My Heart's Enchantment

When I'm left alone,

In the quiet of the room,

They'll say that I'm trapped,

But I've flown to the moon.

The door has been opened.

I have unlocked my bliss.

I've unveiled a different me,

As I fathom the abyss.

I'm Wendy Darling,

Flying with Lost Boys

I've become a ruthless pirate,

Swords and pistols are my toys.

A land beyond the sun

May be where I will chance.

Or in a forest, graceful yet wild,

Where the fairies dance.

Beyond the clamor,

The traffic jammed cars,

Beyond the atmosphere's heat,

And beyond the stars.

Each day that passes,

I'll forget you more and more.

But adventure awaits me,

Through the cosmos I'll soar.

I'll flee to the island.

And you will never capture me,

Unless you go beyond this galaxy.

Maybe in Neverland,

Possibly in France.

But I'm off to the stars,

On my immortal dance.