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This is sets on manga 284 when they meet together for the first time

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"And that is about it, you will be replacing Kakashi for that time being" Tsunade said looking at the ANBU in front of her

"Replacing that Kakashi-senpai, I am very honoured" the ANBU said looking at Tsudesa.

"This is a normal mission not an ANBU-class one so you may remove your mask, you also need a code name which you will be known as "Yamato" for the time being" Tsudesa said as the ANBU removed his mask

"Understood" was all the ANBU said

"Also a new person from the ANBU training institution root will be joining the Kakashi team, however"

"Yes" the ANBU said in his erect position

"Keep an eye on him..." Tsunade said in her secret moon

"….. Meaning…." Asked the ANBU confusedly

"He was recommended by Dranzou. Dranzou used to be the opposition to the tried, one who will set ell for nothing less and will even use force; he crated and ran the "ANBU ROOT" division as a separate entity, I'm sure you're at least heard of their name, "Root" has been disbanded since and Danzow no longer holds any power but nevertheless there's no way of telling what he might have up his sleeve."

"Perhaps you're thinking a bit too much?" Yamato asked Tsunade.

"…maybe, go and meet your team now" Tsunade dismissed Yamato.

"Roger" and with that Yamato left, he went to his so called home to change and get ready to meet his new team.

"Great thing, I have to baby sit 3 people now, but before that I have to go to a meeting at the hospital to talk about Naruto with Tsunade, Kakashi and Jiraya." Yamato thought to him self with a sigh, and left his house to go to the hospital. Yamato was wearing exact same cloths as every other junious in Kohona. He arrives at the hospital and went strait to the room he was told to meet at.

At the hospital

He went to the room and knocked.

"Come in" come a voice from behind the door.

Yamato opened the door and entered the room "sir"

"Well, well look who the cat dragged in?" Kakashi said in mocking voice.

"Good evening sir!" Yamato said while standing in a halt possession.

"So you're taking over me, well I have to tell you this much Naruto and Sakura will like, you're on time like always" Kakashi said still lying in his bed, looking at the ceiling.

"Oh really"

"Yeah, but I have to warn you that the person you will have trouble with is….."

"Yeah I know Naruto because he is a hot headed" Yamato replayed as I know in a matter of fact.

"NO! I think I have told you this before that you should not judge anyone by the profile." Kakashi said in an angry voice and sat up looking at Yamato. "Naruto has grown up he is matured now, but Sakura on the hand is something you at too look out for, she is not any more the little girl that they say on the file, she is young, pretty women, who has the same medical knowledge as the Hokage and she is stronger than her."

"Sakura?" Yamato was confused on who that person was. "I was only given Naruto's File and no one else's"

"Oh, well look after her, she is the most important part of the mission, she has been working on something that will frow Orichimarou himself and Itache out of the way, got it?"

"Yes sir"

"And one more thing, her drinking habit is like Tsunade's herself."

"Are you saying I got a bad drinking habit Kakashi" Tsunade said walking in the room.

"Oh men you got busted, you Little Brat" Jiraya said coming from behind Tsunade while pointing at Kakashi.

"No, No not at all Tsunade-sama, I am not" Kakashi tried to get himself out of this little complex problem.

"You better not! Any way I gathered all of you lot here to discuss Naruto"

"So is it true" Yamato said standing next to the bed that Kakashi was sitting with a good few foot steps away.

"In all my judging from the appearance of its chakra, its tail would continue to increases at a rapid rate and in the end…"

"There would be nine of them" Kakashi finished the sentence for Jiraya. "how many tails were you able to witness, Jiraya-same…"

Jiraya sighted

"There have been two times in my life where I almost died, the first time I was left with six ribs and both arms broken as well as a number of ruptured organs…" Jiraya said while taking off his top.

"After trying to take a peek of some women bathing…Tsunade... that was when you had your way with me…" at that Tsunade hafted "and the second time that was when I was training with Naruto after having witnessed his Kyuubi chakra from a fourth tail," Jiraya said comply taking of his top revelling a scar

"With rage acting as a trigger the tail of the demon fox increased in numbers, he was able to remain conscious of his actions with just three tails formed and succumbed to pure destructive impulse but once the fourth tail sprouted he lost all appreciation for his own actions" Jiraya finished explaining.

"But how could that have happened what of the fourth's seal" kakashi asked.

"I am not sure of the specifics, but one thing I can say, it would appear that the fourth's seal is in the process of weakening" Jiraya added " and another problem is, that when Naruto is in his Kyuuni form, he enveloped by a fox-shaped shroud formed of chakra that of first, looked to be protecting him, but in actuality it was doing quite the opposite, that is constantly causing damage to his own body, by the time the fourth tail has formed his body was covered with not only chakra shroud, but also his own blood, he went on a rampage, despite his own serious injuries." Jiraya said again.

"Once the chakra shroud dissipated, Naruto's damage body recovers through use of the kyuubi chakra internal to it…" Kakashi said taking the idea out of jiryas thoughts.

"but if he continues such rapist cycles of injury followed by accelerated healing then without fail Naruto's body will weaken and his lifespan will be shortened" Jiraya explained.

"And that is why we need you Yamato, you who inherited the cell of the first Hokage," Tsunade said turning to Yamato.

"Currently it is only you who possesses the potential to control a Jinchuuriki and as luck would have it, the first's Necklesce is already hanging around Naruto's neck we're counting on you..." Jiraya added

After the meeting in the hospital had finished Yamato left and went where he was going to meet his so cold new team.

He reached the meeting point only to find Sakura and Naruto there standing and waiting for him, but the 3rd person nowhere to be seen.

Sakura and Naruto

"Well who do you think that we are going to have on are team" Naruto asked looking at Sakura.

"I don't know but one thing is for sure that Tsunade would not put someone less then Kakashi on the team"

"Yeah I gases your right, I hope he is on time and not let like kaka-sense" Naruto added.

"Well Tsunade said to meet here at 1.30 pm and it is only 1:15 pm, we still have 15 more minutes till they come." Sakura said

"Hey Sakura do you know how that guy over there is" Naruto said looking past Sakura at Yamato.

"hu… what are you talking about" Sakura said will turning to see who Naruto was talking about.

"He is looking at us and is coming to words us" Naruto said again.

"No I don't but I got a feeling that we will find out" Sakura replied.

"Hey" Yamato greeted

"Hey" Sakura and Naruto said at the same time, while Yamato stood in front of them in silent.

Sakura and Naruto looked at each other then back at Yamato, but said nothing, after 5 minutes Sakura had enough of the silence and why the guy that come 5 minutes ago who had said hi and stood there in silence looking at Naruto and her, like he was observing their moves.

"Sakura I am going to ichkra raama I will only be a few minute" Naruto said taking off toward the raama shop.

"Ok just hurry up" Sakura stood there all by herself and this other guy who was getting on Sakura's nerves, because he had his full attention on her.

"What is your problem?" Sakura questioned Yamato

"What" Yamato asked confusedly

"What is your problem?" Sakura said again.

"What are you talking about?" Yamato questioned

"Since you come here you have steered at me non stopped" Sakura added

"Oh have I?" Yamato said playing dame

"Look ether fuck off , out of here or you will get a taste of my temper" Sakura said cracking her knuckles.

"Is that so, oh my I have been greeted in many different ways before, but never threatened" Yamato said chuckling while looking at Sakura who got angrier by the second.

"You know in all my life I have heard of hating your team captain, but never to actually threat them before you know them, that is not fair is it now Sakura" Yamato said looking straight at Sakura

"Who are you and why do you know my name?" Sakura questioned him; Sakura was so furies right now that if this person carried on with the stupid game she would defiantly hit him head on.

"All in good time" was all he said

"All in good time my ass…"Sakura said as she got ready to punch him, but she was stopped by Naruto's voice calling her.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto shouted while running to words Sakura.

"Is he giving you any trouble?" Naruto said acting all (I am the man).

"hey easy there you two…" Yamato was interrupted as someone landed in front of the group.

"Yo!" the person said.

"y…you?" Naruto said pointing to the person that just landed.

"Ok everyone my name is Yamato and so for the time being, I'll be taking over for Kakashi as team leader." Yamato said

"Naruto do you know him?" Sakura said ignoring what Yamato had said.

"Sorry about earlier, I know we'd be team-mates so I wanted to see what you were capable of, besides there's no telling how big a pussy you are that'll need constant back up." The guy said smiling.

"SAY WHAT?" Naruto shouted as he got ready to hit the guy but was stopped by Sakura.

"Wait, he's our team-mate now so don't start a fight! But I have to say I have a bad feeling about you" Sakura said while keeping Naruto from hitting the boy.

"Really? I like seemingly nice to ugliest like you" the guy replayed smiling at Sakura again.

"SAY WHAT!" Sakura through Naruto to the side and was about to punch the guy in front of her, but was stopped by a strong arm preventing her from hitting him.

"Do you remember what you just said to Naruto" Yamato said while straggling to hold her back.

'jeezzz this girl has some strength, it's taking me all my strength to keep her from hitting him, apparently Kakashi was right this girl Sakura is the one I need to look out for and not Naruto, it will appear I will have to use the technique on her not Naruto, but how am I suppose to do that with Sakura she had got no demon' Yamato thought to himself the an idea come to his head.

"Sakura please calm down, we have not got time, and any way your very beautiful don't listen to him" Yamato said but Sakura still carried on to straggling so she can escape and hit sai.

"Yeah Sakura you are very beautiful and if you want we can go on a date together ok after this is finished" Naruto added while smiling.

"No thank you Naruto" Sakura said while calming down as Yamato pulled her a bit fathered way from the rest and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You ok" Yamato asked

"of course who do you think you're talking to?" Sakura said looking at Yamato with hatful eyes because he did not let her hit sai.

Inner Sakura : what is he thinking, stopping me like that"

Sakura : tally agree with you no right at all

Inner Sakura : true but he did say your beautiful

Skaura please he only said that for me to calm down

Inner Sakura: don't you think he is a beat cute

Sakura: no not at all

Inner sakur : oh is that so

Sakura: yes and why is it always I am surrounded by stupid people.

"Sakura you ok" Naruto's voice interrupted Sakura's thoughts as he come and walked next to her.

"yes thank you" Sakura replayed still angree.

Yamato sighted and start wondering on how he will dell with his new team.

"Well the four of us are going on a mission together but what's this matter here? We don't have much time to get to know each other so introduce your-selves" Yamato said looking at the three but his index finger on his temple like he had a head ach.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said with a scrooge face.

"I'm Haruno Sakura" Sakura said with a vain popping up at the side of her forehead.

"My name is sai" sai said smiling

"Well so much for the introductions" Yamato said putting both of his hands on his waist. "I'm going to explain now the mission we, team Kakashi will undertake." Everyone stopped there heartiness towards sai and got series.

"The four of us are going to the tenchikyou (bridge of heaven and earth) were we'll meet the Akatsuki's spy that has infiltrated orochimaru's organisation. We must capture him and bring him back, we have to take this chance to obtain information on Orochimaru and Uchita susuke." Yamato said looking at Naruto and Sakura.

"in order to plan orochimaru's assassination and sasuke's retrieval we have to gain valuable information's, so set your harts on doing that" Yamato said in more of a harder tone to the last par.

"We'll meet in an hour at the village gate! You just take your equipments and well leave" with that everyone left and went in the separate ways.

Sakura and Naruto left together, Yamato just puffed from his place and sai jumped from roof top to roof top like a monkey.

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