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Together, Alone

The sun rises but she cannot feel it;
The wind whispers but she cannot hear it.
She is mindless, as she stands all alone.

On a day like this, so bright and so clear,
Any mother would hold her daughter dear,
Near and close to her while the sun shone.

But there is no mother to hold Kanna,
To brush her hair or to dote upon her,
Just a faux-father, his heart cold as stone.

'Come, Kanna,' his icy voice calls for her,
And the sun's rays don't dare to follow her
As she plods to him duly like a drone.

She bows and acknowledges, "My master,"
And watching, Kohaku's heart beats faster,
Louder than a pounding, raging cyclone.

He wants her to feel the warmth of the sun
Upon her, the golden threads it has spun—
She'd learn love if only love she was shown.

But Kanna ignores his hopeful glances
And Kohaku resigns that his chances
Are gone not unlike the night that has flown.

There will never be hope for this young pair,
The girl of blankness and boy of despair,
But the sun rises and his love is sown.