Author's Final Jurisdiction

No extra chapters, however, this is a note pertaining to The Box and it's author.

You asked for a sequel… and it's in the works. If you want to watch out for it, the pending title is "For You" and that title is based off of the song that originally inspired this story.

Another note… this story is currently being re-written in a much better, longer version, as I am hoping to enter it in a contest this year. If you'd like the new, better version to be updated, I'd like to know. If I get enough requests, I'll replace these chapters with the new improved ones. I must add that there are extra events and more chapters in the new one. It's up to you.

Lastly, a drama/angst side-story will be written by me, which you should look out for if you liked this story. It's focused completely on Yuki's past and the acts described in The Box. You should go and review it once it's finished. That will be titled: Pressure Points.

Thank you for all your reviews, and I hope to hear from you when For You or Pressure Points are put up.

Christine Lennoire