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Chapter 9


"I think that we should get married. For the sake of our child. Sakura will you marry me?" Sakura thought that she misheard his so she asked:

"I what?" Sasuke coughed and repeated

"Will you marry me?" Sakura's eyes widened in a pure shock but soon her surprise was replaced by rising anger.

"How dare you…" She started but Sasuke didn't let her finish. He placed his hand on her lips and said.

"Let me explain first. Our marriage will bring profits for the three of us." Sakura took his hand from her mouth and with shaking from anger voice asked:

"Profits for the three of us? I would like to hear more about this." Sasuke sighed. He knew that it will be a long night.

"If we'll marry our child will have family. You will have a place to stay and you wouldn't have to worry about job and money because I would take care of it. Also you won't be called slut or something like that." Sasuke stared at Sakura trying to guess what she would be thinking right now.

"And what you'll gain from this marriage?" she asked.

"I would have a heir so I wouldn't have to worry about Uchiha restoration anymore." He explained quickly. Tsunade decided to stay quiet. It was Sakura and Sasuke's problem and she had no right to bug in.

"Are you sure? You said not so long ago that I'm too weak to be a mother of Uchiha's heirs." Sakura asked with a smile which made Sasuke shiver.

"You're the strongest Kunoichi in Konoha so I'm sure that our child won't bring a shame to my clan." He answered. Sakura raised an eyebrow. She didn't expect Sasuke to say something like that. She was sure that he'll say something like that there was no other choice or that it's better than nothing.

"I think that it's better to don't have a family than to have parents which don't love themselves" Sakura explained. Her family was like that. Her father married her mother because she was pregnant with her. They always argued, never kissed, never hold hands, they didn't even share a bed.

"Well it'll be enough if they like each other. We're friends Sakura, aren't we?" At this statement Sakura began to laugh.

"Sasuke, my dear Sasuke. We were friends till the time you ruined everything. You think that I would so simply forgive you for what you've done to me? Don't make me laugh." Sasuke lowered his head. He knew that he did wrong. He remained silent.

"Tell me Sasuke, was I really that annoying that you have to do this? You couldn't stand me this much?" She continued. Sasuke opened his mouth to explain but Sakura continued.

"What did you feel when you slept with me? Who I was for you at that moment? What did you think when I repeated to your ear that I love you?!" The last statement made Sakura cry out loud. She couldn't stand that her beloved one could be so mean to her. She wished that it was only a dream, a nightmare. She wished that she could wake up right now.

"You better be honest, Uchiha. Your future relies on your answer." Said Tsunade. Sasuke took a deep breathe. Hokage didn't have to tell him that. He can't lie to Sakura at this moment.

"Each time I saw you my mind was about to explode. I always have t look after you to make sure that some idiots didn't dare by a chance to talk to you. When you weren't around I was thinking about what were you doing right now. I was wondering if you are safe? If some fool didn't try to make you his. I thought that if this continues then I'll go crazy. So I decided to get rid of you. I was sure that if I make you hate me then my mind would be at ease. But it wasn't. I couldn't stop thinking about you even for a second. I felt guilty for what I've done. I understood that it wasn't good idea." Sasuke said. Tsunade noticed that it was the first time she heard Sasuke say this much at once. At least he opened himself and started to share his feelings with others.

Sasuke blushed and continued. Tsunade marked it also as rare sign.

"To answer your question Sakura, what I felt when I slept with you… To be honest I didn't expect it to be like this. I thought that it will feel like sex with any other girl. But it was different. It may sound quite perverted but the first time I entered you I was about to come. It was so awesome that I wanted to do it over and over again for the whole night. I never felt like that with any other woman." He finished.

"And you had experience with a few, right?" Sakura commented. Sasuke remained silent and Sakura get this as his answer.

"I knew about this" she said sadly.

"I loved you and I watched you closely. I saw you with many other girls but I kept telling myself that they didn't mean anything to you, that you were just playing with them for fun. I heard from your fangirls that you only slept with one girl once." She smiled bitterly at him. Sasuke was shocked. He didn't expect Sakura to know about this. And somehow he didn't like the word she used "loved". He knew that it was obvious that her love for him died after what he's done but still for him it sounded so wrong.

"If you knew what kind of guy I was so why did you keep loving me?" Sasuke asked. Tsunade was shocked that young Uchiha would ask such an obvious question.

"I wish it would be that simple as you said. Do you think that I could stop loving whenever I wanted? If it was like that then I would do it a long time ago. But no, no matter what the person you love do, you can't stop loving him. " Sakura explained. For normal person it would be totally obvious but for Sasuke it wasn't.

"Love can easily disappear" he said darkly. His love for Itachi easily changed into hatred.

"You can't be more wrong, Uchiha" Tsunade said.


"The reason why you hate your brother so much is because your love for him was very strong." Tsunade explained. Sasuke didn't say anything about it.

"It hurts the most when the people we love betray us" Hokage continued. Sasuke didn't know if she mean Itachi or Sakura. Then it finally hit him. He betrayed Sakura like Itachi betrayed him years ago.

"But Itachi took everything I love from me" he said. Sakura didn't know what he mean but Tsunade did.

"And you didn't? Think about it more." She said. Sasuke wondered how destroying pure girl's life could be compared to… okay it CAN be compared to his misery.

Tsunade smirked when she noticed Uchiha's face. It seemed that he started to understand what he's really done.

"Sakura…" He said. Sakura looked at him surprised. His eyes were full of regret.

"Sasuke?" She asked as he came closer to her.

"I'm sorry" he said and then he hugged her. Sakura was sure that at this moment hell froze. THE Uchiha Sasuke were actually hugging her and he apologized to her. It was a miracle!

"Wha..?" Sakura didn't know what to do. Sasuke didn't let go of her. He only hugged her tighter.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Sakura" he whispered in her ear over and over again. Tsunade smiled gently at them. They looked so cute together.

"Sasuke-kun, please let me go… the baby…" Sakura said. Sasuke quickly released Sakura from his arms. She called him "Sasuke-kun". He was more than happy to hear this.

"Don't worry, you can't hurt the baby like this. I think that more you'll be getting intimate your child will be happier. Kissing, hugging, touching is the best thing for a baby. It can feel love that way." Tsunade explained. Sasuke and Sakura blushed. Somehow they couldn't imagine each other hugging, kissing and touching lovingly.

"So Sakura, what's your answer? Will you marry Uchiha?" Tsunade asked. Sakura totally forgot about Sasuke's proposal. She knew that right now she has to choose the best solution for her child.

"But there'll be no love." She said. Sasuke didn't know why but he wanted to tell her that she's wrong even thought that what she said was true. She didn't love him anymore and he also didn't love her, right?

"Maybe, but you know that he cares for you. I think that you also know that he honestly apologized to you for what he's done. Maybe this marriage isn't a bad idea at all." Tsunade said.

Sakura knew that Tsunade was right. Sasuke really felt sorry for what he's done and she knew that he really cares for her and their baby. She knew that he will be great father.

"I…" she began. Sasuke looked straight in her eyes with so much hope. Somehow he felt that his whole life would change to better if she agreed to marry him. But he knew that Sakura didn't forgive him and he's fool for hoping that she would marry someone like him.

"I will marry you, Sasuke-kun." She said. Sasuke couldn't believe his ears. She agreed! She really agreed to be his wife!

Tsunade smiled widely at them. If only they weren't so blind to see each others feelings… Hokage had a perfect mission for Naruto and Kakashi. The first thing that she'll do tomorrow morning will be calling those two to her office. Sasuke and Sakura deserved to be happy and she as Hokage would do everything to help them in this.

"Sakura… I… thank you" Sasuke said. Sakura didn't say anything. This day was really full of suprises for her.

"Sasuke, maybe you two should sit down and talk about marriage preparations?" Tsunade suggested.

"No, Hokage. It's late and I will be going now. But tomorrow I'll come again and then we'll talk about this. Sakura needs to go to sleep" he said and left Tsunade's house. Before he closed door behind himself he nodded his head which meant in Uchiha body language "bye".

Sakura chuckled. Years of practice made her learn about Sasuke's body language. Naruto even asked her few times if she could read his minds or whatever. Usually she told him that it was power of love. But now if Naruto asked her about that she wouldn't know how to answer him. She wouldn't use the word "love" so easily anymore because she started to doubt its existence.

Next morning Tsunade was in very good mood. She was even singing in her office as she was signing documents. Shizune thought that Hokage finally has gone crazy. Hokage being happy with her paperwork was the last thing Shizune would expect. If you asked her she would say that rather Jiraya-sama would become a priest than Tsunade would like her work. She wondered even if it wasn't someone else changed into Hokage.

"Shizune! Bring Kakashi and Naruto to my office! Right now!" ordered Tsunade.

"Ha.. Hai, Hokage-sama!" Shizune now was sure that it was REAL Hokage-sama. She quickly ran from Hokage's office.

Fiveteen minutes later Naruto and Kakashi were standing in Tsunade's office. Both of them looked as if there were dragged from their bed by force… well they were…

"Moo… Tsunade-bacchan! What the hell is it about?! Shannaro!" Naruto yelled annoyed.

"Shut up, Naruto! I have very important mission for you two." She said. Kakashi raised his brown.

"For us? Team 7? Then why isn't Sakura-chan and Sasuke-bastard here?" Naruto asked.

"Well, it's simply because they mustn't know about this" Tsunade answered with an evil smile. Naruto and Kakashi shivered. Hokage was planning something no good and right now Kakashi and Naruto wished that they were rather fighting the whole Akatsuki than be in Tsunade office…


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