HAPPY EASTER! Here's the sequel I had promised: LIE AFTER LIE (Sequel to " 2 PEOPLE AND 7 DAYS") Author: Lu

Main Characters: Buffy/Spike

Disclaimer: I know these characters don't belong to me

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Setting: Season 4, after "Pangs"(But Oz didn't leave)

Summary: It's the sequel to ' 2 people and 7 days '. The title says everything


It was two days since her mother had come back, it was two days since also Willow, Xander and the rest of the Scoobies had come back; but most of all it was three days since Buffy had seen or heard from Spike.

She laid on her bed; watching the portrait he had done for her, staring in a melancholy mood at the phone, wondering when it would have rung.

Finally, it rang.

" Hello?" she answered, picking it up at the first ring.

" Hi Buffy, it's Giles!"

"Hey Giles! Wassup?"

" I must tell you something…"

" About what?"

" Spike."

" Spike? What? Has he escaped?"

She knew very well what he would have said to her, so she was glad that he was saying that on the phone instead of in front of her; otherwise she would have laughed in his face: she wasn't so good at lying.

"No, he hasn't escaped; but he carries on blathering that maybe his chip works only with humans and living things. He said he heard two soldiers of the Initiative saying that. So, now he wants to find out if it's true: I would go to the Graveyard with him, but I must do an important research .."

" Don't say anything else. I'll go with him, although I'm not very happy to see him again so soon, but don't worry, I'll do. See ya tonight!" she said, hanging up.

She would have run there as soon as the sun went down, but she wouldn't have struck Giles as the reluctant type.

So, after dinner she made herself ready to go out.

After ten minutes she was already at Giles'.

" Buffy, come in!" her Watcher invited her.

" Hi, is he already awake?" she asked.

" Why don't you come here and judge it personally?" Spike replied with a sneer.

" I see you're awake!" she said, acting annoyed.

" I didn't miss you, Slayer!" he exclaimed.

" I didn't miss you more, Vampire!" she struck back.

" No, I didn't miss you more!" he insisted.

They both knew the real meaning of those words.

" While you two are establishing who didn't miss whom the most, I go do my research!" Giles informed, going to his room.

Buffy began untying Spike, taking a look around.

" Mm.. Giles seems far away.." she observed.

"Have you got something in mind?" he smiled, putting her on his lap.

" Maybe it's the same thing you've got in yours!" she smiled, bringing her mouth closer to his; but before they could make contact, he backed all of a sudden.

" Giles is coming, Giles' coming!" he warned her in a whisper, before pushing her away.

Unintentionally, he used too much strength and he sent her to the opposite corner of the room.

" Ops, sorry pet!" he apologized, before his chip operated.

Coming in, Giles saw Buffy on the floor and Spike, already unchained, who was clutching his head in pain.

" Ouch!" they both exclaimed in unison.

" What are you doing?" Giles burst out.

" He shoved me!" she explained first, getting up.

" Because.. she.. she pinched me while she was unchaining me!" he justified.

" Just because he insulted me!"

" You insulted me first!" he watched her.

" Anyway Giles, do you need something?" she asked, trying to change argument.

" I just wanted to tell you to try at least twice before verify if the chip really doesn't work with demons, ok?"

They both nodded, ready to go out.

" Fine! Now I come back to my books; I just hope you two won't act anymore like three years old children!" Giles scolded them.

And then the two headed towards the Cemetery.

" Me pinching you? Could you say anything more childish?"

" Sorry luv. I didn't know what to say; it just came out of my mouth before I could realize what I was saying… anyway, it worked!" he smiled.

" Yeah, it seems so! Now, wanna do the real stuff?" she said, taking a look around.

" No one is gonna arrive.." and she caressed his shoulder covered in leather.

" We'd better take advantage of that!" he said kissing her savagely, falling on the ground with her.

And they stayed there for a long time.

" Well, by now you're supposed to fight at least four demons.. I guess we should come back.." she suggested, trying to get up and to put in her clothes again, but he pulled her to him.

" You know.. this discovery must have made me so happy that I'm sure Giles will understand if I chose to wait for another couple of fiends to hurt.." he explained kissing her.

" Ok, my insatiable guy!" she giggled, messing up his hair.

They didn't notice the passing of the time; she realized first.

" Shit! Giles will kill me. It's 2 : 00 a. m. and I promised we would be back for midnight, hurry up!" she ordered.

They got dressed again as quickly as possible and ran away.

" Have you got the slightest idea of what I've been through? I thought it was happened something scary, you could advice me!" an enraged Giles yelled at the two blondes, mostly to the girl.

" I know, I'm terribly sorry, It's just that first we had to wait an eternity for any demon to show up and then, after killing the first vampire, Spike got a real kick out of it and he didn't wanna stop anymore. So, we've lost the notion of time. Sorry, it won't happen again, I promise!" Buffy apologized.

" I wish. So, I guess you had got well-founded suspicious!" Giles changed argument, turning to Spike.

" Yeah. That means tomorrow I'll find my new crypt! I would have done tonight, but sunrise is too near now.."

" Yeah, it's very late. I'd better come home. So, see ya tomorrow!" Buffy said.

" Do you mean you're going to go with him?" Giles asked perplexed.

" Of course! I must know where he's hiding. It's a Slayer thing.. you should know.."

" Hey, you're slowing down, Watcher!" the blond teased him and Giles confined himself to look daggers at him.

" You're right, Buffy. We all would better know where to find him to control him: chip or not, I don't trust him!"

" Me too, Giles. That's why I must go with him, and believe me, the only idea makes me sick, damn Slayer duties!" she complained, going out.


Spike had managed to find a new crypt, far away from the place where he was sure there was the hiding of the Initiative, and he had tried his best to make it as comfortable as he could.

By mutual consent, he had allowed Buffy to tell Giles and the Scoobies where he was, just to arouse no suspicion.

Buffy had also let them know that Spike had suggested her a sort of deal: he would have helped her to patrol if she had helped him to defend from the Initiative and from his former friends and even his former minions, which by then saw him as a traitor.

She had explained also that, although that pissed her off, she needed Spike to find out all she could about the mysterious Initiative.

Even if a little puzzled, her friends seemed to understand.

What they couldn't even imagine was that her patrols weren't so long as she made them believe: she just preferred to spend the left time with Spike, in his crypt.

Besides, she showed up at the Bronze as more as she could, not to make her friends worry.

She didn't like deceiving everyone so bad, but for that moment she had no choice.


I hope you'll like it