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Three Knights

By Emma Iveli


The three knights bowed before the princess, her golden hair and blue eyes looked at them. One wore red armor and his hair was a gold blonde color, the second wore yellow armor and his hair was a brownish-red and finally there was the one in the blue armor his black hair was his trait

"Why?" asked the princess.

"Because… you don't need us any more…" said the blue knight known as the knight of the sea.

"He is right, you don't anymore…" said the yellow knight known as the knight of the sky.

"Please let us leave…" said the red knight known as the knight of the land.

"I know… but…" said the princess.

"Princess they are right… you don't need them any more." said a voice.

The princess turned to her three guardians, all three of them were women, they had the same titles as the knights but they were the guardians of Sky, Land and Sea. The guardian of the sea wore sky blue robes, the guardian of the sky wore light yellow and the guardian of the land wore red…

"Princess… please…" said the guardian of the sea.

"I will allow it…" said the princess, "Under one condition… you must have many decedents… one day I fear that my decedent will be kidnapped and the knight must rescue her…" said the princess.

"Yes your highness…" said all three knights.

Three portals appeared behind them and they went into the portals… the knight of the sea went to the world of the sea, the knight of the sky went to the world of the sky and the knight of the land went to the world of the land…

"One day your decadents will be needed… all of the World of the Realms will know of this legend." said the princess.

1,000 years later…

The three guardians of the princess searched. The new guardian of the Sea was the oldest of the 3, she was 17 and her dark blue hair was tied into a braid while, she was smart, sassy and the leader due to her age, her name was Umi, the new guardian of the land was 12 and the middle of the three, she had short red hair and looked to be tomboy… her named was Terra and finally the new guardian of the sky has blonde hair that reached her elbow, she was bit of a space case and had two gold barrettes in her hair, hee name was Cloud.

"Did you find her?" asked Umi.

Both shook their heads no.

"Are you sure you looked hard enough…" said Umi glaring at them.

"We did…" said Cloud.

"Geez, Umi relax…" said Terra.

"I'm worry about Princess Lila, okay…" said Umi.

"Please calm down you two…" said Cloud.

A note appeared from nowhere Umi grabbed it.

"The prophecy must be fulfilled the ones who can rescue them are the knights… you must find the chosen decadents and rescue the Princess lest she'll be no more…" read Umi.

"Oh no…" said Cloud.

"The Knights…" said Umi quietly.

"How are suppose to find the chosen descants… there must be a lot of them…" said Cloud.

"We focus our powers in search… the plus side is that they will be our ages so the powers will eliminate those who aren't our ages…" said Umi.

"Okay…" said Cloud.

"I'm ready!" said Terra bodily.

"Power of the world of the Sea… whom I guard… the elements of Water and Ice… show me the chosen knight…" said Umi.

An orb of water appeared within it a picture of a ship… it zoomed into a boy the age of 17… he had black hair and wore a straw hat, underneath one of his eyes he had a scar, he sat on the figure head of the ship that looked like a sheep.

"Cool…" said Cloud.

"That the Knight of the sea…" said

"Okay my turn!" said Terra, "Power of the World of the Land… whom I guard… the elements of Fire and Earth… show me the chosen the knight…" said Terra.

A ball of fire replaced the orb of water, inside was picture of a village closer reviled a ramen stand… inside was boy with wild blonde hair and wore a blue head band with the front of it metal and a symbol that looked like a leaf he had whisker like marks on his face… he was eating ramen… lots and lots of it.

"That's the knight… sure loves ramen…" said Terra.

"So it's my turn…" said Cloud, "Power of the World of the Sky… whom I guard… the elements of Wind and Lighting… show me the chosen knight…"

A ball of lighting appeared in place of the fireball. It showed the picture of a forest, it zoomed to a boy who was ten, he had black hair with a baseball cap on his head, his face had lighting like shapes on his face and on his shoulder was a yellow mouse like things.

"That yellow mouse looks cute…" said Cloud.

"Okay in order to save the princess we must have them help us… and if anyone wishes to come with them they should… they might help us…" said Umi.

"Even if they are a pervert?" asked Terra and Cloud at the same time.

Umi blushed lightly, "Yes even if they are perverts…" she said.

She snapped her finger and wore a blue tank top and a jean mini-skirt.

"I'll go now… you two should leave soon as well." Said Umi, a portal appear behind her and jumped into it.

"I don't like Umi very much…" said Terra.

She snapped her fingers and she now wore a red kimono with fire symbols all over it and ended at her knee. Another portal appeared behind her and she jumped into as well.

"Why do I have to be the last one…" said Cloud.

She snapped her fingers she wore a white t-shirt with a lighting bolt on it and a pair of jeans. A portal appeared behind her and she jumped into it.

However a man seating a strange thrown room watched them on a monitor.

"So the next generation of knights… I should send some of my minions to destroy them" he smiled evilly.

Next Time: Luffy, Naruto and Ash learn their heritage... after a fight with some strange monsters...

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One Piece: After the Rouge Town Arc... butthey reach Reverse mountain...

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