Steal My Heart
- chapter 1 -

Kai Hiwatari has never been the social type. Nor the party type. Truth is, he hates parties, and loathes socializing. But that has never stopped his grandfather from bringing him along in these idiotic gatherings, telling him to go about and mingle along. Well, he didn't want to mingle, but alas, he can't even get the pleasure of just sitting alone in a corner drinking cocktail, shutting out the rest of the world, because every time, every single time, girls in gowns too long just always take the vacant seats around him carelessly and begin their techniques to get into his pants. What annoyed him the most was that his glares didn't seem to have any affect on them anymore.

He vaguely remembered a friend of his, Rei Kon, teasing him about getting old already. Well, maybe he was getting old. If you count being twenty-five old, then Kai supposed he should be worrying already.

He snorted as he held that thought, absently swatting away a girl's hand from his thigh. He looked up at the moon, before staring at the sky that was abundant with stars. Then, he saw his grandfather in the middle of the garden, dancing along with some woman Kai did not and do not care to know, and wondered what he should be worried about. At his young age, he was known as Duke Kai Hiwatari, he was the grandson of probably the most richest and the most powerful man in Japan, and he had everything money could ever ask for. What was there to be worried about?

Kai tightened his lips, before taking another sip from his glass. A lot. There was a lot to be worried about. For starters, rabid girls who wanted to get into his pants. He sighed in relief as the girl beside him huffed and stood up, probably finally after a painful half an hour (for Kai, that is), she got the hint that Kai did not want to speak, let alone look at her. This is so boring. He rubbed his eyes for sleep, remembering that it was impolite to yawn.

He looked around, happy that the party was at least held in the gardens, not inside a ballroom. Ballrooms always made him feel suffocated. Gardens were more peaceful for him, and the night wind always made him able to ignore those people around him for at least a while. He craned his neck slightly to the right, looking at the buffet table and wondered if he should eat just for the heck of it. After all, it didn't do good for his image if he just sat there drinking cocktail for the whole night, right? Then, not feeling not hungry enough, he decided against it and looked at the left, where the door to the mansion of the host was.

He then felt something inside his head click, and he realized that the woman his grandfather was dancing with is the host. Well, Kai could at least compliment her for having such a beautiful garden. And, he added as he looked at the middle of the garden near his grandfather, for having such a beautiful statue. It was a statue of a phoenix, made of crystal. He gazed at the wonderful detail and the whole beauty of it, then at the ruby at the center of the statue, so that the statue emitted a red light to make it look like it was a red phoenix. His lips twitched up the slightest bit, before he tore his eyes away and took another sip of his cocktail.

He looked up at the sky yet again, the stars his only retreat from all of sappy music. He gazed at a particular star, shining more brightly than the rest, but all of a sudden, it disappeared. He squinted his eyes, and waited, until he saw that a small shadow had blocked his view. Then, it came closer and closer... until someone screamed.



Kai leaned back in his chair, not caring at the people running about, screaming fear and death, as he sipped his cocktail, his eyes never leaving the shadow, as it swung with a string attached to whoever-knows-where.

The shadow let go of the string, and landed in the center of the garden, a grin plastered in his face. He bowed to Voltaire, and bowed again to the host, taking her hand and kissing it softly, "I apologize, Madam, if I'm late." He then grinned wider as he gave her a wink, and she fainted almost immediately in the arms of Voltaire. He then turned, his black cape flowing behind him, and his black leather boots thudding softly on the pavement. He wore a formal, white, button-up shirt with a black vest on top, and black pants. His face did have a mask, except the black mask merely went around his eyes, leaving the rest of his face completely exposed. He wore a black hat as well, but Kai saw that he had navy-blue hair. Then, the shadow took hold of his string yet again, and pulling some wires, the string became three with hooks at each end. Nearing the crystal statue, he attached the hooks to different parts of the phoenix, then making a hand gesture, the strings began rising up.

To where the strings were attached, Kai still couldn't figure out. All he knew was that the host had too many high trees, that the strings disappeared behind them.

The whole place was chaos, people were running around screaming, ladies were holding their dresses up and tripping over their gowns, and men were running out of the garden and into the mansion with just the will to live in their heads, yet no one moved to help. Kai shrugged, and smirked behind his glass. He was still sitting in his seat, not having moved a muscle ever since the shadow came, relaxed and amused. His eyes followed the shadow everywhere, until the shadow turned and their eyes met.

Ruby red met navy-blue.

And then, the shadow winked, and Kai had a moment to look surprised, before the shadow turned away, jumping up to hold onto one of the strings, and - along with the statue - disappeared behind the trees, a piece of paper flowing behind him, only to land near Kai's feet.

Drinking the last of his cocktail, Kai stood up, and picked the piece of paper, an eyebrow raising at the message.

Lovely Mrs. Feruvie,
I humbly apologize for sabotaging your party, and am wholeheartedly thankful that you have decided to give me this crystal phoenix as a gift.
I gratefully accept. We shall meet again, Mrs. Feruvie.

At the bottom of the paper was a winking smiley and a kiss mark. Kai made a face, He wears lipstick, eh? Interesting message. After stealing the statue, this guy even has the nerves to say that it was a gift. What a jackass.

Yet, Kai noted with a smile, for the first time ever, he was actually glad that he went to this party.