She keeps a bottle hidden away in the dresser. Kennedy probably knows about it but she has never said a word. Willow is thankful about that. It was why their relationship worked. It is comfortable and warm and she could see it lasting.

It doesn't however, make her forget Tara.


Her beloved.

The love of her life.


The one who should not have died.

Years later and she still feels the same murderous rage when she thinks about that day. When she thinks about holding the still and chilling body of the person most precious to her.

All she has to remember Tara now was a bottle of perfume.

It is not enough.

Nothing would ever be enough.

She misses Tara with every breathe she takes. Some days are better than others.Other days she just wants to fall to her knees and scream. Scream until someone brings her back. But that hadn't worked when she had tried.

Willow knows nothing will bring Tara back to her but it doesn't stop her from wishing that something would.

She keeps a bottle of her perfume hidden away. She never takes it outso it remains there, in the far corner of the dresser.

She only wishes that she didn't need it. That instead Tara was in her arms still and everything was right in the world.