CHAPTER ELEVEN: "From the road to the sea to the sky"

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The kiss, as many kisses usually do, soon became increasingly passionate. Kimberly wove her fingers through Clear's hair, desperate to have the girl closer to her as their mouths moved against each other's. Clear, understanding Kimberly's need, gently cupped the back of the girls head and wrapped one leg around both of hers. With her other hand she stroked the brunette's back, rubbing in slow circles. The blonde ran her tongue over the girl's bottom lip, requesting entrance, and Kimberly happily complied.

The brunette moaned and went limp in Clear's arms as she felt her friend's – her lover's – tongue gently massage her own. She clutched her fellow survivor tighter, meeting Clear's tongue in a most pleasurable duel. It was Clear's turn to sigh in delight at Kimberly's actions.

After a minute or so, the duel had stopped, and the girls settled for an endless series of kisses. They'd meet, then barely pull away for barely a moment, then kiss again. As they did this, they began to explore, running hands under shirts to caress soft skin.

It was Clear who took control first, rolling on top and pulling away from a kiss long enough to bring Kimberly's shirt over her head. Instead of moving back to meet the brunette's lips again, Clear planted soft kisses down her jaw line and slowly down her neck, suckling at the place where it met her shoulder, all the while stroking her back and sides tenderly. Kimberly couldn't help but moan again, and ran her hands desperately up Clear's back, working her shirt up her body in an attempt to pull it off. Smiling, Clear assisted with the process, tossing the offending garment aside. Much to her surprise, the brunette didn't stop there, but instead unclasped the girl's bra and let it slide down her arms. When that joined the t-shirt somewhere on the floor, Kimberly gently lowered one of Clear's breasts to her mouth.

The blonde threw her head back and gasped in pleasure as Kimberly – her shy, sweet Kimberly – suckled at her nipple, swirling her tongue around the hard bud, lightly scraping it with her teeth. The brunette was enjoying it almost as much as Clear was – the taste of the other girl's skin beneath her lips was divine, and she couldn't get enough. After a minute or so, she pulled her lips away and turned to kiss the other breast, teasing the first with her fingertips. Clear's whimpered in pleasure, and the sound urged Kimberly on.

Unable to stand it anymore, Clear repositioned herself so she could bring her lips back to Kim's while divesting her of her bra. Once it had been added to the rapidly growing pile, Clear returned her fellow survivor's favor, licking and sucking at her breasts while cupping and massaging them with her hands. Kim writhed beneath Clear as she nibbled at her skin, reveling in the sensations the blonde brought to life within her.

Deciding that she wanted this to be about Kimberly, Clear gently unzipped the girl's jeans and drew them down her legs, pulling her socks of with them. She then proceeded to place butterfly kisses up the girl's thigh, causing the brunette to shiver in delight. When the blonde reached the cotton of Kim's panties, she tenderly kissed her way up to her stomach as she slipped a hand between her legs.

Kimberly cried out when Clear's hand met her center. She had waited for this, dreamed of this, and now that it was happening, she wished it would last forever. Encouraged by the girl's cry, Clear began to move her hand in slow circles, estimating where the brunette's clit was and being sure to rub against it. Kimberly moved away for a moment, but it was only to pull down the covers of the bed so the two of them could climb between the sheets. As they did so, Kim took the opportunity to remove Clear's pants and socks as well, so that when they crawled beneath the covers, they were nearly completely naked. They lay in each other's arms for a moment, taking in the feel of each other's skin as they pressed tightly together. Then, with a brief kiss of agreement, they both kicked off their underwear and reached for each other.

Clear moaned loudly as Kimberly's fingers made contact with her slit. Every nerve in her body seemed hypersensitive, and everywhere she and the brunette touched burned with sweet fire, especially between her legs. Clear moved to touch Kimberly, and couldn't help but smile as the girl whimpered at the contact. The blonde searched for a moment before finding the girl's clit and applying pressure. Kimberly let out an even louder cry and clutched at her fellow survivor with her free arm. The two girls had their faces buried in each other's necks, breathing heavily, nearly consumed by sensation.

Kimberly found Clear's hidden bud and flicked her thumb against it, causing the blonde to moan and cling to her tighter. Unable to wait any longer, she let her fingers slide through heat and wetness before locating the girl's opening. After tracing it once, she guided two fingers deep within her, crying out as she felt Clear do the same.

Overwhelmed at the feeling of being inside one another, the girls began to rock against each other, stimulating each other's clits with their thumbs as they moved their fingers with a steady rhythm. Clear curled the tips of her fingers against Kimberly's inner walls and was rewarded with a startled but ecstatic cry as she brushed the girl's g-spot. When Kimberly did the same to her a moment later, the blonde couldn't help but mimic her lover's reaction, totally unprepared for the surge of ecstasy.

The two began to move faster as they reached their peaks, both lost in the pleasure swallowing them both. It didn't take them long to reach breaking point, and Kimberly barely had time to gasp before she was thrown over the edge. As every nerve in her body erupted in pleasure, Kim felt like she was flying, carried to the clouds by the ecstasy coursing through her body. She called Clear's name and held onto her lover tightly, riding out her climax to the fullest.

Clear, too, had been hurled into ecstasy, convulsing around Kimberly's fingers as she called the girl's name at the top of her lungs. She felt lighter than air, filled with nothing but waves and waves of pleasure that crashed within her again and again. She returned the brunette's tight embrace, prolonging the sensations coursing through her.

When the two finally returned to reality after the most powerful climaxes of their lives, the girls couldn't help but simply collapse in each other's arms. Once Clear felt that she could breath again, she slid her hand from Kimberly and licked her fingers clean. The taste was intoxicating, and Clear's first thought was that she couldn't wait to lower her mouth to its source. Looking at Kimberly, who was licking her fingers as well, she could tell the same thought was on her mind.

Once they were done, the girls embraced tightly, tasting each other as they shared a deep kiss.

"I love you, Clear," Kimberly said, looking directly into her lover's blue-gray eyes.

"I love you too, Kimberly," Clear replied, meeting her gaze. "More than I could ever say."

"You'll just have to show me then," Kim murmured, smiling wryly.

"I think that can be arranged."

Laughing softly, the two snuggled under the covers and kissed each other to sleep.