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Chapter 4: Bright Light

The young man was in his throwing when a young woman with bleached blonde hair showed up.

"You wanted to see me sir?" asked the young woman.

"Yes Hikari… I wanted to know what your plan was to get rid of them was." Said the young man.

"Yes my plan is to… stop the sun from setting causing them to not fall asleep and when they're all tried from lack of sleep that's when I strike." Said the young woman named Hikari.

"That's um…" said the young man, "That's insanely stupid…" he thought.

"It's a brilliant plan right?" said Hikari.

"That's um… yea… that a perfect plan…" said the young man, "The sooner she fails better…"

"I'm going to implant stage one of my plan…" said Hikari who disappeared in a flash of light.

"Okay…" the young man.

Hikari disappeared in a flash of light.

"This is going to end worse then the other fights…" said the young man with a sigh.

Meanwhile at the castle Naruto, Luffy, Ash and Pikachu were extremely board, they were in the dinning hall

"I'm board…" whined Luffy.

"Me too…" said Ash.

"I'm so booooraddddd…" whined Naruto.

"Pika…" said Pikachu.

The three girls were having a conversation… or trying to have a conversation. All three of them began to grow angry veins.

"Boring…" said Ash.

All three girl got up… Nami socked Luffy in the head, as did Sakura to Naruto… Misty was a tad more violent by taking out a mallet whacking Ash in the head.

Cloud came into the room and asked "Let me guess they're annoying you…"

"Yeah…" said Misty holding the mallet beside her.

"Misty's more violent than I thought…" said Sakura.

Nami gave her nod.

"I got a way great way to keep them entertained… hey boys want to play video games?" asked Cloud.

Naruto and Ash got up, "Really?" asked both.

"Video Games? What are video games?" asked Luffy.

"I'll show you come to my room…" said Cloud.

The 10 year old girl showed them to her room… it looked more like an arcade than a bedroom.... there were several systems and several actual arcade games.

"Wow Cloud that so cool!" said Ash.

Naruto ran over to a fighting game while Ash went over to a shooting game.

"Maybe I should bring Usopp in here…" said Cloud.

"What is this?" asked Luffy.

"Video Games is a from of entertainment in Realms, Land and Sky… I don't why but they haven't been invented yet in your world." Said Cloud, "They're really fun…"

She grabbed his arm and showed him one of the simpler though addicting ones… Pacman.

She started the game up for him and began to show him to play it. He was having fun too.

"After your done I'll show you to play a fighting game…" said Cloud.

Umi cleared her throat, "Excuse me Cloud, Ash, Luffy, Naruto! We have training to do!" said Umi with Terra right beside her looking annoyed.

Cloud razed her finger in response "And don't' say that it's improve their hand eye coordination..." said Umi, "Though I do have to admit that Luffy does need to work on his aim…" she added silently, "I'm not that gullible!"

Both Naruto and Ash left the room, while Luffy was too enticed by the video game. Umi's eye twitched.

"I didn't think I'd ever have to do this to you… but I guess I do." said Umi.

A blue aura surrounded her fist she shouted "Sea Fist", punching Luffy in the gut.

Sometime later at the training ground… Luffy was unconscious.

"When is he going to wake up?" asked Naruto poking him with a stick.

"Don't worry. I only forced enough Sea Energy into him so that he would be awake in a couple minutes." explained Umi.

"Oh yeah, Luffy ate a Devil Fruit." said Ash.

"Cloud. You're not allowed to show Luffy or Sanji video games." said Umi.

"Okay… I think I get Luffy, but why Sanji?" asked Cloud.

Meanwhile in the Palace…

Sanji had barrowed Kakashi's book… and couldn't put it down.

"Can I have my book back?" asked Kakashi.

"In a second." said Sanji taking a drag from his cigarette.

Back at the training ground…

"He has an addictive personally." said Umi.

"But that's just cigarettes and porn… I don't own any porn video games… I don't even want them…" said Cloud.

"There's video game porn?" asked Terra who seemed intrigued.

"Well the majority is for the Atari." said Cloud.

"Oh!" said Terra who was still intrigued then realized what the Atari was "Oh…"

"We should really get to training." said Cloud with a sweat drop.

"Should we wait until Luffy wakes up?" asked Ash.

And hours later they trained… until it was shortly before dinner.

"T\hat's weird." said Terra who looked at her watch and up in the sky.

It almost as if it was noon.

"Why is it still light?" asked Ash.

"I have a theory." said Cloud.

And so before dinner they gathered everyone in the room.

"So you think that the enemy is making it so that it's eternally noon?" asked Kakashi.

"That's right… the evening and nothing has changed since noon." said Cloud.

"Why would they do that?" asked Brock.

"I think one of them isn't too bright and thinks that if we can't sleep because of the light we'll end going insane." said Cloud.

"All we need is to replace the curtains then it won't be a problem." explained Umi.

Everyone else shrugged, it was no big deal…

That when everyone heard the noise of a game boy being play. They turned to see Luffy was barely paying attention and was playing Tetris on said Game Boy.

"Oh no… the most additive of video games." mumbled Cloud.

Umi's eye twitched she grabbed the Game Boy and crushed it with her bare hands.

"Luffy's now's not the time!" she yelled out.

Luffy only laughed, "Sorry." he said.

That's when Cloud began to cry, "You just destroyed my game boy!"

"Way to go! You just made Cloud cry!" yelled Terra.


A couple days later…

Cloud couldn't sleep… it wasn't because of the eternal sun… no… it was because of Luffy newly devolved video games addiction… he wouldn't leave her room unless he was knocked out by Umi for training. The good thing is that it approached his aim when it came to he arrow and other ranged attacks… the bad news… he wouldn't leave her room and it almost seemed like he had gotten slightly um… what's the word… oh yes, dumber. That's when Cloud got an idea… but knew she wouldn't have to do until everyone was fully awake.

Once everyone she needed was fully awake… Naruto, Ash, Cloud, Terra, Umi, Usopp and Pikachu all headed to Cloud's room.

"Why am I involved in this?" asked Umi.

"Because you're his partner." said Cloud.

All three of them saliently approached Luffy while he was playing Beet Man. Naruto and Usopp managed to get a sack over him and stuffed him into said sack. That's when Terra took out a base ball bat and began to whack Luffy with said bat.

"Why are you doing that?" asked Usopp.

"Cause it's fun!" said Terra sticking out her tongue.

She began to use the bat to beat up said rubber man up some more.

"I think he's fine." said Umi with a sweat drop.

Not too long later they dumped Luffy out.

"What was that for!" yelled Luffy.

"Okay! Luffy! We're playing outside!" yelled Umi.

"But I don't want to." pouted Luffy.

"Oh come on Luffy. Even I play outside sometimes." said Cloud, "And my addiction is really big."

"Do you have your game boy on you?" asked Luffy.

"No! I don't!" yelled Cloud.

"Are they just going to argue about video games?" asked Usopp.

"Looks like it." sighed Umi.

"Looks like it has to be done my way!" laughed Terra evilly, "The hard mean way!"

"What is it?" asked Naruto.

But before she could answer Hikari showed up laughing evilly.

"You're our enemy aren't you?" asked Umi.

"That's right! I am!" laughed Hikari, "Now since you're all sleep deprived, I'll be able to take you all out like that."

"Do we looks sleep deprived?" asked Umi with her eye twitching.

"No… you don't." said Hikari, "Why aren't you sleep deprived?"

"We got new curtains in all the bedrooms. All of them have those things that block the light." said Terra.

"I can't even tell it's light outside." said Naruto.

Hikari began to cry, "You're mean!"

Then she ran away.

"That was weird." said Naruto.

"I'm begging to think that most of the henchmen are idiots or pathetic." said Terra.

"Oh right… what was your plan again?" asked Ash.

"Well you see." said Terra who began to whisper the plan to everything else.

Sometime later… during dinner.

"I can't believe you made Nami yell at him for that." said Zoro with a sweat drop.

It was indeed true, Nami was yelling at him about his new video game addiction.

"I didn't make." said Terra who then gave a big smile, "I bribed her!"

"How?" asked Sakura.

"I can make gold, diamonds, silver, other gems all with me powers." said Terra.

Everyone gapped at her.

"Can I make that kind of stuff with my powers?" asked Naruto blinking.

"It's really complicated thing to do, so no." said Terra.

And so Luffy's video game addiction didn't melt his brain and make him a zombie… however his new addiction might…

"You just had to introduce him to TV… didn't you?" asked Umi.

"Sure did!" laughed Terra laughing evilly.

"This is worse than the video game addiction!" yelled Umi.

Umi and Terra began to fight.

Cloud, Ash, Pikachu and Naruto watched Luffy watch TV.

"Oh man… I'm begging to loose all hope." sighed Cloud.

And so Luffy learned about certain technology that does not exists in his world… it's a good thing they don't exist too… really!

Next Time: The enemy decides to go after the friends that tagged along. What will happen when they do... will they be captured? Find out next time!