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Chapter One: So far away

Ginny woke up with cold sweat all over her forehead. Something was wrong, she could feel it. She looked around. Her roommates where sleeping peacefully. She got up and looked through the window. The sky was cloudy and it would start raining anytime sooner. She could see the about five guards walking around the camp. She got back to bed but she couldn't sleep.

She looked at the ceiling, thinking of how things had changed since Hogwarts. It had been five years since she had left the school. She had decided to be a Healer and now she was working at a camp. The war was killing more and more people. The previous day she had seen her friend Colin Creevy die in front of her. Her brother Percy had died two years ago. She would often receive letters from Ron and Hermione. Ron was in Scotland doing some secret mission for the Ministry. Hermione was the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. And Harry, he was nowhere to be seen. He would write to her too but not so often. No one knew where he was or what he was doing. He had finally found and destroyed the Horcruxes. Now he was preparing the final battle but only a few knew what he was doing. In his letters he promised her it would all be over soon and that they would finally be together. Ginny was living for that moment. The moment when the nightmare would end and she would finally be with the man she loved.

She was almost falling asleep when an explosion made her get to her feet. The other girls woke up too. Ginny looked at the window. They were being attacked. There were so many Death Eaters walking around the camp.

"Oh My god! What are we going to do?" Padma Patil asked.

" Lets just calm down! If we get nervous it's..." Ginny's words were cut off by the six Death Eaters that had opened the door violently. The girls started running. Ginny tried to escape but a pair of cold hands grabbed her by the waist.

"Look what we have here! A pretty little Red Head to be my prisoner." the voice of the Death Eater said. That voice rang a bell inside her head. She had heard it before, somewhere in the past but where?

He dragged her with him outside. She was screaming and trying to kick him, scratch him but he was too strong.

" Morsmordre!" he said lifting his wand. A big green skull appeared in the sky. And then she felt the pressing feeling of disapparating. When she opened her eyes she was no longer in the camp. She was in a very wet and dark room. She looked around. A dungeon. She was in a dungeon.

The Death Eater put her on the floor and she got away from him as much has she could. There was no door in the dungeon, only a small window on the top.

"Scared like a little weasel!" he said and took of his mask. Even if he hadn't she would know who he was. She recognized his voice, his mocking voice. There in front of her was non other than Draco Malfoy. "Long time since our last encounter Weasel!"

Ginny did not dare to speak. She wanted to scream at him. She hadn't seen him since her sixth year. Since the day he had caused Dumbledore to die, the day he had caused her brother Bill to become half a werewolf, since the day he had make Harry miserable. If she had her wand she would kill him but before she could burn him alive then take his eyes out and feed him with it. She hated him more than she hated anyone. She wasn't sure who she hated the most, him or Voldemort.

"Potter took your tong off? Or the fact that he dumped you traumatized you?"

"Shut up Malfoy!"

"So you can speak! But I would advise you to be careful! You are my prisoner now, your life his in my hands!"

She looked at him in the eyes. He was different. The little ferret boy had grown up. He was no longer the skinny boy who would hide behind Professor Snape or his father. His Grey eyes were scary, his body was strong and he had a scar in his neck.

Draco looked at the girl that was standing in front of him. Since the minute he had seen her at the camp he had recognized her has Potter's loved one. The perfect bait for the Boy-who-lived. Draco hadn't forgotten yet the night when Scar head had almost killed him. He didn't think it was possible to hate Potter more, but after that night the hatred had grown so much the only thing he was living for was to get revenge.

"Then kill me! I prefer to be dead than depend on you." she said looking deep into his eyes.

"I know, that is exactly why I'm not going to kill you. I want to see you suffer, I want to see you scream, see you torture yourself with loneliness and hunger. I'm going to put you in so much misery that you will be begging for death and yet I won't kill you. You want to know why?" he said sounding terrifyingly calm. Ginny didn't answer. She knew he wasn't expecting her to speak.

"I'm going to make you feel worse than you have ever felt so that Potter feels even worse than you!" he smirked at her. His eyes showed so much evil and hatred that Ginny realized he would use her to hurt Harry as much as he could and she could not stop him.

" I guess it's all for now! Good night Sleep tight!" He laughed. A laugh that reminded her of Tom Riddle.

Draco disapparated leaving her alone in the dark dungeon. Ginny sat and leaned against the cold wall. She closed her eyes and heard the sound of the ocean. She must be so far away from home. She didn't even know if she was in England. Tears started rolling down her face. She felt like screaming, hit the wall with her head just do something and not stand there waiting to be tortured.

Her mind flew to the past. The sweat memories of Hogwarts, of Harry, of their love for each other. And then that horrible night, then the funeral of Dumbledore, the breaking up, the distance between her and Harry. After Harry leave her she promised no matter what she would wait for him, wait for the war to end. She knew he still loved her as much as she did. In the last seven years Ginny had only seen him in Bill's wedding and in Percy's funeral but the letters he sent her filled her with hope.

Ginny took a deep breath and looked at the window far above her head. The first rays of light of the day were coming through it.