Title: Don't Speak
Author: DeityOfDeath
Archive: Yes please...
Pairings: Lucius/Harry
Category: Drama, romance, slash
rating: NC-17/R
Spoilers: Most likely.
Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, Rape, Non-con, Mpreg SPOILERS!
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Don't Speak

Chapter 1: You and me

I ran and I ran fast. I don't know how I managed it and I don't want to sit and think over the probabilities and facts. I had made it out of that place and I was now trying to make my way back to Hogwarts and back to the arms of the man who I loved. I prayed and prayed as I ran, hoping I would see him again and that he would not turn away from me in revulsion. I couldn't think such things, and I would try not to. I needed to return and I needed to seek refuge. They would take me in. They would be cautious and would probably make me answer questions under vertaserum but they would take me in and if they take me in then they also take in my child who at this moment makes his or her presence known to me by sending me a very painful kick to the ribs. My child has been facing down for a week now and I know that my time to help him or her into this world draws near. My body has already gone through the proper changes and now I just need to make it to Hogwarts to assure that my child and the possible key to destroying Voldemort is out of his grasp for the time being.

How had it come to this?

I suppose that is an answer that I could not answer. It was a surprise even to me. Who could have predicted that I Harry Potter would fall in love with none other than Lucius Malfoy? I bet my father is doing barrel rolls in his grave. Merlin only knows what my mother would think. As it is now I can't help but fearing Ron and Hermione's opinion. I wonder what Remus will say let alone the rest when they see me walk in through those doors in my condition after having been missing for eight months.

I stopped and leaned against a massive tree inside the dense wood I had escaped to. I had been on my feet for two days now with only light naps at night and in during the day. I had managed to scrounge up a bit of food thanks to people in the countryside who still set pies on the window sill to cool. I drank from any fresh water source I could find. If I happened upon a house it was a hose or spicket and if not then I found small creeks. I had no idea where I was but I knew I had to be close to civilization. I needed to find a witch or wizard soon. My legs were sore and back past sore and achy. My feet were blistered and bleeding and most likely swollen due to the weight I was carrying around. My eyes ached because of the sorry state my glasses were in and even if I knew the spell to repair them it wasn't wise to use it in my condition. All my magic was focused inward and protecting the small one I carried. I can't risk it.

I heard the familiar sound of a car and knew that there was a road somewhere around here. I stood up and continued to walk until I was on the edge of the woods looking out over a clearing. I saw a vast green and what looked like a small cottage up ahead. I hobbled towards it, hoping that someone inside could help. As I came closer I saw a woman come walking out in what looked to be a rose colored robe. She pulled a wand out from her apron and began to spell a pile of clothes from a clothes basket onto a clothes line. I smiled and hoped she could help.

She turned around just as I had reached her beautiful and clean white picket fence and gave me a startled look. She was about to turn and run inside when I called out to her, "Please Miss, don't leave. I need to get in contact with Hogwarts."

She stopped and turned to look at me and took a step and then another. Her jaw dropped and she raised her hands to her mouth and gasped, "By Merlin! Jace! Jace! Come here quickly! I'm going to need your help!"

I held on to the edge of that pure white picket fence and felt my legs give out from under me. I heard the clank of the fence gate and then felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and into a kind and worried face of a witch who had to be in her early twenties with long curling golden hair.

"You poor thing! Where did you come from? We've got to get you inside."

She helped pull me to my feet just as a young man came out of the cottage, wand in hand and approached us. He looked me over before his eyes widened and he leaned in grabbing my left arm and wrapping it around his neck and lifted me into his arms bridal style.

"We've got to fire call the ministry," said the man as he carried me inside the cottage.

I grabbed his collar and shook my head, "Please no! Please? I need to get in contact with the Weasley's or someone at Hogwarts. Please? Anyone but the Ministry!"

"Calm down, Dear. We'll see if we can get a hold of anyone at Hogwarts."

The man sat me down in a chair in front of the fireplace and then walked over to the fireplace and put his hand into a metal box, taking out a handful of powder and tossed it into the fire calling out 'Hogwarts'. I watched as the fire blazed to life and then the familiar face of Professor McGonagall appeared in the flames.

"Mr. Hawthorne, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"We found a young man wandering outside our cottage and he looks to be in bad shape. When we suggested we call the ministry he insisted we contact the school."

"Do you think you can help him floo over?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I'll see you in a few minutes."

Her image faded from the flames and I stood and limped my way to the fire place. The man known as Jace held out the tin box and I took a handful of floo powder and stood in the fireplace. I dropped the powder and yelled, "Hogwarts, Headmasters room".

I felt myself falling and that's exactly what I did, I landed hard on my feet and I felt myself falling forward out of the fireplace. I panicked and wrapped my arms around my midsection in the hopes of cushioning my fall but to my surprise I felt a pair of strong arms catch me. I let the breath I was holding out and with the help of the mysterious arms I was put in a standing position. I looked up to see that the arms that had caught belonged to none other than Severus Snape.

I smiled and felt my legs give out as I slid to the floor and felt tears prick my eyes before the fell and led trails down my cheeks.

I had made it! I was safe! I heard the movement of others around me and I didn't care. I had made it out of hell and I was now kneeling on a plush carpet.

"Harry? Oh, my god! You're alive!"

I stared into her familiar face and cried, "Lucius...where is he?"

"Lucius? Lucius Malfoy?"

I nodded and she turned to look at Snape.

"He had a meeting with members of the Ministry earlier but he should be home by now."

"Please...please fire call him. Let him know that I'm alive. Please..."

"We will, right now let's get you to Pomphrey. Profesor Snape, if you would."

I closed my eyes and felt him lift me into his arms and the funniest thoughts filled my head. Thoughts like, I haven't bathed in over a month if not longer, my clothes were tattered and torn and here I was in the arms of the man who was my enemy with my pregnant stomach exposed for all to see.

I shivered and felt a pain lace through my back causing me to gasp causing Snape to look down at me, "Made it here just in time didn't you Potter?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, "Is he well?"

"He was quite worried about you. He wouldn't stop looking. Even now he has a feelers out there waiting for word on your whereabouts."

I smiled and nuzzled into his chest, "I can't seem to keep my eyes open."

"Then let them close. Rest, you've done your share."

To Be Continued...