Another little work of fanfiction has taken root in my mind and heart and stubbornly refuses to let go, hence, this is born. I'm not quite sure if this will stay the rating it is, because it will most likely get very gruesome as it goes on. You are all warned.

Summery: Humanity can be a disgusting thing. Greed, ambition, jealousy, and a myriad of other unpleasant emotions that we creatures possess make our kind horrifying to some extent. One of the most unpleasant things to encounter, and perhaps the most fascinating, is insanity. This story is a story of the insane, and of their delusions. Take a look a see to what sorrows humanity can sink to.

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Horrors of Insanity


The Beginning

The air swayed dizzily in the sweltering heat of the desert, causing the rocky scenery to undulate along with the shimmering waves. The cloudless sky was a glaring blue; and the harsh sun beat down upon the red-brown rock and dirt of the ground below, giving no reprieve. At first glance, the place seemed desolate, devoid of life and a place unfit for anything to survive.

But things somehow find a way to live in nearly impossible conditions like these. Somehow, despite all the adverse conditions, things adapt and find a way to grow and survive, some even thriving in the unbearable heat. Before your eyes, a whole world lives.


It is the same with people, in both the literal and figurative sense. Some people can live in harsh conditions, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Some not only survive, but thrive in unfavorable circumstances. There are even those who cannot exist without them. Such like an animal of the desert that would not survive in a milder place like the forest.

Because for all of those that thrive, there are those who simply cannot survive.

This is the story of those who cannot survive, of those who are unable to create the adaptations that others so readily adopt. This is a tale of mental collapse and emotional breakdown; of misunderstanding and all of those unpleasant emotions that humans have in abundance; and of wonderful things twisted into a mockery of what they once were. This is a story of how far someone would go to satiate their own selfish desires.

This is the story of insanity.


Things aren't always as they seem

Oh, how true, those words. Appearances are often deceiving. Our stereotypical views of the world around us are so much more a hindrance than a help. Humans in general are judgmental and prejudiced by nature; and while there is the rare occasion in which this skill is actually useful, more often than not it makes things so much worse.

All of this to say that our preconceived notions cloud our vision and aid in others illusions to deceive us. Sometimes, we deceive ourselves. It can be so easy.

All through that time so long ago

It didn't look like something to be scared of, something out of a horror movie; broken windows covered with grime and looking ready to collapse in upon itself. No, it looked nothing like that. It was old, but very well kept. Everything was in pristine and almost perfect condition. Besides, she had lived in many mansions before, and thing didn't look too much different from all the others. Perhaps it wasn't the house itself then, maybe it was her foolish desires. Perhaps it was their presence that corrupted that peaceful feeling she had first felt upon walking through those heavy double doors. Or maybe it was a false feeling, like the many she had suffered from later. But whether they were already there or were summoned by her mind's call doesn't change the fact that they were there, and there for her.

Seeing through stranger's eyes

They changed her. She became someone else, entirely different, or perhaps someone just buried underneath all the outer layers that had been scraped harshly away. Maybe it was before when she was not herself. Maybe she was always a stranger to herself. Whatever she was and had been, she was never the same.

As my sanity starts to go.

Oh how easy a fragile mind can break. It only takes the right kind of push…They knew exactly how to break her. They always knew. They always will. They will always be, and so will she.

It's a vicious never ending cycle.

It will never end.


This is a bit more like a prologue, just setting a few things up before I start the actual story. It's a bit different from my other stories, and I'd really like some feedback to see how this compares or just some feedback in general. I'd love to hear any criticism, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. so I can know how to improve this.

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