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Steal My Heart
- chapter 3 -

It was the night before Leon's party, and Kai sat in the same chair in his mansion, in front of the same television. On the screen was the same reporter again, a girl with black hair and purple eyes, holding the microphone as she stood in front of a wrecked ballroom, with the windows shattered and the floor cracked. A chandelier was broken on the floor in the middle of the room, and on cold tiles were littered shards of glass and drops of blood.

'And here we have Riku Azuki to cover about what people call the "Gucceli Heirloom Tragedy". Take it away, Riku."

'Thank you, Chris. I'm here now in Duchess Serena Gucceli's mansion. What you're seeing now, folks, is a work of the thief Dragoon, who is yet to be captured and is still on the run. As you can see, it's a terrible scene that Dragoon left in his wake. Earlier this evening, approximately fifteen minutes before eight o'clock, Dragoon struck and forced himself through security. Don't be alarmed, folks, the blood there is not from Duchess Serena. It was actually from the thief, who almost got crushed under the heavy weight and the sharp gems of that chandelier over in the middle of the room. According to a maid who was one of the witnesses, the chandelier has always been loose and was due for repair, but only for the following week. But alas, even with the wounds, the thief got away with stealing the precious necklace of the Gucceli family. Here we have Duchess Serena Gucceli to tell us about the necklace.'

Kai blinked as the camera moved and the microphone was now transferred to another woman's hands, a woman in her early twenties with waist-length yellow-orange hair and dark blue eyes. He shrugged, not caring that the face was familiar to him. For him, anyone who was rich was familiar to him. He'd been to many parties in his life. Too many, in fact.

'Thank you, Riku. The necklace was actually a precious heirloom passed down for generations in our family. It has lived through many years already, and has experienced many occasions, such as weddings, births, funerals. It makes me grieve so to know that it's been stolen, and I can only hope that my parents and my grandparents are somehow feeling fine, despite the turn of events. Please, Dragoon, or whoever you are, please return our necklace back.'

She gave a small whimper and gave the microphone back to Riku, who merely hugged her sympathetically and patted her back, even as she continued her reporting.

'You see, folks? Here's a tragedy that will happen again and again as long as Dragoon is still roaming our streets. If you're asking about what happened to the thief, Duchess Serena told us when we first came here that she saw only that he suffered a broken arm and had a deep gash at the side of his neck. But even so, he managed to escape with his crime. Police are frustrated more than ever, and so, we are asking for your help. If you have information, any information at all, please call us at the number on our screen. And --'

Kai closed the television with his remote, and sighed. He didn't really sympathize with the Duchess, though. He was simply a bit worried that the thief got hurt. He smiled bitterly, wondering why the hell he was worried. Maybe he was becoming a Dragoon fan. Oh, the horror. He could just imagine his grandfather's expression if ever he told him that.

Besides, how lame becoming a Dragoon fan is, after all.

"What?" A voice screamed, the edges in its voice echoing through the room.

"Yeah." Max sighed, crossing his arms as he shifted impatiently from one foot to another. "Tyson got beat up pretty badly, and we... uh... kinda need you."

"Kinda need me? Kinda need me!" The voice huffed, rolling out from under GT. "Of course you need me! You guys won't be able to take of yourselves if the world depended on it." He came out, and finally met bright light, as he dusted himself off for grease and other bacteria. He wore a black suit that covered all of his body, even his head, so he took his time taking it off.

Max raised an eyebrow at his statement, and thought about retorting back. This person was just as childish as they were, and here he was, scolding them like he was their mom? He just shook his head in amusement and decided to stay silent. "Uhm... I suggest you hurry up. Tyson's gonna die from blood loss any moment now."

"Let him wait." The voice huffed, taking off his black suit to be able to move better. He started with the body suit, unzipping it hastily, and getting out of it, before throwing it to the side carelessly. He wore black, baggy pants and a white shirt, with a white jacket on top with blue rims. Max didn't even want to ask how the hell the person could wear a jacket even in a body suit. Then the person took the rest of the suit off his head, his elbow-length black hair falling down his back, but that was all to be seen. His face was covered with a plain, white mask with simple red markings at the cheeks of the mask. "If he can't wait, then let him die. The world doesn't need impatient people."

Max whistled. "Looks like someone fell on the wrong side of the bed today. Hurry up, ID."

"Didn't I just tell you that the world doesn't need impatient people?" ID huffed. In truth, Tyson, Max and Kenny has never known ID's true name. Since when they first met him, he wouldn't tell him anything so they simply made up a name. ID stands for it's general meaning; identification. Since they couldn't identify who he was, they simply called him ID. At the same time, they have never seen his face either. Hell, they didn't even know if he was male or female. His baggy clothes provided no proof, and his voice was muffled by the mask, so it wasn't high-pitched and it wasn't deep, so they never knew his gender.

If only he didn't have the mask on, Max was sure he would have raised an eyebrow. He followed ID out of the room quietly, not really worrying about Tyson's condition. Tyson has been through worse and he knew that the boy would live. He was too stubborn to die, anyway.

They left the room, and entered the computer room, but left that one as well. They entered an elevator, which simply lifted them one floor up. The door of the elevator opened, and the walked out, into the luxurious rooms of Tyson Granger's mansion. They walked up a spiral staircase then turned right, before they stopped in front of a small door. ID went in, and came out immediately, holding a white box, and they returned back to the top of the staircase, and this time, they went to the left side, and stopped in front of two large, oak doors.

Opening it without even bothering to knock, they were met with a grinning Tyson and a beyond-annoyed Kenny.

"Yo. Took you guys long enough." The navy-blue haired man chuckled, but winced immediately as he clutched his still bleeding neck.

"I'm amazed." ID shrugged, settling himself beside the bed, and opening the white box, before taking out two white gloves and putting them on. "You should be dead by now."

"Well, I'm not dead, am I?" Tyson raised an eyebrow, and shuddered as he saw the person take out a pair of surgical scissors. He knew he should have went to the hospital like a normal person. Well, he smirked, he wasn't exactly normal. Besides, going to a hospital meant doctors asking him questions and he was sure that doctors watch television, too, anyway. Especially news.

"You really overdid yourself this time, Ty." Max grinned, not at all phased at the fact that half of the pillow that his friend was lying on was covered in blood. "Why'd you have to steal that necklace, anyway?"

"Yeah." Kenny, on the other hand, was bent over a bucket, spewing the last of his dinner out. He spoke, but made sure that he had his back turned from the bloody mess. "The heirloom of the Gucceli family wasn't in the list I gave you."

"Okay, let me make this clear." Tyson cleared his throat, but ended up hurting himself in the process. He spoke slowly, his voice strained and tired, "That necklace does not belong to the Gucceli family. It actually --" He yowled painfully as he felt something piercing the skin on the side of his neck.

"Shut up." ID simply said as he took back the injection. "Anesthesia. Be grateful that I'm actually giving you a chance to experience painless surgery. Now shut up and go to sleep."

"How the hell can I sleep like this?" Tyson muttered under his breath sulkily, and simply glared at Max as said boy snickered behind his palms. Kenny merely continued to belch out his stomach.

Kai whistled lowly under his breath once he entered the grand ballroom, eyebrows raising at the red lasers acting like prison bars on the windows. As if the security guards by the front gate weren't bad enough. The room was pretty much gold-colored, with yellow lightings and gold, silk curtains for the windows. In the center of the room hanging from the ceiling was a huge chandelier, adorned with diamonds and ambers of different sizes, the facets of the jewels shining with the yellow light, making the room more gold. The floor was a peach color, slightly brown with smooth tiles, and the tables were covered with gold, silk tablecloths with another white tablecloth above them. In the middle of each table were various designs of flower arrangement, of course, with yellow and white flowers.

At two sides of the room were the buffet tables, and the center of the room was made empty for dancing. In the background played slow music, and Kai sat relaxed in his chair, drinking wine, watching the couples dance with the music. He wondered if Dragoon would be appearing today. Especially after the wounds he endured yesterday. Come to think of it, there were no crystal statues found in this room.

But other than that, it was all the same with Mrs. Feruvie's party.

He was just sitting there, drinking something bittersweet, while trying to ignore the girls that sat on the vacant seats around him. And at the dance floor was his grandfather, dancing with Mrs. Feruvie again, who was obviously invited as well. He scanned his eyes around the room, looking into each person's face and resisting the urge to roll his eyes as he realized that mostly all of the people here were exactly the same people back at the last party.

And the girl beside him, was exactly the same girl that made him suffer half an hour a few nights ago. He ignored her, hearing her voice, but not understanding what a word she was trying to say. He didn't listen to her, didn't even look at her, but there came a time that he had had enough of her high-pitched voice. Finishing the last of his wine, he stood up and walked away, not caring at all as she sputtered and cried as he left.

Bathroom... bathroom... He looked around, wondering if he should ask Leon, but decided against it. He left the ballroom and entered the hallway, not even stopping to marvel at it's luxury. He was rich enough, he supposed, that such expensive interior meant nothing to him anymore. He was surprised, really, to be feeling that way now when a decade and a half ago, he was pretty much penniless. He shook his head from those thoughts, remembering his promise to himself that he would forget everything about those times.

If he remembered correctly, the bathroom was just a corner away. He quickened his pace, intent on answering nature's call, when he stopped dead in his tracks in front of two large doors. He didn't know exactly what he was hearing, all he knew was that he was hearing something. And in an instant, he sensed he knew what... or who it was.

So, heart painfully throbbing in his chest, he laid a hand on the door's handle and pulled.