I know a girl

Who is always down.

She barely smiles,

Just mostly frowns.

To no boy

Does she feel near.

Is always alone,

Her greatest fear.

She does like a boy,

But he doesn't want her.

So she's feeling a kind of rejection

For which there is no cure.

She's never been held,

A kiss is never hers,

And she's never been told

Those three special words.

Sometimes she wishes

She could just disappear.

Knows that she

Isn't wanted here.

She looks happy on the outside,

Uses all the happiness she can show.

But what she doesn't let people know

Is how she feels inside.

She is taken for granted,

Like she's not even there.

She tries to be noticed

But people just don't care.

So when she cries,

She cries alone.

There's no one there

To dry her eyes.

I know this girl,

She's really close to me.

For those who are wondering,

The girl is me.