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Here's the last part:


As every night, Xander, Anya, Willow and Oz were at the Bronze. Each of the two couples was engaged in a passionate kiss.
" I don't like doing that when Buffy 's around, it might upset her!" Willow said.

So, once again they ended up talking about their friend.
" I'm sorry that she has to patrol even tonight! Anyway, I don't know what' happening to her.." Xander commented.
" Yeah, she seems so absent… and she always tries to isolate.. "Oz said. " As if she's hiding something from us.."
" Maybe she has got a boyfriend!" Anya exclaimed.

Willow considered that.
" It could be, but why couldn't she tell us, why should she hide that?" she wondered and no one gave an answer.

(In the meantime)

Buffy was at Spike's crypt.
" I'm ready!"
" Ready for what, sweetie?"
" I'm ready to tell my friends about us, William!"
" Really?" he smiled, happy that she had decided to face them.

" Yeah, tomorrow I'll tell them everything. I can't go on fooling everyone so bad, it's not right!" she explained, approaching him. " But tonight I don't wanna think about that. Let's just enjoy this night!" she said leaning for the kiss, but he stopped.

" Because this night could be the last one we spend together, couldn't it?" he wondered worried.
She smiled.
" No! No matter what happens, I don't give up you!" she clarified, amazing him.
She caressed his hair with both of her hands.

" Just because this could be the last night we spend secretly. Tomorrow will change everything: I wanna stay with you openly!" she admitted, kissing him.
" As long as it's not too much openly.. you know, the little sunlight problem I have.. " he joked, kissing her back.

" Then, we gotta celebrate!" he smirked.
" Have you got any special idea, Big Bad?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.
His only answer, he departed, opening a drawer.
" Maybe…" he said with a sneer, showing her a pair of handcuffs.
" Pervert!" she insulted him.
" Ok, Never mind!" he said, putting them back in the drawer.
" Wait!" she exclaimed.
He took them, turning to her with a knowing smile.
" I … have not said.. I don't wanna.. try.. " she confessed, blushing.
He smirked.
" That's my girl!"

(In the meantime)

Suddenly Xander began laughing.

" Wassup?" Anya asked.
" Oh, nothing. I was just thinking 'bout yesterday night: I went to Spike and guess what? We were talking and he said that I could have no idea of how much heat there's between him and Buffy. Heat instead of Hate ! Isn't it the funniest thing you've ever heard? " he said, starting to laugh again, but the others became thoughtful.
" Why isn't anyone laughing?" he asked perplexed.

" She isolates just and always during the night.. " Oz commented.
" Well, that could definitely be something she wants to keep from us.." Anya added.
" Hey no, wait a minute! Don't you think that the packet of cigarettes.." Xander began asking, but he was so shocked he didn't manage to finish the question.

" And there's more!" Willow exclaimed, almost screaming.
" Now she suddenly likes punk-rock music, but I thought it was only a change of taste! But now.. if I also think 'bout all the times she stutters when she says something beginning with 'sp'… there are too many coincidences, do I need to say more?"
" No, C'mon! It can't be.. there must be something wrong.." Xander commented sceptic.
" There's only a way to find out: it's not hard to guess where she could be now!" Willow exclaimed, departing with them all.

Spike didn't even feel them letting in his crypt and heading to his bedroom: he was too busy with Buffy!
So, the four guys saw a show that cleared up all their doubts: they saw from behind a shirtless Spike straddling Buffy, handcuffed to his bed. He was intent on unbuttoning her shirt, while she raised her hips against his, moaning.

" OH, MY GOD!" the four yelled in unison.
Buffy and Spike started with wide eyes.
When she saw them, she said the most stupid thing she could say.

" It's not as it looks like!" then she turned to Spike.
" And you, set me free now!" she ordered.

" Well, it looks like you two are going to have some great wild, wild sex!" Anya commented.
" Then, it's as it looks like!" Spike smirked, before Buffy 's elbow connected with his stomach, so strong that he fell from the bed.

That was a long deep silent among everyone, and then Anya talks first.
" Have you seen that?" she turned to Xander.
" They were using handcuffs; we've never tried that, we should, it sounds so fun.."

She watched Buffy and Spike: she had buttoning her shirt again, and he had pulled a t-shirt on; they had departed from the bed, but they were still close each other.
" Is it fun, guys?" Anya asked them. They gave an understanding gaze and they couldn't help smiling.

" Honey, it's not the right moment to talk 'bout that.." Xander explained to her, but then he felt all the others' eyes on him.
" …and there will be no right moment, anyway!" he added.

" Hello? We have just found Spike and Buffy together and all you're doing is talk 'bout handcuffed foreplays!" Willow exclaimed, surprising everyone.
" C'mon, Buffy. It's time to tell the truth: how long has this story been going on? " she asked, crossing her arms.

" Well, ma-maybe ..a-a month.." the blonde stuttered and then she heard Spike clearing his throat.
" It's a month, five days and (looking at his watch) two hours 'bout.." he clarified.

" Wow, Mr. Precision!" Buffy exclaimed watching him amazed.
He took her hands in his.
" You know, special things should be remembered even in the slightest details…"
And then he kissed them.
" …and you're the most special thing I've ever had!"

Buffy smiled sweetly, but she wasn't the only one impressed by his words: Anya and Willow were looking at them, sighing.

" You never talk to me that way!" Anya complained, with a punch on Xander 's shoulder.
" Well Oz, you never talk much anyway!" Willow commented, rolling her eyes.

Spike and Buffy were about to kiss, then they remembered the situation.

" Willow, you were blaming her, why don't you carry on the blame?" Xander reminded her.
" Oh, right!" she said, turning again to Buffy.
" So, you carried on lying so bad to everyone for so long. I can't believe it!" she said angrily.
" I know and I'm so sorry, Will; but I had no choice. I was so afraid you wouldn't have understood.." she explained.

" I still don't understand!" Oz cut her.
" Anyway, believe me or not, but tomorrow I would have told you everything, I swear. I couldn't stand lying to you all anymore, trust me!" she said almost crying.

" Well, at least now I know you haven't begun smoking.." Willow commented with a half smile.
" I got it!" Xander exclaimed suddenly, pointing at Buffy and watching the others.
" She can't be the real Buffy! She could never ever want Spike; this one must be a clone or something!" he said and then he looked at Spike coldly.
" Now, tell us where the real Buffy is!"

" Right in front of you, Xan!" Buffy replied annoyed, crossing her arms.
" It's not easy to explain. I know we were enemies.. but.. lots of things happened.. and I don't regret anything!" she confessed, holding Spike's hand.

" Buffy, are you insane? This is Spike, your Mortal Enemy, trying to kill you, trying to kill us. Ok, now he's chipped, but he's still a demon, an insensitive vampire, open your eyes!" Xander insisted.

" Hey! He's not like all the others, he's special! And if you knew him as now I know him, you wouldn't talk that way.." she defended him.
" Hey pet, don't picture me so kind and good! I'm still the Big Bad, after all.." he clarified, trying to look at the others coldly with a fierce expression.

" Buffy, think about it! He has not got a soul.." Willow reminded her.
" You know what? Sometimes a soul means nothing!" she stroke back
" The world is full of human killers and criminals and they are all soulful people. Plus, there are people with a soul that hurt me bad, think about Parker!" she explained. If she had mentioned also Angel, she would have surely aroused Spike's jealousy and a scene of jealousy from him was the last thing she needed then.

" I got it!" Anya exclaimed.
" It's just about the sex! I mean, you are very strong, he's very strong, so you are a match and you don't have to worry 'bout hurting each other when you two hump like bunnies.. eeewwwww.. have I really said 'bunnies'? Eeeeewwww.. I did it again!" she said, getting nervous.

Everyone looked at her shocked, but Willow didn't find her idea so stupid.
" Is that, Buffy? Is the sex stuff?"
" Hell no!" she clarified, but the peroxide blond looked at her, raising an eyebrow.
" I mean.. it's not just that!" she added.

" There's more: he also gives me comfort when I'm sad, he makes me laugh, if he can he holds me tight when I have bad dreams. And he cares 'bout me, I can tell, he rescued my life once!" she confessed and that impressed her friends.
" In his arms I feel safe, can you believe that? He's always here for me, he melts my heart 'cause he never stops amazing and also amusing me. He really understands me, always, better than everyone. I trust him as he trusts me, I know he'll never hurt me anymore, and neither you, he had promised and I believe him. Plus he'll never leave me. These are some of the reasons why I love him!" Buffy admitted, almost not realizing it.

" You love him?" the others repeated in unison.
" You love me!" Spike exclaimed, his blue eyes sparkling with joy.
" I guess so.." she smiled.
" Oh Buffy, I love you, too! I love you more than everything. I loved you since our first kiss, no, maybe before, but I was too afraid to lose you if I had told you that.." he confessed, caressing his hair.
" Oh, Spike!" she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him in front of everyone.

" I should be angry…" Willow commented. "… instead I can't help being happy for her!" she admitted, hugging Oz.

" That scene should make me sick.." Xander said. " .. instead.. I'm kind of .. moved!"
Buffy parted from Spike.

" Please guys, don't be mad at me! I mean.. Willow, you're becoming a powerful witch and your boyfriend is a werewolf! And Xander, you are engaged with an ex- Vengeance Demon! But I accept all of you, without judging. So, why can't you accept him?" she said, still hugged to the blond vampire.
" You're right. We owe you that, after all. Anyway, Spike, if you try to hurt her or leave her.."
" I won't, ever!" he cut him.
" I'd rather stake myself than make her cry…" he assured so seriously that even Xander believed his word.

" It's ok for me, too. You know what? I'm not so surprised, after all. I had got the feeling that soon or later something would have happened between you two: you are so similar, then both of you have never followed rules.." Willow confessed and they smiled.
" If it's ok for my baby, it's ok for me, too!" Oz said, wrapping an arm 'round Willow's waist.
" I also agree.. and I'm still thinking 'bout handcuffs.." Anya exclaimed.

" Guys, I love you!" Buffy said, hugging everyone.
After a while, the four decided to leave them alone, but Willow didn't depart immediately with the others, she remained there for few minutes again, approaching her best friend.
" Buffy, if you're happy, I'm happy, too!"
" I'm happy Will, really!" she said, hugging her once more.

" At least, he doesn't bite you!" the red commented relieved, but the sudden silence of her friend made her change her mind. " Oh my god, he does! How? The chip.."
" I .. kind of… let him do it…" Buffy explained, blushing.
".. but just sometimes!" she clarified.
" Oh!" was all the other girl managed to say.
" Yeah, and sometimes she bites me back, too!" Spike added smiling.
" Double ' Oh'!" the red replied.
" You're not helping, Spike!" Buffy said, blushing even more and hitting his shoulder.
" Well, I thought this was a ' Whole Truth' time.." he justified with a sneer.
" Ok, I don't wanna hear 'bout that! I'd better go, bye! Just.. don't.. bite each other too much!" the red implored, departing.

" Well, after all it wasn't so hard!" Buffy commented, caressing his T-shirt covered chest.
" Now I still have to tell mom and Giles. With mom it will be easy: she has always liked you! Well, saving the first time, when she hit you with that axe.." she laughed at the memory." But Giles will be such a problem!" she added, worried.

" Say it again!" Spike whispered.
" Giles will be a problem?" she frowned.
" No!" he chuckled.
" You know what I wanna hear.." he purred against her neck.
" Oh, right! I love you, Spike!" she said kissing him.
" I love you (kiss), I love you (kiss), I l-o-v-e (longer kiss) you!"
" I love you, Buffy! God, I love you so much!" he murmured lifting and taking her to his bed, placing him upon her.

" Well, we have still a couple of hours before you come back home.." he said, bringing her arms on the head of the bed
" Wanna carry on what we were doing?"
" Why not?" she smiled and a second after she was handcuffed once again.


" Giles, GILES! We have to talk!" Buffy exclaimed, rushing to his house, the morning after.
" What's going on?" he asked worried.
" Something very bad!" she replied.

" Tonight I had a dream, a premonitory one: there will be a terrible Apocalypse and this time we all will die, there's nothing to do!" she explained very agitated.
" Calm down, Buffy!" he said, starting to skim through his books one by one. " Now just explain it to me better, give me all the details and.."

Her sudden laughter interrupted him.
" Relax, Giles. I was joking!" she admitted smiling.
Giles seemed very relieved and puts his books on the table again, sitting on the sofa.
" Thank Goodness it's not true! Anyway, Buffy, you're not fu.."
She cut him again.

" I'm dating Spike and we are in love!" she confessed quickly.
" Wh-what? Wh-why? H-how?" Giles stuttered, then he began chuckling.
" Wait, I've got it! You don't fool me anymore; it's another joke, isn't it? I just wonder why today you're so playful.."

" No joke, no game. This time is the whole truth!" she clarified. " I've just thought that, compared to the first news, this one could be less traumatic!" she explained.
His only answer, he passed out on the sofa, so Buffy smirked , shrugging.
" I was wrong"


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