Screw the time-turner… you have friends that need you!

"Get out of here, Dung!" you yell, and Mundungus obliges.

Voldemort goes to kill Harry again, but he ducks and you think of a good diversion.

You shoot a tickling hex at Voldemort, he is too focused on Harry to deflect it and it hits him.

Voldemort falls to the ground, laughing, and he can't get up.

"H-help me!" he screams, laughing as the tickling drives him to insanity.

All other motion halts and all eyes are on Voldemort.

"And we thought he was a good leader!" one Death Eater shouts, shaking his head.

Harry seizes this opportunity to kill Voldemort. The war is over!

You hug your best friends in happiness, tears streaming down your face. This is the best day of your life, and you lived to tell about it!

Nice work!