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Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji are the Konoha four; they get forced by Tsunade to go to the beach. There they meet the mermaids Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Tenten who've been sent to negotiate with the ninjas! SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno, NejiTen Will love bloom between them? Mermaids and Humans don't exactly mix…

"Hi" (talking)

"Hi" (inner selves)

"Hi" (thinking)

"Hi" (flashback)

Chapter 1- mission

"Shizune, call in the konoha four." A woman with blond hair and… big breast said to a lady with short black hair and was carrying a… pig.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama." Shizune said back to the woman/hokage/Tsunade. She bowed to the woman and left with the pig. Once she left, Tsunade took out a bottle of sake and was just about to drink it when a voice yelled out, "DON'T YOU DARE DRINK ANY SAKE WHILE I'M GONE TSUNADE-SAMA!" Tsunade sweatdropped and put down the sake and picked up the papers in front of her.

"Mer-people… do they really exist, Jiraiya?" she thought as she looked at the profile of a man named Jiraiya. He had long white hair and an expression that said, 'hey there sexy'.


"What? You saw mermaids that were captured by akatsuki? Are you crazy or have you finally gone insane? Mermaids don't exist!" Tsunade screamed as she banged her hands on her table.

"I know! That's just… unnatural!" Anko argued with Tsunade.

"I've never seen mermaids before… are you positive?" Kurenai asked sternly.

"But they were there. See, I have proof." Jiraiya said with a stern expression on their face, he held out a packet. Tsunade took it and opened the packet and pulled out a stack of papers. Her face went pale. "What?" he asked as he peered over her, his eyes widened and took the paper and packets away. "Sorry, this is the new issue of icha icha tactics that I've been working on" he laughed plainly and pulled out another packet. Tsunade glared at him and gulped before taking out some pictures. She gasped.

"These are… mermaids?" she muttered as she looked through the pictures. It showed people in black coats with red clouds on them with a machine that seemed to be draining the mermaid's powers.

"Wow…" Anko said as her eyes went wide open.

"They're true beauty's alright." Kakashi said as he drooled over them.

"Stop being such a pervert Kakashi!" Kurenai snapped. Asuma was taking out another cigarette and smoking on it.

"I almost didn't make it out. They almost spotted me while I was taking the pictures. They were draining the mermaid's magic and combining it with their chakra to make themselves be stronger. Those mermaids are as good as dead." Jiraiya pointed out. Tsunade nodded slightly.

"And what do you suppose we do?" Tsunade asked.

"I think we should save the rest of the mermaids." Anko said.

"I agree!" Kakashi added.

"Shut up you pervert!" Anko screamed at him. "if we do save the mermaids, don't flirt with them!"

"Yes mommy." Kakashi said jokingly. Anko went on fire as she clenched her fist.

"Anko, stop and you too Kakashi. This is no laughing matter." Tsunade said sternly.

"I heard that there were four specific mermaids that akatsuki's trying to get their hands on. The daughters of the last king of the oceans are said that if you are able to get even the slightest of their powers, you'll become immortal." Jiraiya said. "and I personally think that we should save these four princesses with the Konoha four. We could get those guys to protect them!"

"You just want to see them, right?" Kurenai asked in a sarcastic tone. Jiraiya blushed at that thought as he went into his own little world and drooled. "I knew it!" she snapped.

"But that's not a bad idea. But what do we do with them if akatsuki wants to get them?" Tsunade asked.

"I think that our only choice… " Anko started to mutter.

"What?" Tsunade asked her.

"We'll have to…" Anko continued.

"WHAT?" Tsunade yelled.

"Kill them." Anko finished. Everyone gasped but they all nodded. "It's a perfect job for the konoha four."

"If things get to out of hand… we'll have to resort to killing the four." Tsunade stated one last time before they all left.

(End on flashback)

"Tsunade-sama…" some called out.

"TSUNADE-SAMA!" another voice called out. Tsunade woke up from her daydream and looked at Shizune and the four men standing there.

"Oh… hello… how long have you been standing there?" Tsunade asked.

"Oh only a couple of minutes… 37 MINUTES TO BE EXACT!" Naruto said sarcastically and yelled the last part. Tsunade looked at him with an irritated expression. "What's our mission today?" he asked eagerly.

"You have to meet some people on the beach." Tsunade said as she gave them a picture. "You are to meet here." she said. The four looked at it and then their face went pale.

"But this is… the ocean…" Naruto said as he raised once brow and scratched his head in confusion. "Why are we going by water? Won't it be easier to go on land?"

"Nope." Tsunade said plainly. "You're leaving tonight so hurry up. They will meet you at sea." She said.

"Why do we need to go so fast?" Neji asked.

"Akatsuki might be after them." Tsunade stated Sasuke's head shot up. "Now hurry up you maggots!" Tsunade yelled as she picked up a chair and threw it. Everyone left and she took out her sake and started drinking.

The next day at the ocean…………

"This is so boring." Naruto said as he looked down to the sea from the very high boat.

"Who are we meeting anyway?" Shikamaru asked curiously.

"Dunno. Granny Tsunade said that they'll spot us" Naruto said as he pouted still looking at the sea. Suddenly someone's face popped up from the water. It was a girl with pearl white eyes and long blue-purple hair that appeared to be naked. His eye's widened as he stared at the girl. She turned red and then dived back into the water. "HEY COME BACK!" he called out.

"Who're you talking to dobe?" Sasuke asked in an irritated way.

"There was a girl there!" Naruto pointed to the sea.

"Are you going crazy? We're in the middle of no where and there aren't any boats around at all." Neji said as he came out.

"I'm sure! It was a girl with purple hair and white eyes!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah right." Neji said as the ship jerked to a stop.

"what happened?" Naruto yelled again.

"the boat's engine isn't working!" someone called back.

"WHAT? That means we're stranded here!" Naruto yelled crazily.

"Dobe." Sasuke thought and looked the other way. Suddenly a glimmer of pink caught his eyes. There were dolphins with a girl that had a tail! She jumped out of the water and did a black flip. Then she noticed Sasuke and smirked as she dived back into the water. Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts. "THERE'S A FRICKEN MERMAID HERE!" he yelled.

"Forget I said you were insane Naruto, Sasuke is even more insane." Neji said calmly, but his eyebrows were twitching.

"I'm serious!" Sasuke shouted.

"he's telling the truth." Shikamaru stated, he was looking down at the sea with his eyes wide open. Naruto, Neji and Sasuke looked. There were four girls down there…

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