Do What?

(Chapter 7)

Hermione Malfoy woke up with a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. Of course she knew she wasn't in her bedroom, but that of her husband, Draco. And that feeling she had, well, she couldn't tell if it was a good one or a bad one. Rubbing her eyes with both hands, she sat up in his freakishly large bed. She now had only one question to ask.

Why the hell does he have a bed this big?

Ok, sorry, two questions.

What the hell does he do in here? Ah. Forget the last one, because she KNEW what he did in here—she just didn't want any mental images.

Draco was most definitely not in the bed with her…at least, not from what she could tell. But, just in case he was, she slowly and quietly got out of the bed, pulled a pair of pajama bottoms and a shirt on, and went downstairs to start breakfast.

About mid pancake flip Hermione realized that she wasn't freaking out about the night before.

"Why should I?" she thought, "It was bound to happen sooner or later. Better sooner than later, right?"

Then she proceeded to laugh hysterically, and she didn't know why. Tears were even streaming down her face.

"You sound like a dying animal," said a rude voice from behind her.

Hermione, whose laughing had ceased, turned around and scowled at her 'husband'. Draco in return smirked at her—like he always does.

"At least I don't look like one," Hermione said shamefully. She really had to work on her witty comebacks. Merlin knows she needed them living in this house.

Draco stared at her with a blank look. "Is that the BEST you could come up with. Come on Granger, I think even Weasley could have done better than that."

Hermione sighed and leaned forward against the granite counter top. "Fine, if you really want to be a rude prick this morning you just won't get any of my blueberry pancakes," she said, taking her plate over to the kitchen table.

"But I'm starving." Draco whined—trying to be cute by rubbing his stomach. Which really isn't cute on a grown man.

It was Hermione's turn to smirk now. "I bet you are," she said, and then picked up the morning newspaper and was lost in some story about the annual Wizard Wine Tasting Tours coming up.

Later on that day Hermione was sitting on the swings in the large 'backyard', which was more like a backcountry. She had to admit there were some perks to being Mrs. Malfoy. For instance, she got to live in a beautiful house with a beautiful view of untouched English land.

Draco could see her through the window in his bedroom. He had to admit that he admired her for he composure through all of this. It can't be easy for her—she actually has to carry the baby for nine months.

She wasn't pregnant yet—at least not that he knew. Last night had been…great actually. He was having a great day at work, and when he got home and saw her, he just couldn't help himself. She looked really beautiful.

It was weird for him to say that, considering the woman gave him a migraine most of the time, but he would certainly be liar if he said she was anything short of beautiful.

Draco could hear his stomach growling and he made his way down to the kitchen. He wasn't surprised to see Hermione sitting in the living room with a cup of tea. She looked up when she saw him enter the room.

"Just the person I was wanting to talk to," Hermione said when she noticed Draco

in the room.

"Draco walked over to where she was sitting. "What's up?" he asked.

Hermione sat her teacup down on deep mahogany table next to her. "My sister, Caroline, called me on my cell phone a few minutes ago. She was wondering if we could baby sit for her tomorrow."

Draco thought about it for a moment. He had only met Hermione's family once. They had decided against telling her parents their reason for marriage. Hermione didn't want her parents to know she was stuck in a loveless marriage because of a stupid mistake she made. It would break their hearts, and she couldn't bare it.

Of course they weren't happy to hear their daughter had gotten married without her family there, but they were still supportive of her decision. "As long as you are happy," they had said.

Caroline was Hermione's older sister by five years, and though not a witch like her younger sister, was brilliant in her own right. She was a biochemist, and her husband, Ted, was a plastic surgeon in London. They had two daughters. Annie, the eldest at four, and Katie, who was eight months old.

"Do I have to?" Draco asked. "Why can't you just do it?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Because, I can't watch two little kids by myself for a whole day. Besides, it will be a good experience for us. I mean, I think it's kind of ironic that she called and asked me today," she replied.

"She had a point," Draco thought. He had never thought he was good with kids. They kind of scared him. The whole crying and screaming business—and they weren't particularly clean little things.

But, he would have to get over all of that if he was going to have one of his own sometime soon.

"Fine," he replied apprehensively.

Hermione looked pleased when he agreed.

"Good, because you didn't really have a choice anyway. I already told her we'd be there," she replied.

Draco rolled his eyes. Of course she did.

"This should be interesting," he thought almost amused. Almost.

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