Never Sleep, Never Die

A.N.: So what if the ending of Final Destination 2 had been different? What if Burke had died, and Death hadn't been stopped? What if now Kimberly AND Clear were just waiting for Death to finally claim them? We'll see… Clear/Kimberly pairing. It's not crazy or impossible, honest. And I seem to have a horrible problem with my prologues being so short. Sorry 'bout that.

Note that the title is taken from the Evanescence song "Whisper."


PROLOGUE (Final Destination 2 alternate ending)

"Bloody hands…" Kimberly said, pulling up that part of her vision. "The person driving had bloody hands!"

Clear was suddenly filled with a sense of pure dread, remembering one of the others marked for Death. "Eugene…" she said, starting to panic.

"No, wait!" Burke said, grabbing Clear's arm as she turned to find Eugene's hospital room. He too was filling with dread, but it was because of something else…

Sure enough, an explosion rocked the hospital hallway, sending Burke, Kim, and Clear to the floor. They all covered their heads, expecting the worst. When nothing else happened, the three companions slowly looked up…to find Eugene's blackened body lying before them.

Kim clasped her hand to her mouth and fell backwards. Despite the amount of gruesome deaths she'd witnessed in the space of a few days, each one horrified her to no end. Each time she stared at the motionless form of someone who had only moments before been full of life she felt as if a blast of cold had taken over her entire body, wrapping around her veins to the point where she felt feverish and physically sick. And they were people she had begun to know well, gotten acquainted with. And then they were just…gone. Snuffed out as if they were mere candles in a larger scheme.

Strong arms wrapped around Kimberly's shoulders, and she realized that it was Clear. Looking up into the blonde's blue-gray eyes, Kim saw that Clear felt the same way as she did – even if she was indeed partially hardened by it all. By this time, Burke had stood up and was shaking his head in dismay.

"No…no this is not possible! NO!" Clear and Kim both looked up at the officer – Kim shocked and Clear grim.

"It is entirely possible. You've just seen it for yourself."

"I've had enough of this!" Burke shouted. The seemingly calm officer had finally lost his cool. "I can't watch this anymore! I can't watch all these people die right before my eyes!"

"Burke, you're a cop!" Clear said incredulously, though she was starting to become a bit concerned. She remembered how Carter had started to lose it when he fully realized that he was a living dead man, and she wondered if that was happening to Burke now.

"Fuck that!" Burke screamed in frustration, ripping his gun out of its holster and flinging it to the side. "I'm gone! I can't stand this! I'm gone!"

As he had been saying this Burke had been backing up, but he finally turned and ran after his last exclamation. By this time Kim had fully comprehended how crazy Burke was suddenly becoming, and she and Clear scrambled from the floor to chase him. "No!" Kimberly shouted down the hall when she saw Burke pounding at the automatic door, apparently short-circuited by the explosion. "No! You can't leave! Wait!" But by the time Clear and Kim had reached the door, Burke had broken through and was climbing into the ambulance parked right outside. It was then that Kim noticed the blood on the door. Burke had pounded at it so hard that his knuckles bled.

"Bloody hands…" Kim said in horrific realization.

"The white van…" Clear whispered as they watched the ambulance speed away from the hospital…and towards the lake.

Though the two girls ran after the van, they knew that it was too late. They could only watch in sheer anguish as the left front tire of the ambulance hit a loose log that had fallen from the fence, sending the vehicle careening to the right and into the frigid water.


The doctors tried to revive him, but everyone knew it was too late. Burke was dead.

When the doctors finally gave up on bringing Burke back, Clear and Kimberly shared a grim look, though their eyes were filled with raw terror not shown in their expressions. Both girls knew that they were the last ones on two different lists, and that Death had a double meal that he could collect at any time. They knew what they had to do.

Less than a week later, Kimberly and Clear were at Stonybrook asylum, locked together in Clear's old room, pictures of their dead friends on the padded walls.