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Notes: This fic was inspired by one of Seena58's fan arts at deviantART with the title "GS: Rest and Relaxation"

Warning: This fic contains light shounen-ai. If you do not approve of any male x male couples, then please hit the back button now

Under the Moonlight

It all started not too long after the group of four heroic adepts left Kalay. The moon had claimed the night sky and covered the dirt trails with darkness. Monsters could be heard from the far distance as they started their daily routine of terror upon travelers and smaller creatures.

Curses at the night sky could be heard for miles as the red-headed adept continued to yell out unnecessary words at the innocent sky.

Under the nearby tree sat his three companions and friends, one of which was attempting to read a map of the two joined continents. Hardly any landmarks or trails were drawn onto the piece of paper held in front of peering azure eyes.

With a sigh, the map was tossed aside, leaving the azure-eyed boy to simply watch as his blue-haired companion healed plants that fell victim to a certain someone's short temper. Soft breathing coming from beside him had also caught his attention, causing him to glance over at the youngest of the four.

There he sat, half-asleep and still fooling around with that small whirlwind. A smile crept onto the older teen's face as he watched the sleeping form. Maybe it was a good thing that they had stopped here for the night and simply let Garet take out his frustration. They were in the middle of nowhere—there would be no annoyed townspeople stomping over with pitchforks and torches to yell back to simply say to keep it down.

Light blue eyes wandered over to the two boys sitting under the tree. With a soft smile, Mia got back up to her feet after dismissing the healing sprite and dusted her rear end off before walking over to their yelling companion, leaving the two alone.

Isaac didn't notice Mia's movement. He was too spellbound by Ivan's sleeping form and cuteness to notice. Without a single thought, a gloved hand reached over and embraced the smaller hand in his, intertwining their fingers.

Violet eyes fluttered open at the touch and looked up to meet with soft, gentle azure eyes. Ivan's cheeks flushed when he realized how close his older friend—and crush—was to his face.

"A-Anou... don't you thi—" Before Ivan could finish his question, his lips had been captured by Isaac's. Ivan blinked a couple of times as his mind tried to register what had just happened. Was he still dreaming...? No, he couldn't have been. Garet's rantings could still be heard in the distance.

Not wanting to make Isaac feel like a complete fool, Ivan returned the kiss. As the two teen's sat there, Ivan knew that he wasn't the only one with these feelings. He knew that he didn't have to feel guilty for having a crush on someone of the same sex. With new knowledge, the two teens knew that they no longer had to lie to each other in order to hide their affection.