Author's note: Sorry this took so long. Enjoy!

"Booth!" Brennan screamed. She ran out of the car and around the front to find Booth standing over the man with his gun lowered.

"Booth." She said running towards him and grabbing his arm.

"Ow." He hissed recoiling from her touch.

"Oh my god you've been hit." Brennan insisted.

"No, no just grazed." He held his arm inspecting the bruise.

"We have to go." Brennan said tugging at his good arm.

"I can't leave him here." Booth shouted pointing at the withering assassin clutching his knee.

"Ok I'll call the police." Brennan took out her phone but was stopped by Booth.

"We'll let Frank and Martha call then we'll leave."

"Well well well, if it isn't my obnoxious brother Seeley Booth." The beautiful brunette called as she flung her door open and was met with Booth's smug smile.

"Hey Kara. Nice to see you too." He laughed as she launched herself into his arms and was spun around for good measure. She stopped as she noticed the two other members standing behind him.

"Who is this?" she asked smiling at Isa.

"Kara," He wrapped an arm around her, "This is Dr. Temperance Brennan and our daughter, your niece, Isabella."

"Oh my god, I'm an aunt again." Her hands flew to her mouth as she took in the sight of Isa.

"Hello there gorgeous." She said waving.

"Hi." Isa replied still shaken up from the ordeal back at the cabin.

"Hi Temperance. Booth used to talk about you a lot, until he…" she said trailing off obviously talking about his 'death'.

"Its nice to meet you too." Brennan nodded shaking her hand.

"Why don't we move this little pow wow inside." Booth suggested guiding Brennan and Kara inside.

"Sure." Kara said as she moved into the house.

"God, I'm so sorry this place is a mess. I had no idea that you would be coming." She laughed as she picked a bra off of her lamp and grabbed a pizza box from the coffee table.

"So what brings you by my neck of the woods?" Kara asked.

"Well it's complicated, Kare."

"Are you running from the law?" she asked


"Then maybe it's not so complicated."

"I have to go to the bathroom." Isa interrupted from her spot on Brennan's lap.

"Sure I'll take you." Kara got up with an outstretched arm. Isa looked to her mother for permission.

"Babe it's okay, Kara's you're aunt." Booth reassured her but she still stood rooted to the spot waiting for Brennan's okay.

"Isa it's fine." Brennan nodded and sighed as Isa took Kara's hand.

"What's wrong with Isa?" Booth asked.

"She's still kind of shook up Booth." Brennan pointed out.

Booth nodded and began to pace the living room. "She's been a little cold towards me." He pointed out.

"I'm sure it's nothing." Brennan stood up and walked over to Booth. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him to her.

"I hope your right." He sighed and rubbed his temple.

"You're such a cute father." Brennan said with a smile. Booth looked at her and couldn't help but smile at her revelation.

"Really?" he goaded.

"Yeah, its kind of a turn on." She whispered bringing her lips to his ear and nibbling.

"My god Bones, you are so horny." He yelped as she bit on his lobe.

"That's an accurate gauge." She nodded, smiling wickedly.

"Tell me it's not just about sex. Tell me that you have feelings for me." Booth looked to her expecting an answer.

"I can't Booth, Peter…" she trailed off loosening her arms from him and stepping back.

"Poor thing she fell asleep on the toilet." Kara interrupted. Brennan smiled politely and took a step back from Booth.

"I actually feel a little tired myself, do you mind if I just…"

"Oh sure, you and my brother can stay in the guestroom. It's the third door on your right."

Brennan thanked her and grabbed her bag.

"Try not to scare her so much." Kara hit his arm and pushed him aside.

"That woman is impossible to read. One minute she's all over me and the next she's talking about her fiancée."

"Hold the phone, she's engaged?" Kara asked.

"Yeah and to some wanker too." He collapsed on the couch and began to rub his temple.

"She's definitely into you though." Kara sat down next to him and put a comforting arm around his shoulder.

"You think?"

"I know. Just by the way she looks at you. She really does love you Seeley. And so does that little girl, but I think she's a little afraid of you at the moment."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Calm down." She said rubbing his shoulder. "Think about it. What have you done in the past 24 hours that could have scared her? Did you argue with Temperance, hit something in anger, anything?" Kara pressed.

"No nothing out of the ordinar-" He stopped mid word remembering the event that happened before they made their way to Kara's home.

"Damn it. I shot a man."

"Why would you shoot a man? Does this have to do with Temperance?"

Booth sighed and nodded. "Yeah, she's in a little bit of trouble."

"Is it best if I don't know?"

"Yes it is sis." Booth yawned stretching his arms out.

"You should hit the sack to." Kara suggested.

"That's not a bad idea. Goodnight Kare." He kissed the top of her head and went off in the direction of the bedroom.