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Her hair had grown considerably since the last time he had seen her. It fell in natural wavy curls down her back, the auburn color reflecting beautifully in the sunlight. She pushed some of it behind her ear as her eyes scanned the contents of a file she held clasped in her hand. Bumping into a fellow colleague she offered an apology without looking up from the paper and walked into her office.

Booth sighed and raked a hand through his hair. It had been a six years since he had seen his partner. One day they were closing a case and the next day he had been called away to work undercover in a Chicago drug ring. Days turned to weeks, weeks to a year, and year to years. More importantly Booth had left at the most inopportune time. Just after they had figured out that funny feeling each would get when the other entered the room. The long stares filled with intense longing and lust, the faint touches or brushes of fingertips, all of this was gone once he left. Booth practically begged her for a reason that he shouldn't go but she shook her head demanding that he do this. They didn't even embrace or kiss goodbye. She just told him to go. So Booth left and didn't contact her for six years until now, after the drug ring was busted and he was called to go on another assignment. Then here he was back at the Jeffersonian admiring Dr. Temperance Brennan from afar. He wondered how much things had changed, would he be able re-establish himself in her life and pick up from where they left off or were things to difficult?

"Excuse me sir? Can I help you?" Booth looked to see where the voice was coming from and was met with the questioning glance of Angela Montenegro, Brennan's best friend.

"Why so formal now Ange." He said in a gruff voice letting one of his trademark smirks slip.

"Oh my god! Booth!" she whispered as her hand flew to her mouth. "What are you doing here?" she reached up to give him a hug. "We thought, Brennan thought, you were dead."

"What?" he exclaimed.

"Wait, you can't be here when they get here." Angela said quickly and grabbed his arm.

"When who gets here." He asked as she steered him in the opposite direction.

"Long story Booth, a long story Brennan needs to tell you."

"No, I have to see her." He released himself from her grip and began to walk to her office.

"Hun no." Angela attempted to stop him but was no match for his long strides. He quickly opened the door to her office and found her sitting at her desk typing away at her computer.

"I don't have time for a coffee break Ange." She said not bothering to look up.

"You don't even have time for an old friend?" Her head snapped up quickly and she found herself looking at a slightly scruffy looking Seeley Booth. His eyes still had the same penetrating stare while he had a dark smattering of facial hair and a small sterling silver earring hung from his right ear.

"Booth." She said softly taking in his full appearance. Brennan stood up slowly and stuffed her hands in her lab coat pockets trying to stop the visible shaking. "Booth." She repeated, trying the weight of his name on her tongue. Booth felt something brush past him and whiz into Brennan's office. A flash of rusty brown hair whipping in the air caught his eyes as a little girl ran into the office.

"Mom." The little girl said simply as she was hoisted into Brennan's arms. She wrapped her little arms around Brennan's neck dropping a wet kiss on her cheek.

Booth swallowed hard as his own brown eyes met the child's warm inviting chocolate ones.

"Isabella, what did I tell you about running off." A booming voice from behind exclaimed.

"Excuse me." He directed towards Booth as he made his way into the office kissing Brennan on the lips as a greeting. He pushed the glasses off the bridge of his nose and took the girl from Brennan's arms.

"I'm sorry, how rude of me. I'm Peter Haskell are you working with my fiancée on a case?" he asked thrusting his hand out.

"No," Booth replied accepting the hand. "My business with her is entirely different."