Hi guys! I got idea for this story from one shot I read today.

Summary: Sasuke wants to make Sakura hate him. He's doing to her the worst possible things. But he didn't think that it could turn into tragedy... SasuxSaku, a little of InoxSasu and maybe some NaruxHina.

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Chapter 1 "Something's diffirent"

It was 7 am and Team 7 gatrhered next to bridge like every day. They were waiting for Kakashi-sensei but he propably won't show up in next 3 or 4 hours. Like always Sasuke was silently looking into the sky, Naruto was complaing about everything and Sakura was quietly sitting under the tree...
Wait! It wasn't normal! Sakura usually would:

1. Yelling at Naruto

2. Beating Naruto

3. Flirting with Sasuke

Something was not right today. Even more suprising was that Sasuke from time to time was shoting her a quick glances as if he knew what happened. It was STRANGE.

Uchiha Sasuke, age 17 never showed any interest in his pink haired teamate (if she was in danger then maybe, but normally no) and now he looked... worried? It could be. He was nervous each time she said something to Naruto as if he was worried that she may tell him a secret... Secret...

- Neee... Sakura-chan! What's wrong.. you're quite today! - asked Naruto. But before she could answer him kakashi arrived.

- Sorry but I got lost and... - he started

- LIAR! - shouted Naruto. Kakashi noticed that Sakura didn't say anything. Then he noticed that Sasuke was nervously looking at her

'Interesting' he thought

.- So what we're doing today, sensei? - asked Sakura as she got up and came closer to him.

-Hmm... we're going to met Hokage-sama to ask her for new mission

- YAY! I hope that it would be some A-rankled mission or even an S-RANKED! Yeah! - yelled Naruto

- Baka! S-ranked missions are only for jounins and ANBU and we're still chuunins! Our jounin exam is in 2 months! - said Sakura.

Her eyes then meet Sasuke's. Her face in a second became red as tomato. Kakashi raised his eyebrow 'Something VERY interesting must've happened

Sasuke rolled his eyes. On the way to Hokage he came closer to Sakura.

- Walk a little slower - he said quietly. She did as she was told.

- Now, I think that you got wrong idea, Sakura - he started calmly.

Sakura glanced at him waitng for some kind of explanation.

He came closer to pink haired kunoichi what make her blush and he whispered in her ear:

- Last night didn't mean anything. It was just a pity fuck - Sakura's eyes widened and tears stared to come out.

Sasuke didn't wait for her reply and went to Naruto and Kakashi. She stood in one place and with all her will tried not to cry.

-Ara? Sakura-chan, go a little faster! Tsunade-baachan is waiting for us! - yelled Naruto.

She took one step, then another and somehow she managed to go after her team. She watched Sasuke's back. She couldn't belive what she heard. Last night they made love. She thought that in the end Sasuke started to love her and from now they will be together.

She was quiet this morning because she waited for Sasuke to make some moves. She was so naive...

As they entered Hokage's room Sakura for a second stopped thinking about Sasuke and listened to Tsunade.

- Asuma's team is on the mission but Yamanaka Ino didn't go with them because of her sickness. Now that she's alright I want her to train with you, because her team won't return in 2 weeks. - Sasuke smirked.

It will be a great opportunity to show Sakura that he doesn't care about her at all.

Ino ewntered the room and with super speed she jumped on Sasuke's back

- Sasuke-kuuun! I missed you sooo much honey! - She kissed him in a cheek and to Sakura's suprise he didn't do anything but smirked. Sakura couldn't believe that! It can't be true.


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