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Horrors of Humanity

Ch. 2

Things Only I Can See

Pt.1: Delusions


You have to wonder sometimes. Perhaps the insane are only the ones that see things the sane can not. Are the products of a mind gone mad really delusions? Or are they things that the sane subconscious simply ignores? People in that wretched time of my life called me mad, because I was constantly haunted by things no one else could see. And them. Them and their own weakness of mind. They haunted me. Maybe they were delusions from some traumatized corner of my mind. It doesn't really matter.

Because even delusions can kill you.


The day was bright, and cheery, not a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect weather for the season, as it was summer. The whole atmosphere spoke of cheesy happiness.

It was torture for me.

"Sammykins!" Came an almost unbelievably perky voice, "Come on out! You'll love the new house we picked for you!"

I should probably warn you…when she says house, she means a gigantic mansion that you could get lost forever and die of starvation in. Hey, she was rich from the very moment she was born.

"Mother! I told you not to call me that!" The black haired girl's voice was irate, as if she'd had repeated it far too many times, "My name is Sam, not that nickname you gave me when I was three."

"Oh, I know, but I can't help it! This will be the last time I see you for a whole six months!"

Oh yes, a whole six months away from my mother, my complete opposite, and my father, who never really seemed to care much about me anyways. I honestly could not wait to have this half year to myself. I thought it would be heaven.

How ironic.

Sam declined to comment, but just got out of the limousine and joined her mother at the beginning of the front steps.

"See sweetie? I tried to pick one that you would like. I mean, you will be living in it for a while…" She just trailed off, looking expectantly at her fifteen year old daughter for a reaction. She almost looked nervous, not a look you would see on her often.

Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised. She actually had tried to see things from my point of view for once. I mean, it wasn't all black and completely gothic, but then again, it wasn't one of those horrid, pink all over mansions where I had been forced to stay on numerous occasions.

The girl's shocked, amethyst eyes just roamed along the mansion's features for a few minuets. It was huge, as all ridiculously expensive mansions tend to be, and the outside was paneled with some type of thick wood that had almost turned gray by the harsh power of the elements. The entryway was simple, dark stone steps that lead to the heavy double doors made of the same wood as the walls. The frame had some sort of pattern along the edges, but it was so worn away that she could not decipher what it was. The windows were long, stretching almost from the floor to the ceiling of the first floor, and they were a bit narrower than the standard size you would find in a normal home. It looked like there were three floors.

I thought it was the best looking mansion I had lived in so far.

Once Sam had shaken herself out of her stupor, she turned towards her mother and smiled. The mother's nervousness melted away, and an answering smile bloomed across her face. A few seconds later, the mother was nearly blown away when her daughter actually hugged her…out of her own free will.

"I'm glad you like it."

I felt a little bad then, it wasn't like my mother was so terrible that she deserved a lack of affection, it's just that she always got on my nerves, and I really wasn't much of an affectionate type anyway.

"Well, let's go then! I want you to see the inside."

With joyful energy, she practically yanked the girl up the steps and through the threshold. A barely perceptible shiver ran through her slight frame as it crossed through the doorway.

I thought nothing of it, as it seemed insignificant at the time, even though it was the middle of summer. I also dismissed the odd thrill and the sense of comfort I received when my mother pulled me after her into the old mansion. I thought it was just the after effects of relief and the thrill of having six months practically to myself. That might not have been a mistake; I could have made things worse by compounding the problem…like I did later on.

"Mrs. Manson?" A kindly looking butler closed the door behind us, "Please, come this way. I will show you and your daughter the rooms."

So the butler led a happy mother and an intrigued daughter who followed behind. There didn't seem to be anything particularly special about the place, although the décor was much more suited to Sam's tastes. One thing did stand out, however.

"Excuse me?" the girl asked, "Why do we keep on passing some doors by?"

"Oh," the butler answered cheerily enough, "We just don't use those rooms anymore; there are far too many rooms and far too few people to clean them. I'm sure you don't want to dirty your lovely clothes in all of that filth in there. Some we just can't seem to find the keys to, either."

My curiosity was not satiated, if anything, it flared up even more. I was always more of the adventurous type than the docile, fashion obsessed girls I had the misfortune to be stuck with on occasion. Besides, I figured that I would be bored at some point. What better thing to do than to explore the unused places of a mansion that almost equated the size of a small castle? There had to be something of interest in all of those abandoned rooms, nooks, and crannies.

There's a very good reason that the saying "curiosity killed the cat" came into existence.

At the end of our tour, which took a couple of hours, they were at the dead end of the hallway. When the butler and Mrs. Manson started to walk away, something held the girl there. It might have been an obscure feeling, or perhaps a sense that something was there. Whatever it was, Sam still stood there, looking at the corner of the dead end where shadows shrouded it in darkness and obscurity. She thought she saw a faint outline of a person, and a pair of eyes staring back at her, morose and practically dripping with sadness. When she blinked, it disappeared. With a slight shake of her head, she turned around and walked faster to catch up with the others before they noticed she had paused.

Ah, the beginning of my delusions…of my madness…

If only I knew then what I knew now.

I would have begged my mother to take me with her when she left.


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