalie turned to leave. "We'd better leave him alone now. Do you have the room under surveillance?" When Dr. Draper nodded, she sighed with what seemed to be half relief and half frustration. "Okay, Peter, I'm going to have a look at Carmen. We'll be back in…" She glanced at her watch briefly. "Say… 15 minutes." They left the room as quietly as possible and headed for the ICU.

"I'm still wondering how that girl's going to help us." Christine mentioned absently. "Because, as you said, she's a complete mess. She has not even woken up yet." Their steps echoed down the hall , disturbing the cold silence that was so rarely experienced on that floor. It was quite unusual not to have calls for nurses or doctors on that level. "If only Mrs. Druse was here! She'd know what to do."

"We do not necessarily need HER." Natalie answered, as another thought came to her mind. "If this has anything to do with ghosts and / or Anubis, then why don't we ask Abel and Christa?"

"That would be a good idea, indeed." Christine agreed before pushing open the doors to the room they had put Carmen in, together with the woman from the lawyer firm. They both were sound asleep and Christine was grateful to have the hysterical lawyer silent for a while. She had occasionally been a real pain in the neck.

Carmen on the other hand had been lying still for most of the time. The only interference they had had with her were the nightmares that every now and then haunted her. But for now, she just lay peacefully asleep.

To Natalie, the sight was extremely confusing, though. The last time she had seen that girl, she had looked way worse. The blood was gone and the streaks and scratches were quite easily visible on her face and arms now, not to mention the numerous haematoma. Beatings were one thing, but the only word she could find for that was "murder". Or at least the attempt, which was a crime anyway. Her hair wasn't wet with sweat and blood anymore and now flew tenderly along her shoulders in corkscrew curls. Only a few nights before, she must have been a real beauty.

"Any clue about when she might wake up again?" Natalie asked carefully, but only received a short "no" in reply. "But Louis said if there is any way she could help, she probably will." Christine added. "She's been here twice before and he knows her quite well."

Natalie nodded in approval. Readiness to help was a good thing, but nevertheless, it could not help the fact that this girl had to wake up first, before she could do ANYTHING for them. "Well, I guess as long as she is unconscious, she won't be of great help. Could you phone us when she is up again?"

"Of course. In fact we-" The pager in her pocket snapped on and sent her senses back to red alert. "Gotta go. Emergency call in the Ped."


"No." She was half way out of the room already. Emergency calls always meant that it was a matter of seconds. Especially when children were involved. Frowning, Natalie watched the doors shut close again. Thank God it hadn't been Mona's room. A heart attack was the last thing she needed right now. Sighing, she went to leave the room, too. Maybe Peter had had more success.

She didn't know whether to be glad or not when she found her supposition affirmed. Her husband now sat quietly next to little Mona, watching her with silent commiseration.

"From an A-student to a helpless cripple." He mentioned in a low voice. "I'm not sure if I could have stood this had it been our child."

"Neither am I." Natalie agreed, while taking another chair. A short smile played on her lips when she leaned over to look at the drawings. "This place really frees your imagination, doesn't it?"

"Despite the fact that I don't have the slightest idea just WHY I drew WHAT – yes."

They looked through the pages together again. One of them showed a couple of albino white feathers that fell down the floor in silent grace. Beautiful, white feathers, as soft on the paper as they were in their natural form. The second picture showed an old-fashioned scale. Despite the fact that a pencil was the only thing that he had used, Natalie could almost see the colours this one was supposed to have. Strong, midnight blue and gold in perfect harmony. Ancient. The third picture showed a young woman dressed in a flowing white robe. A priestess. Eyes widening, Natalie grabbed for the sheet. "Oh my god, Peter, that's her!"


"Carmen." She watched as he raised an eyebrow in doubt and switched glances between the picture and his wife. "Believe me, Peter, I just saw her on ICU and that definitely is her. I had a few problems recognising her myself." Peter turned to look at the picture again. The difference was – in the nicest words he found for it – absolutely weird.

"What's on the last picture?" She reached for the fourth sheet, but stopped when her gaze met the drawings. It was the simplest picture of them all, but also the most startling one. it showed scripts too old for her to understand, though she knew what they belonged to. "That looks like Egyptian hieroglyphs."

"It IS ancient Egyptian." Peter admitted. "Though it goes way beyond my understanding, it doesn't surprise me that much. Anubis an ancient Egyptian god, remember?"

Three rooms farther down the hall, Christine turned off the monitors that were supposed to show the little boy's heart and brain activity, while the nurses covered his face with a blanket. She hated to watch children die, though she knew that – in this case – death had been inevitable. His heart damage had been way too severe to make them capable of anything but slowing it down. Nevertheless, his death hurt more than a direct hit to her face.

She was already on her way pout of the room, when she noticed the cold that crept across the floor, the feeling like a veil of fog on a cold autumn's day. Her eyes skimmed the room again and for a few moments, she could have sworn she had seen that ghost boy, Paul, standing in the corner next to the dead boy. She had to be mistaken. Christine was totally sure about that. They had saved Mary and thus changed the past, hadn't they?

With the silent grace of a huge cat, Anubis kept strolling through the corridors in the Ped. She was there. He could feel it. She was somewhere along that corridor, in one of those rooms, on one of those little patients. Just where… Trying to pick up her familiar scent, he kept going from door to door.

He stopped in front of room 609 and went straight through the wall. The girl lying there suffered from AIDS in a late stadium, he knew. She could not live long. Carefully, he nudged her hand and felt her stir in response. A minute later, she was sitting upright, frowning at the machines around her.

"Anubis?" Her voice wasn't the one of a child anymore. Her eyes roamed his anteater-like shape quickly. "Hey, you know, you don't have any reason to walk around like that anymore, don't you?"

Smirking at her words, he transformed into his human shape, Paul as he should have been. "Better that way?"

"Much better, although I must confess I've seen enough of Paul and Doctor "slaughter-my-brain". Too sad Mary hadn't been able to keep them from coming here. Carmen is still alive?"

He snarled at the simple mention of her name and turned away again. Had he known five years before how vital this girl actually was, he could have saved himself five years of grief.

"Don't do it." She mentioned quickly, knowing all too well what he was thinking about. "You don't give her a single scratch, understood? Let me deal with her." She saw him frown again and reached for his hand to keep him from turning away. "Anubis, you know I can't stay in this body for too long. It would kill that poor girl. You didn't cure her for that, did you? I just put a boys life on the line and I lost him to Paul – don't force me to do that again!"

"We could end this so easily…"

"But not without killing someone!" She snapped back. "Anubis, I have spent all those millennia not taking a single life and I won't start with it now. Not too safe myself. That's not just. May others plunge their hands into blood and-" She stopped abruptly, gulping for air as the body she inhabited started to collapse. "Get that Paul kid away from her, Anubis. Please!"

The girl fell back into the pillows. A nurse rushed through the door, alerted by the wild beeping of the machines. Gritting his teeth once again, Anubis vanished through the wall. Maybe she would not sacrifice a single human life, but he would not sacrifice HER.

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