Little Town Women Can Handle Men with Big Egos

I do not own Sam or Dean or anything related to Supernatural…

Just came to me while thinking of Dean, women, and demons. :) Sorry about the title… Just thought it sounded funny and better then the original one (666). Enjoy!

Little Town Women Can Handle Men with Big Egos

The Winchester men had just finished yet another job and were at the Sunshine Diner. Sam's mop of chocolate brown hair fell into his face as he stared at their laptop's screen, working on finding the next gig. Dean, sitting across from Sam, was waiting patiently for their food – not exactly normal for a man of his nature.

Sam glanced over the laptop at Dean. Dean was gazing at something. Sam followed the gaze to a woman at the counter.


"What," he asked turning toward Sam.

"Don't think about it."

"What," he asked trying to sound innocent.

"Don't think about her."

"Awww come on Sammy!"

"It's Sam. And no, Dean. We're leaving this town. No need to pick up a girl now."

"Sam, this is little town America. Population: 25. Who knows when she might get banged next? I'm doing her a favor."
Sam shook his head and responded, "Dean, leave her alone."

"Too late," he said as he quickly slide out of the booth, dodged Sam's grab, and walked toward her.

Sam watched his brother in amazement. Scratch that. There was no way he was Sam's brother.

"Hi, I'm Dean," Dean said as he grabbed the chair next to the woman.


She flashed him a smile. Her skin was light and she had deep green eyes. Her long dark brown hair fell down her back. She was wearing a black tank top and short jeans. The faint smell of lavender shampoo hung around her.

"I like your necklace," he said referring to the cross she was wearing.

"Thanks. It doesn't look like it, but it's actually an inverted cross. Symbolizes evil or some crap."

"Really," Dean asked trying to sound amused; after all he already knew that.

"Yeah. My ex gave it to me. But I liked it so…"

"Ex? You're single?"

"Sure. You could say that."

"Hmm," Dean said acting as if he was pondering an idea, "Well maybe we could hang out some time then? Over diner?"

"Sure, let me give you my number."

Dean handed her a pen and napkin. She jotted down a number and name, folded the paper, and handed it to him.

"Call me," she said with a wink as she laid down a ten-dollar bill for the food.

Dean watched her walk out, focusing mainly on her butt, and then walked back to their table and slide into the booth.

"Got her number," he said waving the napkin like an award.

"Yeah right. Probably a fake one."

"Nuh-uh. Here I'll call her to prove it!"

Dean smirked as he unfolded the napkin and reached for his phone, while Sam went back to focusing on the laptop. Dean's face quickly changed into a frown as he saw what the napkin read. 666-GO2-HELL.

"Fuck, Sammy."

"It's Sam," Sam said, not glancing up.

"Uh-huh," Dean said as he quickly shoved the number into his pocket.

"Well? Did you call her?"


"Why," Sam asked now focusing on Dean.

"Don't feel like it."

"Right," he said, voicing dripping with sarcasm.

The Winchesters ate their food and went to the Impala. Once both were inside, Dean started it up and got ready to pull out.

"Hey Dean?"


"Got a tissue?"

"Uh, sure," Dean said as he dug in his jean pockets for one. He handed it to Sam and pulled out onto the road that leads out of Nowhere, USA.

Sam's laughter broke Dean out of his driving concentration.

"What," he asked, "What?"

"She," Sam said in between laughs, "She- she told you to go to hell!"

Sam roared with laughter as Dean swore the girl over and over. Dean had been told to fuck off. And finding that out was way better then any old woman scaring Dean.