Chapter Fifteen: Memories

Draco apparated in a large bedroom, with a big bed in the middle. There were windows that showed the enormous garden that was abandoned for years. It was decorated in a Gothic style and the black and gray color was dominant.

Draco hated that bedroom but no matter what he always came back there. Maybe because it was too obvious so no one would look for him in there, Maybe because that bedroom made him remember why he had become the man he was and every time his walls were breaking he went to the room to make them stronger.

He looked at the dusty furniture. The room was exactly as he had left it. The Hogwart's books were still over the desk, his uniform and his old wand were over the chair and his broom and Dark Arts' books were by his closet.

He wandered around the room. So many days he had been locked in there, completely alone, drowning in his own shadow, letting the loneliness taking over his strength. He walked towards the door and opened it. It reveled a long corridor. He steeped out of the room and headed to his parents' room. He had only been there once and it had been before his mother's death. When he was a child his father did not let him go to some rooms of the mansion. But now Draco knew them all, he knew that mansion has the palm of his hand. He found out all his father's weaknesses and had became stronger with each one.

He steeped inside the room and opened the closet. He took some old clothes that belonged to his father and dressed a dark cloak. He sat on the bed and looked, through the window, to the forest inside the Manor's grounds. So many times he had gotten deep inside those shadows, walked between those trees wishing he could disappear inside the woods. He had learned so many things there, he had found strength there, he had tested his power there. And then the memory, the last memory of that forest. He closed his eyes trying to erase it from his mind but it only became clearer. The dark sky, the steps, the wind, the trees, the anger, the blood, the guilt, the punishment... Everything was running inside his mind like a hurricane of images making him go crazy. That night, that cursed night, when he was only six years old but that he remembered like it had happened the previous day. He could remember every single moment, people and place he had lived, seen or been. Sometimes he thought it was a curse because he hadn't good memories. Then he felt like those memories, after knocking him down, gave him strength to get up and made him more powerful. Many times he was sure that power came from inside him, from the hate he felt, from the shadow that haunted him, from a dark part of his soul.

Walking around the Manor, he recognized the loneliness and the darkness has the same thing he had inside, that house had gotten deep down on him and staid there. The paintings looked at him with fear and disgust at the same time. He entered the library, where so many times he had drowned himself in books of dark arts for days. Over the desk was a dark wand. His eyes locked on it for several minutes while he approached the desk. It had been him the one who had put it there. By it's side was a ring that he recognized like the golden ring of the Malfoy family. The ring that had passed from generation to generation, from father to son for hundreds of years. He was suppose to be using the ring in that moment, he should have used it for a few years now but he didn't use it before neither would he use it now.


The night Lucius Malfoy had died, Draco returned to the Manor. He knew his father was there. Draco entered the Manor without knocking on the door, he got up the stairs that led him to the first floor, he walked through dark corridors, he heard the whispers coming from the paintings, he even heard some insults but nothing would stop him. He moved like a bat inside the Manor, with his dark cloak flying behind him. He had walked towards the library door and stopped there for a few seconds before he opened the door. For years he had admired the man behind that door, for years he had feared that man, but all his life he had hated him. Without thinking twice, Draco invaded the library. Lucius was sitting by the desk. He got up suddenly and grabbed his wand when he heard the door open.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome in this house! Because of you, your mother his dead. You killed her with shame because of the weak person you've become you incompetent!"

"You were the one who killed her and you are the weak one here. You used me to unload your frustrations when I was just a little child. If I was ever weak I was only following your steps."

"You spoiled stupid brat!" How dare you?" Lucius had said.

"I do not only dare to say that. You are everything I do not want to be, you hide behind money and other people weaknesses to hide your own. I do not want to have any weakness. I eliminated each one of them , one by one. You are the last on the list." Draco gave his father a smirk like Lucius had only seen Voldemort do. "Avada Kedavra!" Draco saw the body of the man he once called father falling lifeless on the floor. Lucius wand fell and rolled on the floor, stopping only when it hit Draco's shoes. The blond boy looked at it with disdain. That wand had tortured him many times, he had feared that piece of wood for many years and now it was only an object in his hand, a symbol of Lucius Malfoy's weakness. He put it over the desk and then he lowered and turned his fathers body, so Lucius had his face up. The blond man's eyes were wide open and cold empty. He was still warm but his heart was frozen since the night... Draco shook his head. He turned to his father hand and took the Malfoy Ring of. He thought about using it but he wanted nothing to do with his father. He got up and put the ring by the wand's right side. He walked towards the door. Before he got out, he looked at his father's body one last time and murmured:

"And so you died Lucius Malfoy unprovided of your most precious things! You will become dust without your beloved wand and ring. And the irony is that it was your own blood that killed you."

And Draco took the same way out of the Manor. He stepped out on the rainy night and closed the front door. The rain hit him on the face. Draco looked to the dark Manor and smirked before getting inside the forest. He was not going to disapparate. If he did, they would find out it had been him the murderer of Lucius Malfoy. That was his most hidden secret and it would remain like that.


Draco looked at the place where he had left his father's dead body a few years ago. He could still smell death in the air. He grabbed the ring, the ring that meant so much to so many people. Some said that ring was a symbol of power, there were those who said the ring was magic. To Draco that ring meant nothing. When he was young he feared that ring because it was connected to his father, then he worshiped the ring, it was his ancestors ring and he wanted to be worthy of it, now it was nothing, just a piece of metal. He dropped it and it fell to the floor. The sound of metal hitting the wood broke the sickening silence that haunted the mansion. Draco took a deep breath and got out of the library. There was only one room he had avoid for ten years but he suddenly felt the need to visit the space between four walls he hadn't seen for so long. He walked slowly through the dark and silent corridors. He wasn't sure what he was going to find there or what he was expecting to find. He didn't even know why he wanted to go there. He reached the tea room where Narcissa spent her afternoons. When he was a child and he did something wrong it was in that small room that he'd go looking for protection, Narcissa always defended him from Lucius. But that damned night...

He put his hand on the silver door handle, he felt the cold metal cooling his hand or was it anticipation? Draco opened the door slowly, disclosing a dusty room due the years it had been abandoned. In the middle of the room was a small table surrounded by small chairs. On the left wall was a closet full of a thousand different sets of cups of tea. On the right wall was a large window that gave a full view of the garden and on the front wall was a painting of a baby boy with silver blond hair sitting in the nap of a just as blond woman. It was him and Narcissa when he was only one year old. Over the round table was an open diary with a feather lying over it and a bottle of ink by it's side. He recognized it has is mother's diary. He had seen her writing on it many times but he had never asked her what she wrote there. He walked towards the table and sat in one of the small chairs, a bit too small for him, and he moved the feather away.

I can still here him screaming. Where did Lucius take him? It's all my fault. Draco is paying for what I did.

Draco is somewhere in this world being tortured by his own father for a mistake he did not commit and I have my hands tighten. I feel so powerless. I saw the fear in the eyes of my son and I saw the anger in Lucius' eyes. It pains me so much to see my baby being hurt, and it pains me even more to know he is hurt and I can't do anything to help him, I wanted to be in his place but I can't. I would do anything to free Draco from this curse, I'd do everything to stop my son from getting hurt, but I don't regret what I have done. I rather see him smile sometimes than don't see him at all.

Draco looked at the date. She had written it in the worse night of his life.


He was only seven years old, he had gone to play to the forest during the afternoon, he knew Lucius did want him to go there but he liked to play with the gnomes. He liked to grab their thin legs and throw them against the trees, hear them mutter of anger and confusion. It was so funny. He was so amused he did notice the night fall. He only realized how late it was when he heard steps behind him. He turn around suddenly and saw a woman with brown hair and big green eyes looking at him. He had seen he once talking to his father in Knocturn Alley. What was she doing there? The woman walked to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him.

"Look who I caught! Don't you think it's a bit late for a children to be in the woods? Your mother must be worried."

Draco did not speak. The woman was right, Narcissa was probably worried. He tried to free his arm from the woman's grip but he couldn't. He asked her to let him go but she only smirked. Draco felt angry tears in his eyes but he was not going to cry. He had never done it and it wouldn't be the first time.

"Please, let me go, Mum must be worried!"

"Let her worry, let her suffer a bit more. I have suffered because of her. Did you know your mother is just as evil as she's fool? Your Daddy hates her and I hate her and you!"

Draco felt something inside him waking up, a strange fire, this powerful anger, a dangerous thrill. No one said something bad about his mother. She was the only person he cared in this life.

"So stupid she is..." the woman kept talking. Draco could only close his eyes trying to shut the voices inside his mind. Suddenly the voices become quiet, he could hear nothing and see nothing, everything became blank, he could feel his body moving but he did not knew what he was doing, it was like someone had taken over his body. A few minutes later everything came back. He opened his eyes and noticed he was lying on the floor. He got up and saw his hands were covered in red liquid. When he looked at his front he started screaming. The woman was dead, with holes in her neck as if someone had dived his nails in her skin. Draco ran away, he wasn't sure were he was going, he just wanted to get out of there, he wanted to go back to the Manor, he was so scared. He did not know what had happened. He was almost reaching the end of the forest when he hit something. He looked up and caught a pair of cold gray eyes focused on him. He shocked with fear. It was Lucius. His father looked at him, then to the trees of the forest and once again at him, staring at Draco's hands.

"What did you do Draco?"

"I... didn't do it, I swear..."

Lucius did even let Draco finish the sentence and ran to the middle of the forest. Draco started crying and ran to the manor. He went upstairs as fast as he could, he just wanted to be with his mother. He knew Lucius would punish him. He found his mother in her tea room and hugged her. Narcissa got scared when she saw her baby. Draco was covered in blood, he was paler than usual and he was crying like she had never seen him crying.

"Don't let him hurt me Mum! He is going to hurt me, I know, but I did not do it, I did not! It wasn't me..." Draco murmured between his sobs.

Narcissa did not have the chance to calm her son down. Lucius apparated in the room and looked at Draco. The child tighten his grip and looked at Lucius completely petrified.

"You killed her!" Lucius whispered dangerously.

"No, I did not..."

"It was you, you have her blood in your hands!"

"Nooooooo! No! Please, I swear it wasn't me..." Draco had said trying to hide behind his mother.

Lucius pushed his wife and she fell to the floor. He grabbed Draco's face roughly forcing Draco to face him but Draco wasn't looking at Lucius. He was more concerned with Narcissa than with himself. She was hurt and scared and he did not like to see his mother like that. Once again a fury grew up inside him but Narcissa shook her head. Draco closed his eyes trying to control himself. Lucius pushed his son and Draco fell. The older man pointed his wand towards his son. Narcissa tried to stop her husband but she only managed to put Lucius angrier. Lucius said something and Draco felt weird. When he opened his eyes he was in a dungeon with no door and on e single window to high for him to reach. He could hear a storm outside and waves crushing against the rocks. But the rage of the storm was not even close to the rage Draco could see in the eyes of his father.

Lucius pointed his wand towards Draco again.

"Please Father no..." Draco begged.

"Crucio!" Lucius murmured devilishly.

Draco thought he was going to die of pain. It was like someone was stretching, hitting and burning his body. He felt like that for a while and then it stopped. He tasted his own blood inside his mouth.

"You are a freak and freaks must be locked so you're staying here until I decide what to do with you!" and then Lucius disapparated.

Draco stood there crying. That night he sworn he would never get angry again, that he would control that strange fury he had inside him and hat he would never hide behind his mother again because Lucius hurt her every time he did.

He stood in that dungeon with the memories of that night for many time until one day when Lucius got back and took him home.


Draco got up suddenly from the small chair he had been remembering his past. The chair fell and he threw his mother's diary towards the wall. He closed his eyes and disapparated trying to run away from his memories.

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